LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw

By: LibreOffice

This application lets you create intricate drawings, flowcharts, and diagrams with a host of tools and features. It offers an intuitive interface with a large number of tools that make drawing complex objects an effortless task. You can share your final product in a range of formats.

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Top LibreOffice Draw Alternatives
  • Visio
  • Whimsical
  • ProcessOn
  • Cloudcraft
  • OpenOffice Draw
  • FlowMapp
  • Vecta
  • Space Designer 3D
  • Maptive
  • Dia diagram editor
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Top LibreOffice Draw Alternatives and Overview


By: JGraph
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Microsoft Visio is a publishing software aimed at creating flowcharts and diagrams with ease.

By: Microsoft
Based on 32 Votes


Whimsical is a platform that allows users to stay organized by designing visuals that go a great length to help them out in professional life on a daily basis.

By: Whimsical
Based on 13 Votes


ProcessOn is a simple online app created to facilitate mental processes through mindmaps and flowcharts.

By: ProcessOn
Based on 1 Vote


Cloudcraft is a platform using which you can create a cloud-based infrastructure and visualize it in a better way using 3D tools and techniques.

By: Cloudcraft Inc
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OpenOffice Draw

OpenOffice Draw is a substantial tool for digital drawings. From...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
Based on 73 Votes


It allows the users to plan all the aspects of the projects for the efficient...

By: FlowMapp
Based on 9 Votes


It comes with a built-in SVG minifier and is highly extensible with JavaScript-based plugins...

By: Vecta
Based on 1 Vote

Space Designer 3D

It is incredibly customizable and flexible, allowing designers to put into paper any type of...

By: Space Designer 3D
Based on 3 Votes


It allows the users to generate charts with specific data displaying at geographical locations...

By: Maptive
Based on 1 Vote

Dia diagram editor

By: The Dia Developers
Based on 13 Votes

LibreOffice Draw Review and Overview

Using LibreOffice Draw, everyone, including novice artists to sophisticated graphic designers, can draw expressive visual documents. It provides tools through which you can create everything ranging from small sketches to intricate mechanical drawings effortlessly.

Impressive graphic documents

A variety of page sizes are supported, including a maximum page size of 300cm * 300cm. You can draw technical drawings, posters, brochures, and artistic sketches without any additional software. It lets you manipulate any graphical object with its tools, and you can group objects as well as change their properties. A 3D drawing toolset is also available, which can help you add 3D features to your purposes.

Comprehensive tools and utilities

One of the essential uses of Draw is that it makes building flowcharts, network diagrams, and organization charts very easy. A drag and drop interface provides exact shapes that are standard for such graphs. It allows you to create "glue points" from which connectors are connectable, and they define precise and repeatable positioning. The dimension calculator automatically calculates linear dimensions in real-time as you draw. You can create both vector graphics as well as manipulate raster through the framework and with the available tools. An intuitive interface ensures that you get access to each object efficiently.

Additional benefits

The Draw is a part of the whole Libre office suite of applications that enable you to easily exchange data between applications and use one project into another. Drawings you create are exportable in a variety of formats such as PNG, HTML, PDF, and more. The package also comes with the ability to create photo albums by combining multiple images that you can manipulate together to improve efficiency. This way, you can create your picture galleries and publish them in a wide range of document formats.

Company Information

Company Name: LibreOffice

Founded in: 2010