By: Freedom Voice Systems, Inc.

FreedomVoice is a small business phone system facilitating full-featured toll free numbers and local virtual phone numbers. It supports attendant, forwarding, and voicemail with unlimited domestic calling. It is scalable and customizable as per business requirements. It also features online faxing, call hunting, after hours greeting, call rotation, and file compression among others. Users can review online reports and access call patterns as well as caller info.

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Top FreedomVoice Alternatives
  • Grasshopper
  • VirtualPBX
  • Switch
  • OfficeSuite
  • Sonetel
  • Vonage Business
  • Omma Office
  • Phonebooth
  • Cloud Phone
  • 3CX Phone System
  • OnSIP
  • MightyCall
  • Switchvox
  • VoIPstudio
  • FortiVoice
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Top FreedomVoice Alternatives and Overview



Grasshopper offers a Virtual Phone System with features such as number portability, custom main greeting, unlimited call handling, conference calling, video studio, and voicemail.

By: Grasshopper Group, LLC From USA
Based on 27 Votes


Provides PBX VoIP service and small business phone systems that allow you to save money and focus more on your business.

By:, Inc. From USA
Based on 21 Votes


Switch is a scalable business phone system that facilitates use of a single business number across devices for users.

By: Switch Communications, Inc. From USA
Based on 3 Votes


OfficeSuite is a cloud-based VoIP business phone system that facilitates unified communications.

By: Broadview Networks, Inc. From USA
Based on 6 Votes


Sonetel provides business phone services enabling enterprises to have a local number of any location worldwide.

By: Sonetel AB From Sweden
Based on 2 Votes

Vonage Business

Vonage Business is a business phone system solution, enabling enterprises to streamline and enhance their voice processes with features such as custom call tagging, call monitoring and conference bridge among many others.

By: Vonage Marketing LLC. From USA
Based on 22 Votes

Omma Office

Business phone system can be accessed via desk phone, mobile, as well as remote extensions...

By: Ooma, Inc. From USA


It also facilitates voicemail transcription, call routing, and conference calling...

By:, Inc. From USA

Cloud Phone

Virtual phone system with enterprise grade features can be managed easily through user-friendly interface...

By: Telcentris, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes

3CX Phone System

It is vendor independent and comes pre-configured so that IT administrator can setup without extensive...

By: 3CX Ltd From Cyprus
Based on 25 Votes


User can assign an auto attendant for answering phone calls and can listen to voicemail-to-email...

By: Junction Networks Inc. From USA
Based on 7 Votes


It facilitates call forwarding to any device, enables users to have custom greetings, and provides...

By: Infratel US, Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes


It features instant messaging, conferencing and mobility, with efficient call handling among other enterprise-level phone...

By: Digium, Inc. From USA
Based on 25 Votes


Its hosted phone system enables users to call with reduced call rates and for free...

By: From UK
Based on 25 Votes


It has streamlined voice features such as auto attendants, voicemails, ring groups, and dial-by-name directory...

By: Fortinet Inc. From USA

FreedomVoice Review and Overview

Small businesses and entrepreneurs face a lot of initial struggle to earn a name in the corporate world. If only these businesses could get a little support, they might reach the zenith. Rather than wasting time on small issues, businesses should try to expand at all times. With the aim of providing a voice to such businesses, we at FreedomVoice started our journey in the late 90s. Since then, we have helped the innumerable business to earn a higher brand value. We provide state-of-the-art services for communication with customers. FreedomVoice can help a company to deliver the best CRM service.

Think out-of-the-box

FreedomVoice buys time for a company so that it can handle more important tasks at hand. Our brilliant support team can answer all queries and resolve any misconceptions. Unlike support teams of other companies, our team members patiently listen to queries and try to respond as fast as possible. We offer all of our services at an affordable rate. Unlike other services, it is quite easy to get started. FreedomVoice can adapt to the needs of any company without much hassle.

Our products and services

FreedomVoice’s CloudNumber gives an international toll-free number to a company. In order to automatize tasks a bit, CloudNumber offers a virtual attendant to tackle common issues and to forward the calls of customers. There are no hidden deals and contracts required to avail of our services. Since our inception, we have helped countless companies to attain their goals. Our CloudPhone service allows a person to make high definition calls. We charge no fee for calls made within the United States. We believe in the simplicity of services. It is due to this reason that people find our services pretty easy to use. 

State-of-the-art CloudPBX service

Unlike other PBX systems, CloudPBX can help one to make noteworthy savings. Unlike other services that partner with others in order to deliver HD calls, our technology is tested and developed in our own labs. Our services are completely glitch-free. Since our PX service is hosted in the cloud, it can keep up with the increasing demands.

Company Information

Company Name: Freedom Voice Systems, Inc.

Company Address: 169 Saxony Road, Encinitas, CA, USA

Founded in: 1996

Top Features

  • Custom Number
  • Automated Attendant Answers
  • Custom Greetings
  • Centralized Call Management
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Numbers Portability
  • TZoll-free Directory Listing
  • Unlimited Line Capacity
  • Online Faxing
  • Professional Voice Recordings
  • After-hours Greetings
  • Company Directory
  • Call Hunting
  • Call Rotation & Queue
  • Call Availability Scheduling
  • Custom Hold Music
  • Immediate Forwarding
  • Call Annoucement
  • Call Recording & Transfers
  • Q & A Voicemail
  • File Compression
  • Secured Voicemail
  • Call Reports Visualization
  • Capturing Calls
  • Capturing Name & Address
  • On-demand Fax
Core Features
  • Mobile Application
  • Unlimited Users
  • Call Blocking
Phone System
  • Ring Groups
Small Business
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Dynamic Caller Id
Call Management
  • Call Screening
Web App
  • Voice Broadcasting