By: Xacti, LLC

Provides free professional mail hosting service for your domain name, which allows you to send and receive emails from your customized email address. It features free 5GB mailboxes, spam and virus protection, POP3 and SMTP access, preset email notification, and more. The service allows you to insert up to 50MB email attachments.

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Top Alternatives
  • Protonmail
  • Servermx
  • Zoho Mail
  • FastMail
  • Hushmail
  • Runbox
  • Google Apps for Work
  • Polycred
  • Pobox
  • Office 365 Business Essentials
  • Yandex Domains
  • FuseMail
  • Atmail
  • Rackspace Email Hosting
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Top Alternatives and Overview



Protonmail is a secure and easy to use email service from Proton Technologies AG, which is also known for its VPN service.

By: Proton Technologies AG From Switzerland
Based on 28 Votes


Servermx is focused on secure and private email hosting. Servermx...

By: Coranto Informatica di Antonio Cordeddu
Based on 38 Votes

Zoho Mail

Provides hosted email service for businesses with no ads and online office.

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From USA
Based on 46 Votes


Provides business email hosting service that allows you to manage multiple email accounts with your own domain name.

By: FastMail Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 4 Votes


Provides a private email service that allows you to create private email addresses for your company, with your own domain name.

By: Hush Communications Canada Inc. From Canada
Based on 24 Votes


Provides secure and private email hosting services designed for companies, organizations, and individuals.

By: Runbox Solutions AS From Norway
Based on 1 Vote

Google Apps for Work

It features unlimited storage, business email at your domain, HD video meetings, business-grade security, and...

By: Google Inc. From USA


Polycred provides email-privacy by generating email aliases that act as the mediator between websites and...

By: Volatile Technologies Inc
Based on 1 Vote


It features white label email forwarding, vacation mail, trusted senders, push notifications, auto responses, email...

By: IC Group, Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Office 365 Business Essentials

It offers various online services, including online conferencing, instant messaging, Skype connectivity, corporate social network...

By: Microsoft Corporation From USA

Yandex Domains

It features unlimited size mailbox, reliable antivirus and anti-spam system, email tools, calendar and scheduling...

By: Yandex LLC From Russian Federation


It features email security, continuous availability, email archiving, email encryption, email continuity, spam and virus...

By: j2 Global Communications, Inc. From Canada
Based on 3 Votes

Based on 1 Vote


It features email archiving, user and domain management, admin dashboard, web-based service configuration, plugin management...

By: Atmail Pty Ltd. From Australia
Based on 1 Vote

Rackspace Email Hosting

It features dedicated database server, support for Microsoft Azure, on-demand cloud servers, dedicated firewall, high...

By: Rackspace US, Inc. From USA Review and Overview is an email agent that enables users to configure inboxes that have a high capacity to send and receive emails through it.  Automatic filters and queueing controls are available that provide advanced management and access capabilities to users. Unlimited access to all your communications is open owing to the large storage capacity

This platform is highly easy to set up and use even with multiple inboxes. You can configure it to use with  POP3 and IMAP systems that allow you to send emails even when you are not online through a queuing system and email account facility. It can inherently send 50Gb attachments.

Efficiently access and email lets users access and email to other people in their communication lists through a simple and intuitive interface. It provides an inherent five GB of storage space so that users can store all of their documents, pictures, and videos. If the 5GB capacity is not enough for you, you can opt for the 30GB option, which provides enterprise-grade storage to your inbox. This system can be configured for use with any Internet service provider for more efficient access, and you can also couple it with webmail extensions so that you can enhance its capabilities by increasing portability.

Email notifications and standalone access

You can configure the system to get standalone access to multiple inboxes that you might have and can be easily configured to work with POP3 inboxes so that it works as an email client.  Users can install the Email notification system that can provide notifications about incoming emails for all your inboxes so that you never miss out on the information. It can also enable the users to get a preview of the incoming emails as well as compose and send new ones in just a few clicks. The setup is graphical and easy to perform.

Other important features

Apart from the regular email inbox and outbox features, you can also avail of various other tools to efficiently manage the inbox. The system provides automatic spam detection and antivirus protection so that you have security against viruses that attachments might have. The spam detection feature also protects against spam messages that might fill your inbox with unnecessary clutter. An online storage system can accommodate large attachments that you might have to send and then generate a link for them that you can then send with your mails.

Company Information

Company Name: Xacti, LLC

Company Address: 40 E Main Street #9, Newark, DE, USA

Founded in: 2002

Top Features

  • Easy-to-use & Easy-to-setup Platform
  • Free 5GB Mailboxes
  • Emails Storage
  • Documents & Files Storage
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Preset Email Notifier
  • Previewing Incoming Messages
  • Receiving Notifications
  • One-click Email Compose
  • Spam & Virus Protection
  • Scanning Email
  • POP3 & SMTP Access
  • Mail Client Configuration
  • Upto 50GB Attachments
  • POP3 Email Accounts