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Linux Academy is an online learning platform that focusses on helping the users in the application of the skills they've learned through the courses offered by the platform. Hands-on Labs is a feature unique to the platform, and it provides a safe and curated environment for the application of concepts and functions.

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Top Linux Academy Alternatives and Overview



Speexx is a cloud-based software that works in the field of providing solutions related to online testing and language training.

By: Speexx - empowering communication
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By: Skillsoft
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360Learning is a platform that provides learning services and training...

By: 360Learning
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Lessonly is a talent management software that helps teams to train and be ready for the business challenges in an increasingly competitive and ever-evolving industry.

By: Lessonly
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CourseBox is a powerful AI-driven platform that enables lightning-fast course creation and offers an AI-based learning management system.

By: Coursebox Pty Ltd From Australia
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iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a cloud training management platform that allows companies to conduct training programs for their employees and team members.

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This system is an e-learning vendor that helps businesses by building user-friendly platforms for them...

By: Epignosis eLearning solutions
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The software provides users with short videos that enhance their skill sets and increases their...

By: BizLibrary
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Instructors create content from scratch using pre-configured templates...

By: Coassemble
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It helps the companies in learning tons of software that are evolving daily to keep...

By: Northpass
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By: Schoox
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Torch LMS

It administers the learning of all the users according to the syllabus provided by the...

By: Torch LMS - Prometheus Development, Inc.
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It is created with simplicity in mind as it consists of all the necessary applications...

By: Simplero
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Linux Academy Review and Overview

The online learning and training scene has seen a rapid emergence in the last few years owing to the fast growth of internet users and the demand for new-age tech skills. Internet users today spend significant time in their lives in learning new skills and programs on the internet.

This change has been primarily due to the onset of new technology platforms. Organizations today want employees to be equipped with all the latest tech-skills, and this has changed the way they approach recruitment. They now look for these new-age tech skills in the prospective candidate and have reduced the importance given to grades and degrees.

The current state of online learning

Online learning has also made it very convenient for users to learn and master new skills. It has given them a new and affordable source to upskill and grow in their respective careers. The demand for these skills has also made organizations persuade their existing workforce to enroll for upskilling and reskilling programs.

And with learning resources available so easily, these programs have found considerable success. The online learning marketplace is overflowing with learning platforms and courses. However, like most other markets and sectors, the quality levels have seen a significant dip with an increase in demand. In a bid to offer the courses at the lowest possible price, the learning platforms have degraded the quality of courses.

Why choose Linux Academy over others?

Such degradation in quality leads to multiple effects. Firstly, it deteriorates the learning experience of the user, and secondly, it leads to users turning away from the online learning ecosystem. The other prominent issue with many of the online learning platforms is content application. Although a lot of these platforms provide users with good learning content, they do not offer them avenues to apply the concepts that users have learned through the content.

This hampers the experience and forces them to look for other resources. To solve such issues and provide users with a much better learning experience, Linux academy offers various courses related to new-age tech skills with the Hands-on Lab feature.

Application-based learning

The Hands-on Lab feature allows users to apply the concepts they've learned during the course and build on their skills. This also helps organizations in evaluating the progress of their employees enrolled with the platform. The platform offers high-quality courses pertaining to a lot of new-age platforms and technologies and aids the organizations in their efforts to reskill their employees.

Company Information

Company Name: Linux Academy

Founded in: 2012