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Fundation is an online direct lender offering simple interest small business loans to companies through a technology-driven process. Their technology streamlines the small business loan application process by collecting third party data and automating the majority of the credit review process so that they can deliver funds to the user account as quickly as possible. Fundation’s customized small business loans ensure that you receive the most appropriate terms and payment options for your specific industry and company’s needs.

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Top Fundation Alternatives
  • Credible
  • Lending Club
  • UpStart
  • Zopa
  • Funding Circle
  • OnDeck
  • Fundbox
  • Iwoca
  • SpringLeaf
  • Peerform
  • Lending Work
  • Smartbiz
  • Kabbage
  • CAN Capital
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Top Fundation Alternatives and Overview



Credible is the multi-place market lender that allows borrowers to receive competitive loan offers from its vetted partners.

By: Credible Labs Inc. From USA
Based on 14 Votes


Prosper is a marketplace that provides person-to-person lending utilizing a listing and bidding process to get competitive rates for loans.

By: Prosper Funding LLC From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Lending Club

Lending Club is the online credit marketplace, facilitating business loans, personal loans, and financing for elective medical procedures.

By: LendingClub Corporation From USA


Upstart is an online lending platform that finances people based on signals of their potential including work history, academic performance, the area of study, etc.

By: Upstart Network, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


Zopa is a peer-to-peer lending service. They offer borrowers competitive...

By: Zopa Limited From UK

Funding Circle

Funding Circle is an online marketplace lender focused on lending to small businesses.

By: Funding Circle Limited From USA


The platform uses data aggregation and electronic payment technology to analyze the financial health of...

By: On Deck Capital, Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


For example, if you have outstanding invoices, it will advance 100% of your payment...

By: Fundbox ltd From USA
Based on 3 Votes


That includes restaurants, hotels, retailers, service providers, and mor1e...

By: iwoca Ltd From UK


It offers secured and unsecured personal loans...

By: Springleaf Finance, Inc. From USA


They provide borrowers with a positive experience when obtaining personal loans that are fast, clear...

By: Peerform, Inc. From USA

Lending Work

It offers borrowers great benefits like lower rates, pay out a loan within 2 working...

By: Lending Works Limited From UK


With low-interest rates, affordable monthly payments, and long repayment loans, Smartbiz helps...

By: SmartBiz Loans, LLC. From USA


It can approve you the loan within minutes when they are able to automatically obtain...

By: Kabbage Inc. From USA

CAN Capital

Their cutting-edge technology, quick application, and approval processes, customer-focused delivery are great benefits to the...

By: CAN Capital, Inc. From USA

Fundation Review and Overview

As technology entrenches in our daily lives, we keep discarding the age-old methods in all industries and move towards a fast-paced digital world. The finance sector, too, has shifted to an increasingly popular digital platform. Fundation is one such digital financial solution provider that works hand in hand with its partners to empower the community of small and medium-sized (SMB) businesses. It works in the lending and credit sector while also using cutting-edge technology to provide risk management, servicing, loan origination, etc. for its customers based in the United States.

A modernized process for consolidating new SMB relations

Fundation works as your partner and not just a vendor. It combines its capabilities and customizes its solutions to match every client’s strategies and system requirements. It understands the value of long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships, so it lets you build such bonds with your borrowers in a smart and cost-efficient way. Whether you are a super-regional bank, a community bank, or a B2B lending company serving your small business clients, Fundation revolutionizes the credit process with advanced technology and analytics so that the demands for your products and services keep rolling in.

Maintain control over your customers with Fundation

Fundation streamlines the application process and heightens the fulfillment experience for your customers across all acquisition channels. Make your digital lending processes more efficient and easy, just the way your SMB clients would like it. Otherwise, you may lose potential clients or even your existing customers may switch to another lending institution that has easier credit approval and acquisition process. Manage more customers and never get overburdened with a rising number by integrating Fundation’s balance sheets into your own. You can maintain full control over your policies, working, and customer relations even when you decide to start using Fundation’s platform.

Digital financial solutions for small businesses 

Let your small and medium-sized business clients enjoy a market-leading borrowing experience with Fundation. The Unified API Suite embeds all the solutions into your platform so that your customers can avail credit as and when they need to. Simultaneously, you can make changes and govern the customer experience. Apart from simplifying the process and turbocharging its efficiency, Fundation also brings with it a deep-seated culture in risk management and compliance. It will enable you to make smarter credit risk and fraud decisions and, therefore, enhance your capability to serve your clients.

Company Information

Company Name: Fundation Group LLC

Company Address: 20 West 36th St 5th floor, New York, NY, USA

Founded in: 2011