Hostwinds is a web based server provider that is focussed on bringing cloud computing related services to its customers. It operates as a cloud computing based web hosting company, and prides itself for its ability to create a cloud based server in a time span of less than 20 seconds.

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Top Hostwinds Alternatives and Overview



BlueHost shared hosting service allows you to purchase an affordable yet efficient website hosting plan in your budget.

By: Bluehost Inc. From USA
Based on 23 Votes


The main advantage of webhostinghub hosting is its efficient customer support service that is always there to help you with your issues over chat,email or phone.

By: Web Hosting Hub, Inc. From USA


1&1 Linux hosting is one of the most popular and the most reliable one.

By: 1&1 Internet Inc. From USA
Based on 24 Votes


DomainRacer is a web hosting and domain name providing company...

By: Domainracer
Based on 1 Vote


Gearhost provides hosting services for websites to developers. It makes...

By: GearHost
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Whether you want to host a simple WordPress blog or a fully featured website, EukHost can be a nice option for you.

By: eUKhost Ltd. From UK

pair Networks

The services include domain name registration, server related services, Internet-related services, and many more...

By: pair Networks, Inc
Based on 5 Votes

A Small Orange

The main feature of this hosting website is addons, some of which are free and...

By: A Small Orange, LLC From USA
Based on 12 Votes


This is a Windows-only service provider...

By: Winhost
Based on 3 Votes


It secures your online data and provides you with smooth hardware upgrades along with custom...

By: Hostek
Based on 1 Vote


By: WebHostingPad
Based on 3 Votes


It has a cloud-based platform that integrates React and serverless JavaScript...

By: Moov Corporation


Even the starter hosting plan supports all popular scripting languages and hosting applications and is...

By: IX Web Hosting From USA


The framework is vested with intuitive features that are user-friendly and scalable according to user...

Based on 2 Votes

Colocation America

They support and maintain the web hosting accounts of clients by providing installations, upgrades, and...

By: Colocation America
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Hostwinds Review and Overview

Easy launching of servers

At Hostwinds, customers can always be assured that their servers will be uploaded onto the cloud based storage systems within a matter of a few seconds. The company also provides a wide range of customisable options, which lead to further personalisation and even better representation of your own self on the server. Users can select from a huge variety of operating systems, choose a pre-built application that fits their requirements.

However, if the customer has recently been introduced to the world of cloud computing and web hosting, the pre designed templates, developed by the team at Hostwinds, can also come in handy. 

Feature heavy

Hostwinds provides a host of features that make working with cloud based servers extremely easy and comfortable for the users. The flexible payment system lets users pay for the services that they want to and in a billing cycle that suits their budgets. Moreover, the company also provides solid state drives (SSD) which increase the speed of the servers by leaps and bounds, providing a fast, smooth and seamless web hosting experience.

The protection of a firewall

All the servers at Hostwinds enjoy the safety and security of a firewall system. The feature has to be set up by the users and only takes a few clicks to be turned on. The advantage of setting up a firewall is that it ensures that all the incoming and outgoing network traffic that comes to your server is following the set of rules that you have applied beforehand. 


Customers can always be assured that they will enjoy full independence and will be able to yield complete authority over their own servers. With a 24x7 customer support desk that is ready to help its customers with all queries and doubts, Hostwinds provides the most powerful and the best in class web hosting and cloud based services.

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