Instagram automation

Instagram automation

By: Instavast

Instavast is an Instagram automation tool that gives you an extensive suite of features to become successful on the platform. You can automate your likes, comments, posts, and direct messages. The Insta bot brings you real followers and helps you get more engagement on your posts. With the analytics tools, you can understand your audience and make changes in your target preferences accordingly.

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Top Instagram automation Alternatives
  • Crowdfire
  • Iconosquare
  • TailWind
  • Engagor
  • Aitarget
  • Marketing 360
  • Falcon Social
  • MavSocial
  • OnlyWire
  • Zalster
  • BuzzBundle
  • Expion
  • Shoutlet
  • Royaltie
  • GroSocial
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Top Instagram automation Alternatives and Overview



Crowdfire is a social media management platform which allows managing multiple social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn Etsy and many more.

By: Crowdfire Inc.
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Used by more than 25000 businesses and individuals, the platforms allows to connect Instagram as well as Facebook marketing solutions.

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Manage your Pintrest and Instagram using Tailwind's platform with features such as Scheduling, Marketing, Reporting and Analytics.

By: BridesView, Inc
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Engagor provides a social media management platform and analytics tool for businesses.

By: Engagor NV From USA


Aitarget is a tool for social media advertisements that helps users to launch and manage the advertising campaigns effectively so that they can increase their business productivity on Social Media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

By: Aitarget
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Marketing 360

By: Madwire
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Falcon Social

It provides various software solutions, including social media marketing, social customer service, social selling, social...

By: Falcon Social ApS From Denmark


It features smart visual content management, access approved digital content, easy file organization, campaign planning...

By: Maventus Group Inc. From USA
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By using OnlyWire users can post their content in an automated form...

By: OnlyWire
Based on 2 Votes


It uses machine learning algorithms to do all the manual labour...

By: Zalster


It features unlimited social profiles, easy profile switch, wide social media coverage, message posting across...

By: Link-Assistant-com From Belarus
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It features content planning, moderation, governance and workflow, global management, content discovery, paid optimization, asset...

By: Expion LLC. From USA


It provides various platforms, including content publishing, community management, insights, integrations, and governance...

By: Shoutlet, Inc. From USA


By: Lodge Industries


It allows you to create successful Facebook contests and promotions, customize your Facebook and Twitter...

By: GroSocial, Inc. From USA

Instagram automation Review and Overview

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing platform. It is now a way of marketing, a channel to influence and inspire people worldwide. Having more followers and engagements with your audience means you are an ideal influencer client for many brands. However, staying connected with your existing followers and answering their comments and messages while also growing your number of followers can be time-consuming. Instavast is an Instagram automation tool that does all the posting and communicating job on your behalf so that you can grow your Instagram community without having to do the entire grunt work.  

Schedule your posts and automate your DMs

Instavast lets you schedule and upload unlimited drafts as posts. For sponsored posts that you promised to keep on your feed a certain number of days, you can schedule their removal in advance. It adds the first comment with the additional hashtags on your behalf and lets you automatically add a watermark to all your posts. You can mass dm all your followers or a particular section of your followers with custom filters like gender. To leave a lasting impression and improve your chances at lead generation, you can also send an automated DM to each new follower.   

Get real followers with the Instagram bot

Level up your Instagram game by putting your growth on AutoPilot. Get started with the Instagram bot with a free trial, and see your account grow as Instavast brings in new followers instantly. All you need to care about is creating high-quality content, and Instavast will take care of the rest. With the help of an analytics report produced by the bot, you can also get an overview of your follower interactions and their origin. Even when you are sleeping, the bot makes sure your engagement is on so that new interactions and fans keep pouring in.   

But likes and views with guaranteed security

With Instavast, you can buy likes and views on your Instagram posts and ensure a high engagement rate that makes you rank in the search feed. You can choose from which geographic place you want them, and Instavast will comply by bringing them for you from real users. You can also monitor your comments with the Comment Manager, reply to the important ones, and delete the inappropriate ones. All this growth takes place in a way that does not violate any Instagram policy. So, by keeping you within limits, Instavast ensures that you will never be penalized.

Company Information

Company Name: Instavast

Founded in: 2017