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FortiSandBox, a part of Fortinet's breach protection solution, is an AI-powered and efficient threat prevention tool to combat unknown malware threats. In integration with Fortinet's Security Fabric platform, it provides on-site intelligence about potential attacks through an automated detection system and address targeted threats on a broad digital network. It adds a security layer on top of the hosted network and provides breach protection for many network infrastructures from offices to public clouds.

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Top FortiSandbox Alternatives
  • Domaintools
  • Cisco Talos
  • Recorded Future
  • SecureWorks
  • Falcon X
  • Netwrix
  • IBM X-Force Exchange
  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • Apache Metron
  • Cisco Threat Grid
  • RiskIQ
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Top FortiSandbox Alternatives and Overview



Domaintools is an online platform that offers various security tools to businesses and helps them protect their online assets.

By: Domaintools
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Cisco Talos

By: Cisco
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Recorded Future

Recorded Future is a company that deals in the cybersecurity sector.

By: Recorded Future
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SecureWorks is a company that offers information security services. This...

By: SecureWorks
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Falcon X

Falcon X is a premium cyber-security firm that offers companies with unbeatable digital protection through an amalgamation of AI, cloud-systems, and human intervention.

By: CrowdStrike
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Netwrix is a cloud-based platform that can be used to detect serious threats to the data security and compliance of an organization and thus, make it free from any loopholes.

By: Netwrix
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It maintains data integrity, protects the system, and prevents accidental sharing of sensitive data...

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IBM X-Force Exchange

Empower your cybersecurity team to speed up threat investigations and take real-time decisions as a...

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Amazon GuardDuty

It displays the status of various cloud accounts in a single dashboard...

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Apache Metron

It collects the analysis report at a single page so an analyst can verify the...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
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Cisco Threat Grid

It is an advanced sandboxing tool which is robust and rich in context with the...

By: Cisco
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It can also monitor the mentions of the organization and provide suspected attacks happening in...

By: RiskIQ
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FortiSandbox Review and Overview

Forti-SandBox, powered by Forti-Guard Security services, has three basic features of any malware prevention software but with an advanced AI-powered automated Malware detection system. The primary feature is the basic antivirus protection that protects the system and network against the latest known spyware, malware, and other similar threat.

Web protection and Email protection is an added feature with the Forti-Gaurd Anti-Virus. Besides that, the system also scans for network intrusion and notifies the user if a network breach is detected. If the threat is clear, it blocks the intrusion and shuts down the intruder; Forti-Sandbox has four basic models designed for different appliances - Hardware appliances, Virtual machines, Public clouds, and Self-hosted clouds with all the basic features present in all four models. 

AI-Powered Malware Analysis and Reporting 

All the features of FortiSandBox are automated and backed by self-learning and behavior-based AI. It scans all the suspicious files and intrusions in a contained environment and the full life cycle of the file is studied by the AI. The AI, based on the malware report, learns and adapts to counter-attack the virus-like Immune System in the human body. It follows the same technique for susceptible intrusions and stops the malicious intruders by its automated breach protection agent. The AI-based dynamic analysis detection engine is more efficient and effective against zero-day threats.

FortiSandBox is simple to use and analyze. It is easy to deploy and its standalone application is integrated with various Fortinet's security systems in the cloud to share intelligence in real-time for immediate threat response. It has a reporting and investigating tool to map discovered malware technique to Mitre ATT&CK framework that allows the Security team to download captured packets and manually interact with the malware in a simulated environment.

Forti-Sand Box - Malware Hunter

Organizations across the globe are struggling to protect growing attacks on their networks as breaches are becoming more dynamic with the advancement in sophisticated technology. To protect the sensitive data and reputation of the enterprises, products like Forti-SandBox is more than a necessity for companies dealing with sensitive information. Forti-SandBox offers a centralized sandboxing across various controls and automates breach protection and minimizes intrusion into the private networks. 

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