INCWO is an exceptionally powerful, multipurpose platform designed to be put to use by small and medium-sized companies. It has several tools that are used to manage processes like customer relations, analytics, HR, BI systems, sale, and aftersale processes, helpdesks, automation, booking, and many, many more similar essential processes. Its multipurpose systems allow it to do more at less cost, making it a global favorite.

Top INCWO Alternatives
  • Tally.ERP 9
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Epicor
  • Abas
  • MarketUP
  • Apprise
  • Sage X3
  • Dynacom
  • IQMS
  • Tiny ERP
  • WebERP
  • Compiere
  • Manufacturing ERP
  • BlueCherry
  • mySkoolApp
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Top INCWO Alternatives and Overview


Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that helps small-scale and medium-scale businesses to keep track of accounting related activities and make operations more efficient.

By: Tally Solutions
Based on 13 Votes

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP provides cloud enterprise resource planning software designed to manage complex businesses with comprehensive financial management capabilities.

By: NetSuite Inc From USA


Epicor provides SaaS enterprise resource planning software with industry-specific software solutions.

By: Epicor Software Corporation From USA


Abas provides people-driven next-generation ERP software with consistent solution and proven implementation strategy.

By: Software AG From Germany


By: Nuvemsis Participações


Apprise provides ERP, business management, and distribution software that helps to keep your team connected.

By: Apprise Software, Inc From USA

Sage X3

It features financial management, sales management, customer service, inventory management, manufacturing management, reporting and business...

By: Sage Group plc From UK
Based on 18 Votes


It features accounting and financial management, sales and client management, purchasing and supplier management, inventory...

By: Dynacom Technologies Inc From Canada


It features preventative maintenance, process monitoring, machine monitoring, customer relationship management, estimating and quoting, capacity...

By: From USA

Tiny ERP

Tiny's features intend to simplify the complexities of running a business...

By: Tiny


It features a completely web-based platform, secure access with role-based model, sales and orders, flexible...



It features standard reports, management dashboards, business view layer, warehouse management, manufacturing, purchasing, order management...

By: Compiere, Inc From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Manufacturing ERP

It focuses on streamlining your manufacturing workflow to produce better output, both qualitatively and quantitatively...

By: Crims


It controls all the business operations carried out from manufacturing process to delivery of the...

Based on 21 Votes


It is one of the advanced school management software in market with lots of features...

By: Hex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. From India
Based on 14 Votes

INCWO Review and Overview

Digital techniques are rapidly transforming the face and the working of a corporation for the better. With cloud technology, AI, and integrated pipelines, companies easily get the means to automate and streamline their processes and make them smarter, resulting in more savings. However, the costs for setting up such interactions can be excessive and sometimes, integration itself can be impossible due to each system developed by a different company. INCWO is a cloud-based platform that can negate this problem by providing hundreds of different solutions based on a single platform.

Integrated CRM with INCWO

INCWO uses collected data from several internal and third-party channels and centralizes it for use by its useful CRM module. This enables companies to view leads from a new perspective and make use of any selling opportunities by acting in the right way at the right time. The CRM allows businesses to customize their sales processes to a degree previously thought unachievable through the use of numerous channels like FaceBook, Gmail, and Yahoo. It also can automatically verify leads to ensure that no amount of capital is wasted in failed attempts.

Time and attendance management solutions for A-grade productivity

A digital solution is nothing without the ability to ensure productivity, and INCWO enables corporations to manage theirs with their time management solutions. Especially useful for time-based billings, the module allows the accurate monitoring of service time and can automatically create invoices based on that data. The system can also be used to track the performance of the employees by reporting the time required for performing their tasks, in engaging and widespread file formats. The data can also be automatically sent to the required employees or clients.

Automation for smarter promotion and marketing

Automation is the prime reason for integrations, and with INCWO, automation opens up new avenues in marketing. Using the dedicated marketing automation module, businesses can send customized emails to their clients for every step of the purchase cycle, starting from engagement and notifications, to purchase-based messages. The process is entirely controlled by a bot and is based on a company-approved template only.

Company Information

Company Name: INCWO