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A business cannot go very far without a significant investment of money, even if its projects are sure to yield profits. Fundraising is a unique way to collect capital for such innovative projects. Unfortunately, even fundraising can go wrong without proper management, resulting in a negative reputation and credibility as supporters feel robbed of their resources. Fundraising Scripts is a platform designed to counter this problem.

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Top Fundraisingscript Alternatives and Overview



Raisin is an online fundraising tool, and incorporates modules, for example, pledge management, payment processing, mobile giving, membership management, event management, donor management, CRM, contribution tracking, campaign management, auction management and much more.

By: raisin
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Network For Good

Network for Good works for non-profit organizations. The Network for...

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Charidy is a digital fundraising platform powered by the people, which allow innovators to step up and showcase their revolutionary ideas, and gain support from its targeted audience and investors.

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Little Green Light

Little Green Light is a fund-raiser and donations management software built for use in non-profit organizations.

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Donorbox is a non-profit software that is aimed at charitable organizations to help them get donations and raise funds for social welfare programs.

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Give Lively

The company operates to make sure that the non-profit organisations can successfully generate enough revenues...

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It is cheap, it can be relied upon for any kind of fundraising and charity...

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The tools and services are compliant with the needs of individuals and organizations...

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It is convenient and straightforward both for your organization as well as your donors...

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It is an all-in-one solution that assists every process involved in the fundraising...

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It provides several templates to build forms for various groups of donors...

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It helps organizers to build websites to support the events conducted by them...

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Double the Donation

Providing the proper connectivity between donors and fundraisers, Double the Donation helps a large chunk...

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Fundraisingscript Review and Overview

Fundraisers are important events for any company. Consequently, this makes the management of capital gained from such ventures essential. Since many highly-trusted clients or businesses provide resources for the project, the brand image is at stake. The magic of cloud computation comes into play in such situations in the form of the Fundraising Scripts platform. It allows the creation of highly customized crowdfunding management solutions that fit the user's needs like a glove.

As its name suggests, Fundraising Scripts' core component consists of scripts designed to be customized entirely, both functionally and visually. From a usability point of view, it can be set up to accept various forms of monetary channels, integrate with reporting software, and more. Aesthetically, the user can customize the platform's branding, logo, name, and color scheme. All these can be done with minimal effort.

Employee-based crowdfunding for a cause

What would big companies need crowdfunding for? For employee welfare, of course! Frequently, an employee needs financial help, maybe for a project or personal reasons. Companies can extend their welfare services by integrating Fundraiser Scripts into their workflow. This allows employees to gain monetary support from their colleagues during crises and provide for their peers when the need arises. This allows fast retrievals and increases the credibility of the employer.

Donating for a greater good, efficiently

Fundraiser Scripts can also handle donation-type crowdfunding. In these types of campaigns, the user needs to create a portal and integrate the platform with it. The portal will be used as the point of contact and is recognized by NGOs globally, adding to its trustworthiness and increasing public exposure for maximum goodwill.

A modern way of gaining real estate resources

Crowdfunding has increased avenues in every field, including that of real estate. No more people have to slog through hundreds of barriers to gain enough cash for real estate projects. Using the Investment Script from the platform, users can easily engage funders by newsletters, notify of progress using emails, and even allow secure financial transfers through Stripe and Wallet gateways.

Company Information

Company Name: Fundraisingscript

Company Address: 306 - 3rd Floor - Corner Heights, Near Delhi Public School, Ring Road Kalai, Vadodara

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Reward Crowdfunding
  • Donation Crowdfunding
  • Equity Crowdfunding
  • Realestate Crowdfunding
  • Lending Crowdfunding
  • Custom Design
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Native iOS App
  • Native Android App