By: Lingoda GmbH

Provides the online language school that allows you to learn specific languages, namely English, German, Spanish, and French. It offers structured learning materials, native-speaking teachers, small classes, and flexible learning time. It is designed for business people and aims to help you speak the new language confidently. It also offers a certificate of completion.

From: Germany
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  • Rosetta Stone
  • Yabla
  • Lingq
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  • Duolingo
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  • Memrise
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  • busuu
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  • Lingualeo
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Top Lingoda Alternatives and Overview


Rosetta Stone

Provides the software that allows you to learn the new language of your choice from 24 different languages.

By: Rosetta Stone Ltd. From USA
Based on 25 Votes


Provides a language immersion platform that allows you to learn languages with authentic videos to immerse yourself in the new language.

By: Yabla, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


Provides the online and mobile language learning platforms that give a fun and effective way for you to learn a new language.

By: The Linguist Institute, Inc. From Canada


Provides a platform to learn Mandarin Chinese language online in the best way.

By: ChinesePod LLC From Hong Kong


Provides a free and fun way to learn a new language, with the gamification system in every lesson.

By: Duolingo, Inc. From USA
Based on 22 Votes


Provides a language learning platform that helps you speak your new language right away by immersing through real-life dialogues.

By: Lesson Nine GmbH From Germany


It is available both as mobile apps and a web application...

By: Memrise Limited From UK
Based on 13 Votes


It features customized learning, pay per lesson, and flexible learning schedule...

By: italki HK Limited. From Hong Kong
Based on 10 Votes


Lessons are created using machine learning technology and crafted by language experts to fit with...

By: Busuu Ltd
Based on 12 Votes


It has more than 110 languages from more than 180 countries worldwide, with fully dedicated...

By: SPEAKY S.A., From Belgium


Currently, it supports Portugues (Brasil), Russian, Turkish, Spanish, and Spanish (Latin America)...

By: Lingualeo LLC


It features core lessons, reading lessons, speak easy challenge, digital flash cards, skill building, speed...

By: Simon & Schuster, Inc. From Canada


The focus is the help you learn the new language by speaking...

By: Verbling, Inc. From USA
Based on 4 Votes


It uses cutting-edge technologies combined with neural sciences to make it faster and easier for...

By: ATI Studios SRL

Mango Languages

It is adapted for real-life conversational situations, with an intelligent technology, quality content, and adaptive...

By: Creative Empire, LLC
Based on 20 Votes

Lingoda Review and Overview

Immigrants in foreign countries face language barriers due to their unfamiliarity with the local languages. They are not the preferred choice for jobs and find it difficult to blend with local people. To help such immigrants and to everyone who has an inclination for learning new languages, Lingoda has come up with its unique language learning platform. The learning platform offers features such as live classes, the option to learn from native teachers, and the option to choose group or private classes which are available 24/7.

Advantage immigrants

Immigrants often require special one-on-one attention when it comes to learning a local language. This is primarily because they need to learn the language fast and start conversing in it. To help them realize this Lingoda offers private classes. Additionally, they have capped the strength of their group classes to just three members in order to offer more attention toward each learner. The language and styles taught through the platform are totally conversational in nature which in turn helps the learners in conversing with the locals more effectively.

The seal of approval

Moreover, the flexible schedule of the classes ensures that the learners are able to pace the course according to their convenience. The convenience adds to the overall learning experience. To help its learners earn more credibility and recognition at their workplace Lingoda has tied up with Cambridge Assessment to provide them with certifications for learning English. The stamp of approval from an organization like Cambridge helps the learners showcase their skills more effectively and garner visibility among peers.

Package details

Lingoda is trusted by students and learners from around the world and has been rated excellent on review platforms like Trustpilot. The courses are offered in three different packages namely walk, marathon and sprint. The walk package is inclusive of a 7-day free trial. The platform offers classes for learning four languages namely English, German, French and Spanish. The platform requires minimum IT infrastructure to run and can be used by learners across different demographics and communities.

Company Information

Company Name: Lingoda GmbH

Company Address: Charlottenstra├če 18, 10117, Berlin, Germany

Top Features

  • Online Live Classes
  • Native Speakers Available
  • Small Group Class
  • Real Time Talk
  • Flexible Learning Classes
  • Overall Skill building
  • Learn Anytime Anywhere
  • Structured Learning Plans