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Shiprocket 360 is a company that deals in providing omnichannel and e-commerce solutions. It helps in improving the journey of your customer throughout the sales channel. It identifies their interests, past interactions, and reactions, and on the basis of this identification, it tries to improve their purchasing experience.

Top Kartrocket Alternatives
  • Bigcommerce
  • Ecwid
  • 3dcart
  • Loqate
  • Workarea
  • Fortune3
  • Zoho Commerce
  • Reaction Commerce
  • ekmPowershop
  • ExpandCart
  • Yahoo Stores
  • Scalefast
  • X-Cart
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud
  • xt:Commerce
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Top Kartrocket Alternatives and Overview



Bigcommerce is an Aussie company which provides eCommerce and shopping cart platform for any type of business, from startup to big enterprise.

By: Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. From Sydney
Based on 17 Votes


Ecwid allows you to sell your products everywhere, build social commerce, reach global customers, and create mobile-friendly eCommerce website with unparalleled security features.

By: Ecwid, Inc From Russia
Based on 43 Votes


3DCart is a feature-rich shopping cart software which offers a fully customizable online store builder with no transaction fee.

By: Infomart 2000 Corporation From USA
Based on 15 Votes


The delivery services of a company play a vital role in the proper functioning of a company.

By: Loqate


Workarea is a cloud-based software that helps provide powerful and simple solutions for any e-commerce industry.

By: WebLinc
Based on 1 Vote


Fortune3 provide an all-in-one eCommerce solution with powerful shopping cart software.

By: Fortune3: E-Commerce Solutions From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Zoho Commerce

Zoho provides an easy to use framework for marketing the services and new features of...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Based on 2 Votes

Reaction Commerce

It is a secure and tested commerce stack...

By: Reaction Commerce
Based on 1 Vote


It provides hundreds of beautiful, responsive themes that are compatible with mobile devices...

By: Ekm Systems Ltd From UK


You don’t have to be technically sound for creating the online store because ExpandCart takes...

By: Expand Cart
Based on 1 Vote

Yahoo Stores

It allows you to add products easily, process payments instantly, optimize your online store, and...

By: Yahoo Inc. From USA


It combines the features of cloud technology with the business infrastructure to help you grow...

By: Scalefast
Based on 5 Votes


It offers four different pricing options: Free Edition, Business, Multivendor, and Ultimate, all with lifetime...

By: Qualiteam software Ltd From Russia
Based on 34 Votes

Oracle Commerce Cloud

It is an agile and cost-effective answer to all our needs in a fast-growing, ultra-competitive...

By: Oracle
Based on 2 Votes


You have various tools at your disposal to help with designing, managing and maintaining your...

By: xt:Commerce
Based on 1 Vote

Kartrocket Review and Overview

The e-commerce business relies on the fact of how frequently people are buying their products or services. To capture a large number of buyers, you need to make their shopping experience good and relevant. Shiprocket 360 helps you in achieving this goal.


Shiprocket 360 follows the approach of building the strategy around customer needs and expectations. It designs different solutions for a different set of people according to their tastes and interests. It does match the thought process of the customers with the demand in the market. To develop a solution, it first schedules sessions with the clients to understand their thought process. Based on this understanding, it presents the client with multiple designs, ideas, the architecture of the website, and UI solutions. It gives you the facility of picking-up the things which you need and not the complete package.

Website design by Shiprocket 360

It helps in designing a website that will be created on the basis of the profile of the customer. This website will be able to connect with the customer at every point of time. It enables you to create a mobile app for the same. It offers you the best order management processes. It does have integrated many secure payment gateways that you can use for the payment process on your website. It provides you with the tools that are automated to manage the marketing process.

Omnichannel Retail solution by Shiprocket 360

It enables you to connect multiple digital mediums that will provide better solutions to the customers. It helps in making you an omnichannel retailer that provides connected and consistent shopping solutions to the customers. The solutions will include pick-ups, in-store returns, faster delivery, etc. It helps you in maintaining the targeting and communicating strategy consistent through-out the sales cycle. It enables the shifting of the customers to a proactive state of mind with the help of tools, namely data-centric platform and in-store app.

Inventory and Order Management by Shiprocket 360

The omnichannel technique enables you to have full knowledge of your stock available on different channels. It gives you a networked model that is capable of allocating the stock based on central-demand. It gives you the facility to provide endless aisle to your customers. This will enable you to sell newly released products, and you will also be able to fulfill the demands of a customer by providing customization.

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