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Flexi is mainly an employee monitoring app that helps in tracking an employee’s attendance as well as the work performed. Whether it is leaves or working hours, the employer can easily keep track of the worker’s performance. Data theft is prevented and the productivity can increase efficiently. It also provides with reports and screenshots for administration purposes. FlexiServer and FlexiStation are used for a server and a client function respectively.

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  • Mobicip
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Top Flexi Alternatives and Overview



Provides the ultimate monitoring solution that you can use to track your device usage remotely.

By: mSpy.
Based on 4 Votes


Workplus is a great office productivity tool that monitors all clock-ins and clock-outs as well as the activities of your employees on their system during work hours.

Based on 5 Votes


Insightful.io is a place for modern people with skills and talent for management of office-related works and business with the need for insight into the activity of the employees.

From USA

Norton Family

Provides a complete protection that your children need to stay safe online.

By: Symantec Corporation


Activtrak is a cloud based application that helps in monitoring of the employers regardless of place and distant workers.

By: Birch Grove Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 46 Votes


WebWatcher is a software for parental and office tracking purposes...

By: Awareness Technologies, Inc From USA


Has the highest-ranking parental control features...

By: Watch Holdings, Inc.


The product also provides the ability of connecting different devices and capturing screenshots, recording and...

By: Teramind Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes


Includes location tracking and panic button...

By: Qustodio LLC.


Helps to keep your device family friendly for your children...

By: Mobicip.LLC

Activity monitor

Users can easily detect their employee devices and sends in chat and email logs...

By: Deep Software Inc. From Canada


Without mush hassle, one can easily install the software in a couple of minutes and...

By: Refog Inc. From USA


Provides various internet filtering features without the need to jailbreak your phone or tablet...

By: Retina-X Studios, LLC.


It records all the activities including emails, chat history, word search and web URLs...

By: Atom Security, Inc. From Russia
Based on 4 Votes


Allows you to install the software on unlimited devices...

By: Covenant Eyes

Flexi Review and Overview

Flexi is software for workplaces or organizations to track employees on work and collect reports of the same to implement methods that will yield better productivity. Flexi comes in two variants named as – Flexi Server and Flexi Workstation. Flexi Server is meant for HRs, and it runs on 64-bit computer systems operating on Windows OS. On the other hand, Flexi Workstation works on Windows OS as well as MacOS X. Flexi Server collects the data from all systems connected to Flexi Workstation, which in turn lets HR pay attention to everyone.

Why Flexi?

Flexi works in a unique manner. First, Flexi Server is installed on the system of admin or HR of the organization, where they get access to a control panel that lets them monitor the systems of all employees as they run Flexi Workstation.

Flexi Workstation installed on the PC of employees tracks their time in a precise manner, and that data is stored in the system initially before being transferred to the Flexi Server PC. In case Flexi Server PC is offline, Flexi Workstation ensures that the data remains stored offline and gets sent to Flexi Server whenever it comes online next time. The admin at Flexi Server also gets the rights to check upon the work done on any Workstation system as the software has a feature that delivers them the screenshot of work going on at one of the Workstation systems at regular intervals.

What makes Flexi stand out?

Flexi provides a plethora of features to manage the employees or staff. It enables the users to take a record of the time an employee logs onto the system, which shows their attendance and starting time. In case an employee does not use PC for a long duration, Flexi takes note of the same and counts it in ‘idle time,’ which is mentioned separately in a time report. The software keeps taking a screenshot at regular intervals and also tracks the mouse and keyboard activity of the user on the workstation PC. All this ensures that employees comply with their duties, and time gets calculated fairly.

Apart from tracking, it also keeps a log of what applications employees use for what amount of time and link the attendance and hours completed to the payroll sheet to generate the accurate stipend for every employee. Moreover, the software requires no extra hardware and runs smoothly behind routers or even firewalls. To sum it up, Flexi is the ultimate employee tracking application an organization can have in their arsenal.

Company Information

Company Name: NCH Software, Inc.

Company Address: 6120 Greenwood Plaza Blvd Ste 120, Greenwood Village, CO, USA

Founded in: 1993

Top Features

Core Features
  • Monitoring Staffs Productivity
  • Monitoring Staff Attendance
  • Tracking Check-in Times
  • Tracking Working Hours
  • Individual Employee Reports
  • Monitoring Computer Activities
  • Monitoring Internet Activities
  • Misuse Prevention
  • Detecting Breaks
  • Idle Time Detection
  • Private Mode
  • Continuous Screenshots
  • Real-time Screen Monitoring
  • Viewing Online Status
  • Generating Reports
  • Viewing Application Usage
  • Tracking Keystrokes Typed
  • Linking Attendance Information
  • Monitoring Email