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Jumio offers identity management and credentials to companies. Now reduce frauds and increase your company’s revenue with the help of Jumio. Jumio with its developed computer vision technology enable easy signup for all clients. Bamcheck out benefits your client for a seamless checkout reducing fraud and enhance client satisfaction. Netverify - Jumio product helps companies to scan and verify document. Netverify can be utilized on web as well as Mobile.

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Top Jumio Alternatives
  • CrossMatch
  • ID Checker
  • Truiloo
  • GlobalPass
  • Socure
  • Shufti Pro
  • IDScan
  • BlockScore
  • Veridu
  • MiiCard
  • BeeHive ID
  • LexisNexis Identity
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Top Jumio Alternatives and Overview



Crossmatch offers solutions and products that solve the identity management challenge faced by companies with the help of biometrics.

By: Cross Match Holdings, Inc. From USA

ID Checker

Easyonboard and StrongID products of idchecker safeguard the verification process of potential employees, clients and visitors.

By: Checker.NL B.V. From Netherlands


Truiloo provides advance analysis based on public records, credit files and government data.

By: Trulioo Information Services Inc. From Canada


GlobalPass is a leading Identity verification and background screening solution provider.

By: GlobalPass AG


Socure is a leader in ID verification and takes the verification process to the next generation.

By: Socure Inc. From USA

Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is a reliable KYC service provider, offering impeccable ID verification and identity authentication services to its global customer base.

By: Shufti Pro From United Kingdom
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The image and textual data extracted from legal documents are validated and authenticated for immediate...

By: IDscan Biometrics Ltd From UK


Blockscore provides ID verification API that verifyies Name, DOB, address and all kind of identification...

By: BlockScore, Inc. From USA


The onboarding and verification process solve all issues faced by ecommerce companies...

By: Veridu Ltd From UK


It is a free service provided which helps you for shopping, prove your social accounts...

By: miiCard Limited From UK

BeeHive ID

It protects online business and ecommerce websites to protect their online accounts from fraud transactions...

By: Beehive Biometrics, Inc. From USA

LexisNexis Identity

Lexisnexis helps you to understand your vendors, employees and customer to reduce the risk of...

By: LexisNexis Group Inc. From USA

Jumio Review and Overview

Jumio is an ID verification and authenticating service operating globally. The company boasts of an award-winning identity verification technology and it is trusted by industry giants such as Monzo, United Airlines, HSBC, etc.

Jumio leverages the power of cutting-edge technologies from the field of computer science such as AI, Machine Learning and Big Data, to offer features such as Face biometrics, liveness detection and selfie authentication to help companies achieve the highest level of security.


Jumio offers a whole range of identity verification products to cover all kinds of needs of companies. Jumio ID verification ensures the identity of a user by comparing a photograph clicked in real-time of a government-issued ID with the database to ensure its validity and to prevent fraud. This product allows companies to comply with compliances for AML, KYC, and GDPR and it also allows the company to bypass manual checking altogether.

Jumio’s real-time identity verification is an advanced version of Jumio ID verification. Jumio uses the power of machine learning, biometrics, and verification experts to ensure that the person is physically present and matching with the ID, and a prompt decision is made according to the answer. The company also offers biometric authentication by taking a selfie, a unique 3D face map of the person is created, and the map is used to authenticate.


A wide range of industries uses Jumio ID verification to secure their services. Financial organizations are the best examples since they use Jumio Identity Verification for AML/KYC compliance, and to provide a more secure online banking platform. Jumio offers a few innovative features for retail companies such as mobile checkout where the payment data is automatically extracted using biometric data, customer abandonment is reduced due to ease of checkout process and biometric authentication provides a better alternative to passwords for seamless customer account login.

Company Information

Company Name: Jumio Inc.

Company Address: 268 Lambert Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Founded in: 2010

Top Features

  • ID & User Validation
  • Comprehensive ID Verification
  • Image Forensics
  • Anomalies Detection
  • Security-risk Profile Requirements
  • Mobile-based Channels
  • Match Face
  • Multiple Authentication Factors
  • Advanced Image Capturing
  • Reduce Fraud Potential
  • 256-bit Data Encryption
  • Implementation Customization
  • Increasing Conversation & Revenue
  • Improving Marketing ROI
  • Scanning Passports
  • Scanning Driving Licenses
  • Scanning Bills & Cards
  • Scanning Bank Statements
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Cross-platform Supported