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Jottacloud is a software designed for online backup of files and folders as well as data recovery. The software provides convenient sharing, collaboration ad synchronization of data through an easy-to-use interface. The cloud component of the platform offers security and accessibility to the documents. It is possible to collaborate on documents with businesses or internal team members in real-time through Jottacloud. Moreover, the software also allows for instant editing, previews, and scanning of documents. Besides world-class privacy, Jottacloud requires a two-step authentication to log in. Furthermore, centralized billing and admin console further drive Jottacloud growth.

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Top Jottacloud Alternatives and Overview


Disk Drill

Provides a powerful data recovery software that can work to recover your lost data regardless of the cause of the data loss.

By: Software, LLC
Based on 21 Votes

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The data recovery software allows you to recover deleted, lost and even formatted data for various drives including removable drives.

By: CHENGDU Yiwo Tech Development Co., Ltd From China

Stellar Data Recovery

Provides a high quality free data recovery software that helps to recover your lost files, such as photos, documents, videos, and more.

By: Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Based on 3 Votes


By: Rubrik
Based on 33 Votes


Provides a quick and simple data recovery solution that works for Windows, Mac, and Linux drives.

By: Runtime Software


CrashPlan is a cloud-based storage and data backup platform that enables users to create backups of their files and folders.

By: Code42
Based on 21 Votes


By: Duplicati
Based on 6 Votes


It enables a user to recover his files easily and quickly...

By: Ontrack
Based on 11 Votes


It allows you to recover data and restore them from Windows...

By: Smart Projects


It does so by providing its automatic backup and restore services which allow minimal data...

By: UpdraftPlus
Based on 11 Votes

Azure Backup

It is a built-in feature of the very powerful Azure Cloud solution and can be...

By: Microsoft
Based on 87 Votes

AWS Backup

Using AWS Backup, you can easily configure, generate backup policies, and monitor processes of Amazon...

Based on 5 Votes

Veeam Backup & Replication

It applies the latest technology to backup all the extensive databases in the cloud storage...

By: Veeam
Based on 17 Votes

Wise Data Recovery

It works for both local and removable storage media, with support for Windows XP and...

Based on 1 Vote


Allows you to create bootable backup for your data...

By: Econ Technologies, Inc.
Based on 4 Votes

Jottacloud Review and Overview

Based in Norway, Jottacloud is a cloud storage platform compatible for both businesses and private use. The service can help users in securely copying, synchronizing, saving, and sharing files from all devices. Jottacloud stores these files safely in environment-friendly servers that are compliant with rigorous privacy laws. Moreover, cloud-based centralization allows users to access their data from anywhere. Additionally, users can share and collaborate with businesses, organizations, and teams on the folders and files in real-time. Furthermore, Jottacloud has a smart administration panel, which makes it convenient to add or delete members, bill payments, and report generation.

Automatic Backup

The software can automatically back up selected folders on Mac or Windows, besides ensuring secure and instant replication of files in the cloud for safe documentation. Cloud storage provides a convenient way of not just accessing your documents, but also protecting them in case of natural disasters. Jottacloud is compliant with all file formats for storage, including PDFs, spreadsheets, reports, presentations, videos and photos. Furthermore, drag & drop features represent a user-friendly interface, which enables users to upload documents in a hassle-free manner with their mobile or computers.

Access and Synchronization

Users can retrieve their photos and files from anywhere on Jottacloud with the help of an app browser. Moreover, Jottacloud also lets users synchronize the most critical data to their computer so that the app can always keep the files up to date and readily available. Furthermore, it is easy to organize files and folders on the platform by renaming, copying, and moving documents. The platform also stores the five most recent versions of all materials for users who need to make changes to a report.  

Recovery and Command-Line

Jottacloud trash can store all recently deleted documents so that users may recover them immediately. There is an online archive to save files if the user needs to free up space in the computer. One of the most attractive features of Jottacloud remains its ability to function offline. Jottacloud's Command-line client (CLI) enables users to back up files and folders. The program is compliant on most devices and platforms. In the case of media files, Jottacloud does not compromise the quality of data for storage.

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