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Keychain is the world's first comprehensive platform for CPG manufacturing, offering an extensive database and innovative features to streamline the manufacturing process for brands and manufacturers. Trusted by major retailers and brands, Keychain enhances transparency, drives revenue growth, and facilitates direct communication with decision-makers.

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Top Keychain Alternatives
  • Inventory Source
  • Wholesale2B
  • Doba
  • Salehoo
  • Worldwide Brands

Top Keychain Alternatives and Overview


Inventory Source

Inventory Source's drop shipping services offer a variety of features and tools that cater equally to first-time as well as seasoned online retailers..

By: Inventory Source


In addition to free-account access to its directory of suppliers and products, Wholesale2B provides resellers plan-based options to push listings to eBay, Amazon and several other popular shopping carts..

By: Onlinestorebiz LLC.


Doba’s drop shipping system provides retailers access to a range of products in several different categories, along with useful inventory management tools and effective integration with shopping cart software..

By: Doba Inc.


Salehoo offers a range of drop ship products suitable for both small and large online retailers.

By: SaleHoo Group Limited.

Worldwide Brands

Members are provided access to a large number of products in several different categories from verified wholesalers along with value-add membership options and robust customer support..

By: Worldwide Brands, Inc.

Keychain Review and Overview

Navigating the complexities of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturing can be challenging. Keychain, the world's first comprehensive CPG manufacturing platform, aims to simplify this process. With its vast database and innovative features, Keychain stands out as an essential tool for manufacturers, retailers, and brands.

Key Features

Keychain boasts the largest CPG database, featuring 763,224 products, 24,027 manufacturers, and over 66,000 brands. This extensive network ensures that users have access to a wide range of options for their manufacturing needs. The platform includes $128,456,786 of vetted manufacturing capacity, ensuring that all manufacturing capabilities meet industry standards and requirements. Trusted by some of the largest retailers and brands globally, Keychain has established itself as a reliable and essential platform in the industry.

Revenue Growth for Manufacturers

Keychain is designed to drive revenue growth for manufacturers by providing targeted inbound customers, offering access to relevant customers actively seeking manufacturing solutions. This includes exclusive access to large volumes from trusted retailers and leading brands. All requests are vetted for minimum order quantities (MOQs) and specific manufacturing capabilities, ensuring that manufacturers only receive relevant and viable opportunities.

Powerful Outbound Sales Expansion

The platform offers tools to expand the sales funnel, including proprietary data that provides detailed and up-to-date information on potential products and brands. Manufacturers can quickly broaden their sales opportunities with an expanded prospect list, and direct communication is facilitated between manufacturers and decision-makers at large brands and retailers, streamlining the partnership process.

Keychain Partner Criteria

To ensure quality and reliability, Keychain evaluates partners based on several criteria. These include annual revenue, facility size, certifications, capacity, minimum orders and lead times, customer base, quality control, and an onboarding interview. This thorough evaluation process ensures that all partners meet the high standards required by Keychain's platform, providing a reliable and efficient network for users.

User Feedback Highlights Keychain’s Impact

Keychain has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative approach and comprehensive features. Users appreciate its impressive and intuitive design, with many noting that it surpasses other tools they have used. The extensive and detailed database has been highlighted as a standout feature, enabling users to quickly find manufacturers suited to their specific needs. Industry professionals praise the platform for its perfect product-market fit and its ability to provide clean, organized data. Keychain is seen as a long-overdue solution that enhances transparency and removes barriers, leading to better outcomes for businesses and ultimately benefiting consumers. Overall, Keychain is recognized as a groundbreaking marketplace innovation that users are excited to incorporate into their operations.


Keychain is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes CPG manufacturing by providing extensive resources, targeted customer access, and powerful sales expansion tools. It sets a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in the industry. Whether you're a manufacturer seeking to expand your reach or a brand in search of the best manufacturing partners, Keychain offers the solutions you need.

Explore Keychain today and join thousands of brands and manufacturers transforming their business operations with this innovative platform.

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Top Features

  • Industry Endorsements
  • Custom-Built Platform
  • Targeted Inbound Customers
  • Exclusive Access
  • Large Volumes
  • Vetted Requests
  • Proprietary Data
  • Expanded Prospect List
  • Direct Communication