IBM X-Force Exchange

IBM X-Force Exchange


IBM’ X-Force Exchange is a cloud-based service that allows you to research and act upon threat intelligence. Empower your cybersecurity team to speed up threat investigations and take real-time decisions as a response to threats. Integrate your security tools with IBM X-Force Exchange and share your findings with your team and the analyst community through collections.

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Top IBM X-Force Exchange Alternatives
  • Domaintools
  • Cisco Talos
  • Recorded Future
  • SecureWorks
  • Falcon X
  • Netwrix
  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • Apache Metron
  • FortiSandbox
  • Cisco Threat Grid
  • RiskIQ
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Top IBM X-Force Exchange Alternatives and Overview



Domaintools is an online platform that offers various security tools to businesses and helps them protect their online assets.

By: Domaintools
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Cisco Talos

By: Cisco
Based on 18 Votes

Recorded Future

Recorded Future is a company that deals in the cybersecurity sector.

By: Recorded Future
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SecureWorks is a company that offers information security services. This...

By: SecureWorks
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Falcon X

Falcon X is a premium cyber-security firm that offers companies with unbeatable digital protection through an amalgamation of AI, cloud-systems, and human intervention.

By: CrowdStrike
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Netwrix is a cloud-based platform that can be used to detect serious threats to the data security and compliance of an organization and thus, make it free from any loopholes.

By: Netwrix
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It maintains data integrity, protects the system, and prevents accidental sharing of sensitive data...

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Amazon GuardDuty

It displays the status of various cloud accounts in a single dashboard...

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Apache Metron

It collects the analysis report at a single page so an analyst can verify the...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
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In integration with Fortinet's Security Fabric platform, it provides on-site intelligence about potential attacks through...

By: Fortinet
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Cisco Threat Grid

It is an advanced sandboxing tool which is robust and rich in context with the...

By: Cisco
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It can also monitor the mentions of the organization and provide suspected attacks happening in...

By: RiskIQ
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IBM X-Force Exchange Review and Overview

The nightmare of cyberattacks haunts every organization. Your cybersecurity team must identify potential threats and act timely to prevent massive breach of privacy, a make or break point for your firm. IBM X-Force Exchange is a cloud-based platform that offers advanced threat intelligence solutions to protect your environment.

Backed by human and machine-generated intelligence, with IBM X-Force Exchange, your SOC members can make informed and strategic decisions by characterizing threats and identifying future trends. Open standards enable the integration of other security tools as well as speed up the time-to-action.

Research on threat intelligence to act timely

The depth and breadth of IBM X-Force Exchange’s data reserve available for threat research are colossal. We are talking about over 900 terabytes of information from human and machine-generated Reports, Collections, and Advisories. A Bring-Your-Own integration functionality also lets you collect threat intelligence from third-party providers.

Incorporate all data into existing security solutions through an advanced RESTful API or STIX and TAXII protocols for your threat hunting. With all the resources in hand, your cybersecurity decision-makers deliver real-time responses, allocate resources strategically and quickly, thereby, mitigating cyber threats before they can propagate.

Block threats and protect your environment

With the Early Warning Feed option, the platform lets you create a blacklist of all malicious domains, the data of which you can pull in from your security tools, and automatically block them. By studying the information on deep-dive lifecycles and volumetric data, made available by IBM X-Force Exchange, your analysts can block the threats and protect your IT environment.

Choose what’s right for you

IBM X-Force Exchange’s threat intelligence power comes in multiple variants to suit different businesses, and you can choose accordingly. An advanced threat protection feed lets you integrate the actionable indicators with your pre-existing security tools such as firewalls and Siems. There are both commercial and non-commercial APIs.

With the free non-commercial option, you can easily query across a range of external threat intelligence, and the commercial product version lets you perform bulk queries for IPs and URLs and search by categories. The Enterprise API gives you access to premium content, and curated threat feeds for unrestricted bulk usage.

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