Host Tracker

Host Tracker

By: HostTracker, Ltd

Host Tracker informs you when your website is down by sending different instant down alerts such as SMS, Gtalk, Email, Skype and Voice Call. It offers distributed monitoring approximately in 45+ locations and it also provides detailed stats and reports in pdf, xml or Csv formats. Its feature set includes database monitoring, multi protocol monitoring, maintenance scheduling, reports & statistics, instant check, response time check, REST & SOAP API, etc.

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  • Pingdom
  • Uptime Robot
  • Up Trends
  • Status Cake
  • Netumo
  • Monitis
  • Site 24X7
  • Wormly
  • Service Uptime
  • Alertra
  • Site Uptime
  • Montastic
  • Monitor Us
  • Internet Seer
  • PingMySite
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Top Host Tracker Alternatives and Overview



Pingdom is a web monitoring service provider founded in the year 2007.

By: Pingdom AB From Sweden
Based on 10 Votes

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot offers website monitoring service and its main monitoring location is in Dallas-USA.

By: Buzpark Bilisim Tarim Urunleri Sanayi Tic. Ltd. From Turkey

Up Trends

Since its founding in year 2007, Up Trends is all about cloud-based website performance and network monitoring.

By: Uptrends LLC From USA

Status Cake

Status Cake is a website monitor that includes SSL certificate monitoring, domain monitoring, malware and virus scanning, public reporting, full feature API, Multiple User Accounts, Maintenance Windows, Live Updating Dashboard, Performance data, etc.

By: TrafficCake Limited From UK


Netumo is a domain tracking and website uptime monitoring service that monitors domains and immediately notifies issues through various means like email, SMS, or even through Twitter and Facebook.

By: Netumo From Malta
Based on 1 Vote


Monitis is an application monitoring program that monitors your servers, websites, applications, etc.

By: Monitis US LLC From USA
Based on 10 Votes

Site 24X7

It is a part of Zoho Corporation which is headquartered at Pleasanton, CA and have...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd From USA


It provides uptime reporting and it also checks your websites at every 5 seconds interval...

By: Wormly Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 1 Vote

Service Uptime

3 packages of monitoring, offered by company are Standard, Advanced, and Professional...

By: Service Uptime From USA


Since it’s stating in year 2000 it checks websites, network servers, or routers and informs...

By: Alertra, Inc. From USA

Site Uptime

It checks website at 5 minute intervals from 7 different locations across 4 continents...

By: SiteUptime LLC From USA


The software is made by Metadot in Austin-Texas and it offers support for HTTPs, HTTP...

By: Metadot Corporation From USA

Monitor Us

It offers open API monitoring that includes open API scripts for Apache™ HTTP server...

By: The From USA

Internet Seer

It offers performance monitoring, transaction monitoring, availability monitoring, link and image checking and alert reporting...

By:, Inc From USA


There are free and paid plans which allows from 1 to 10 monitoring checks with...


Host Tracker Review and Overview

Host Tracker is a website monitoring platform that scans and interprets your web pages for validating various attributes like SSL checks. Tracking and monitoring web pages have become a necessary task because of various negative issues like data phishing and malware. Host Tracker keeps your web pages safe and secure and also provides insight into developing it further in terms of security and data. It is a user-friendly platform and validates all data instantly.

Scanning to keep you secure

Host Tracker initiates a set of tasks to keep your web page safe and secure. It first monitors the availability of your website. To do so, it scans the major search engine's data packets and records the specific data access from different servers and locations. It checks loading time and efficiency of the web page using a sophisticated algorithm and mitigates errors. Another additional feature of the platform is that it records the domain and SSL certificate deadlines and reports it back to you when it nears the time of expiry.

Blacklisting and Ads

A large majority of web pages are blacklisted, i.e. they are reported as spam and malware web pages. Every day the list gets updated, and new web pages, devoid of malware and viruses, can too get blacklisted. Host Tracker helps you to avoid this downfall. It encourages the user to use the DSBNL to make sure that your website isn't blacklisted. If suspicious activity is triggered on your web page, Host Tracker notifies you immediately and helps you to mitigate that activity. By constantly tracking such activities, it helps you not to get on the blacklist board. Host Tracker also validates the majority of the google ad services for potential threats and keeps your web page safe.

All these latter attributes and functions prove that Host Tracker is a reliable platform to keep your web page safe.

Company Information

Company Name: HostTracker, Ltd

Company Address: 72 High St, Haslemere, UK

Founded in: 2004

Top Features

Core Features
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Server Uptime Reporting
  • Checking DNS Blacklists
  • Instant Check
  • Scheduling Maintenance
  • Monitoring Database
  • Checking Response Time
  • Checking Webpage Contents
  • Skype & Email Alerts
  • SMS Alerts
  • Eliminating False Alerts
  • Monitoring HTTP & HTTPS
  • Monitoring Website Ping
  • Monitoring Port Speed
  • Custom TCP Ports
  • Monitoring FTP Servers
  • Monitoring Email Servers
  • Password Protected Pages
  • Monitoring Database
  • Worldwide Locations
Reports & Statistics
  • Public & Email Reporting
  • Uptime Reports
  • Uptime Buttons Customization
  • Uptime Graphs
  • Daily & Weekly Reports