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Kabbage is an online platform for merchants to borrow working capital. It can approve you the loan within minutes when they are able to automatically obtain your business data and instantly verify your bank account. The platform provides various types of loans that can be used to every small business use case and industry like online loans, working capital, peer-to-peer loan, business loan, professional loan, etc. In addition, it provides you with ongoing access to funds.

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Top Kabbage Alternatives
  • Credible
  • Lending Club
  • Iwoca
  • Fundation
  • SpringLeaf
  • Peerform
  • Lending Work
  • Smartbiz
  • CAN Capital
  • MarketInvoice
  • BlueVine
  • IOU Financial
  • Ezbob
  • GoKapital
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Top Kabbage Alternatives and Overview



Credible is the multi-place market lender that allows borrowers to receive competitive loan offers from its vetted partners.

By: Credible Labs Inc. From USA
Based on 14 Votes


Prosper is a marketplace that provides person-to-person lending utilizing a listing and bidding process to get competitive rates for loans.

By: Prosper Funding LLC From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Lending Club

Lending Club is the online credit marketplace, facilitating business loans, personal loans, and financing for elective medical procedures.

By: LendingClub Corporation From USA


Iwoca is a finance provider for small business across the UK.

By: iwoca Ltd From UK


Fundation is an online direct lender offering simple interest small business loans to companies through a technology-driven process.

By: Fundation Group LLC From USA


Springleaf Finance Inc., through its subsidiary companies (Springleaf), is a provider of consumer credit.

By: Springleaf Finance, Inc. From USA


They provide borrowers with a positive experience when obtaining personal loans that are fast, clear...

By: Peerform, Inc. From USA

Lending Work

It offers borrowers great benefits like lower rates, pay out a loan within 2 working...

By: Lending Works Limited From UK


With low-interest rates, affordable monthly payments, and long repayment loans, Smartbiz helps...

By: SmartBiz Loans, LLC. From USA

CAN Capital

Their cutting-edge technology, quick application, and approval processes, customer-focused delivery are great benefits to the...

By: CAN Capital, Inc. From USA


It is simple and easy to use web-based application...

By: MarketInvoice Limited From UK


They offer financing through their business line of credit or invoice factoring products...

By: Bluevine Capital Inc. From USA

IOU Financial

Their customers typically include medical and dental practices, retail and grocery stores e-commerce companies, and...

By: IOU Financial Inc From USA


It provides an instant financial solution for your immediate working capital needs such as inventory...

By: EZBob Ltd From UK


They offer services to entrepreneurs and businesses in North America...

By: GoKapital, Inc. From USA

Kabbage Review and Overview

Every business goes through some ups and downs, and that is when the money saved for wet times comes to rescue. Sometimes those savings are enough, and sometimes they are not. In the latter cases, organizations require credit that can help them land back in a suitable position from where they’ll be capable of paying back the amount. Kabbage is a financial credit service that helps out businesses by lending them credit in the shortest time possible. It has a solution for nearly every business type and is known for the fast processing and user-convenience when it comes to sanctioning the required help.

Kabbage is a privately-owned financial technology company that provides funding to small businesses or even consumers with the help of an automated platform. Found in 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia, it has seen a fast rise and is today backed by SoftBank. The service can be availed on a desktop through the website, and on Android and iPhones through the apps available.

What makes Kabbage stand out?

Kabbage makes payments easier and faster by using online data rather than manual input, which reduces the workload of an organization as they have to only link their business accounts online, and they are good to go. Moreover, Kabbage helps regarding the finances of an organization by providing them with instant funding so that operations do not get halted.

Kabbage also reduces the workload from organizations as it’s a data-driven service, which means it integrates seamlessly and automatically manages all the cash flow of an organization at one place at a greater pace.

Automated and fast, it still preserves the user data. In institutes like schools, banking firms, etc., data is too sensitive to be leaked, so Kabbage works on a review access system where the login credentials and data related to users are not stored on Kabbage Server, which makes it a trustworthy service.

Get the deserving credit

Kabbage is what most business owners look up to when they need easy credit. What quality makes Kabbage special? Why is it preferred over banks or other similar services? And how much time does it take to get the amount? Stay tuned as we aim to clarify all the doubts regarding the service in our description. The quality that makes Kabbage unique is the fact that a lender has to provide very few details to get a loan sanctioned. Now some readers might argue that even specific bank schemes allow you to get loans without a plethora of conditions.

Well, banks might offer loans without conditions in some cases. Still, Kabbage keeps its system consistent for all the circumstances, and unlike banks, borrowing from Kabbage is more comfortable as it does not have a credit score system in place. Not having such a system allows them to apply for a larger amount of credit, and this is what makes most of them choose Kabbage. And all of this isn’t even the best part. Kabbage processes the credit amount immediately! No more waiting for days after submitting all lifelong documents for the amount that’s decided by some complicated score.

Quite interesting

After reading the working as mentioned above, users might have some obvious doubts, which might include – loans so easy? Are there no conditions? And what about the interest rate? When a user visits the website, they can have a look at instructions for registration, all of which are clear as daylight without the mark of the asterisk. As for the conditions, there are no conditions. Now, coming to the rate of interest – Loans from Kabbage have a little higher rate of interest as compared to loans by banks, but then – the time is money, and you are entitled to a significantly more amount as well.

Make exciting things happen in your business with the credit you deserve. Log on to Kabbage and get the amount sanctioned today!


Kabbage can provide a credit of amount up to $250,000* instantly with a time limit for paying back being as short as 3 days to as much as 18 months. There are different terms and conditions regarding the loan amount. If an organization has business data online and is verified, they can get an instant loan of up to $200,000, while for an organization with business data not verified, the crediting amount can take several days alongside a manual check. Apart from this, there are several factors Return on Investment and various indices to judge a business.


Kabbage has proved itself to be a great financial technology service by aiding businesses with instant loans through a hassle-free procedure. Services do not end at providing loans, but even managing the cashflow, and guarding the data, which makes it a highly recommended service for any small businesses in need of secure credit.

Company Information

Company Name: Kabbage Inc.

Company Address: Suite 350, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Founded in: 2009