Juniper Firewall

Juniper Firewall

By: Juniper Networks

Juniper’s security solutions include a series of next-generation Firewalls that scale and adapt to the evolving nature of malware attacks. Its advanced threat intelligence mines data across the entire framework for threat detection. It uses the SRX Series Services Gateway to deliver its capabilities and keep malicious track at bay. Juniper Firewalls come in both, physical as well as virtual form factors.

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Top Juniper Firewall Alternatives
  • pfSense
  • FortiGate
  • SonicWall
  • Comodo Firewall
  • Azure Firewall
  • Sophos XG Firewall
  • ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Top Juniper Firewall Alternatives and Overview



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FortiGate is a firewall and network security service built for enterprise usage scenarios.

By: Fortinet
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SonicWall is a network security and firewall system that offers advanced network security and protection services to leading enterprises and cloud service providers.

By: SonicWall
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Comodo Firewall

The Comodo Firewall is designed as a tool to provide tight security to its users from any and all types of online threats.

By: Comodo
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Azure Firewall

Azure Firewall is a cybersecurity service solution from Azure that protects you from malicious traffic.

By: Microsoft
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Sophos XG Firewall

Sophos XG Firewall is a software that helps the clients to secure all their devices and information within the network.

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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

It is available in free and premium variants, both of which are lauded as the...

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Juniper Firewall Review and Overview

Whether at the workplace or home, staying connected in this age of the internet has never been more accessible. But with network connectivity comes the potential threat of hackers who can steal your sensitive data and cause more harm than you could probably imagine. Sure, an anti-virus keeps your system free from malicious programs, but it isn’t enough. You need a firewall to protect your device from the dangers of the internet. It is where robust and advanced security providers like Juniper have come up with next-generation firewall technology that can adapt to evolving threats and always keep you protected.

Firewalls that adapt with newer threats

Every new day comes with more unique and more sophisticated malware. Here, your age-old firewall would break down and fail to keep you protected as its infrastructure does not have the coded instruction to deal with an evolved malicious traffic. Juniper Firewall, with its comprehensive detection capabilities, plays a more expanded role to keep malicious traffic at bay and. It works on the highly scalable and resilient SRX series services gateways to offer uncompromising security performance and flexibility. The use of Express Path technology along with 100GBe interfaces, further adds to quality performance.    

Enjoy advanced threat protection with Juniper Firewall

The firewall services of Juniper come with all necessary policy compliance to prevent the most advanced cyber threats. The SecIntel or the security intelligence mines data across your entire architecture and aggregates it with information from third-party GeoIP feeds and Juniper’s proprietary cloud-based threat prevention service. The threat data, thus, collected from multiple sources can then be used to provide threat intelligence to all the necessary touchpoints in the connection. For all known and unknown threats, the advanced threat prevention add-ons or on-premise elements perform the essential steps of tracking and blocking.

Actionable intelligence across your firewalls

With application visibility and unified threat management (UTM), Juniper firewalls offer to your business assets the much-needed threat protection. They also feature a security information and event management (SIEM) system. To get actionable intelligence, it leverages this industry-leading solution and gathers volumes of data from thousands of network endpoints, devices involved, and applications. It can then be used to deploy enforcement and consolidate your defenses.

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