By: Liquid Web Inc

LiquidWeb Managed Dedicated Server Solutions allow you to get a completed dedicated server of your own to host and manage your business applications and websites in the virtual environment. All dedicated servers have been configured and customized with the features of 24x7 Proactive Sonar Monitoring, single and multi processors, 100% network uptime, ServerSecure server hardening, SSD RAID 1 primary drives and heroic customer support.

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Top LiquidWeb Alternatives
  • DigitalOcean
  • Cloudways
  • Mediatemple
  • OVH
  • Rackspace
  • Hetzner
  • Vultr
  • Linode
  • Packet
  • Amazon EC2
  • Cloud Hosting
  • LeaseWeb
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Hetzner Cloud
  • Softlayer
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Top LiquidWeb Alternatives and Overview



DigitalOcean is a simple Cloud based infrastructure designed for developers and business owners.

By: Digital Ocean, Inc. From USA


CloudWays is a managed cloud hosting platform for Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop and all PHP applications.

By: Cloudways Ltd. From Malta
Based on 34 Votes


If your website or business is booming and you need more room to grow, you can choose Mediatemple dedicated hosting that allows you to have your own personal server with the ability to host as many websites and applications as you want.

By: Media Temple, Inc. From USA


OVH Professional dedicated servers have been designed to meet your business needs of a dedicated hosting server for the best performance.

By: Hebergement Ovh Inc From France
Based on 22 Votes


Rackspace managed dedicated hosting has been designed for complex businesses and websites that experience high traffic.

By: Rackspace US, Inc. From USA


Hetzner hosting service gives you many dedicated server options including Serverbidding, Dedicated Servers AX, Servers EX, Servers PX, etc.

By: Hetzner Online GmbH From Germany


Customer can open an account with a free trial that allows them to try Vultr...

By: Vultr Holdings LLC. From USA
Based on 21 Votes


Linode servers are fast and quick to deploy...

By: Linode, LLC From USA


As a part of the overall package, the platform offers various features that enable users...

By: Packet
Based on 1 Vote

Amazon EC2

EC2 is an Amazon product and comes with the trust and reliability of Amazon...

By: Amazon Web Services, Inc. From USA
Based on 51 Votes

Cloud Hosting

By: NR Hosting
Based on 1 Vote


The main benefits of this dedicated server hosting is that all processing power is yours...

By: LeaseWeb CDN B.V. From Netherlands

Google Compute Engine

From among several options, a user can choose a VM cloud hosting to meet their...

By: Google Ireland Limited From Ireland
Based on 35 Votes

Hetzner Cloud

Different products and plans have been designed to suffice the needs of all types of...

By: Hetzner Online GmbH From Germany


Choose from bare metal servers or virtual servers as per your website needs of storage...

By: SoftLayer Technologies. Inc. From USA

LiquidWeb Review and Overview

Liquid web is an online hosting company which mainly deals with web hosting and cloud hosting. Liquid web provides the finest services for web and cloud professionals. For the ones starting their new online business and wanting their business to be optimized, liquid web is the place to go.

Helping the company grow their business, designing for the company and being a developer who create for them are the roles played by liquid web. Liquid web is the technical service provider for the company.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a process through which a company can upload their website or web page on the internet. Servers are special computers in which the website is hosted or stashed away. Liquid web provides the technology and services which are required by the company while posting a web page or a website on the Internet. Whenever the domain (which is also provided by liquid web) is searched on the internet, your webpage or website is loaded for the server it was stored in.

What is cloud hosting

It is slightly different from web hosting. Just try to think about a cloud which is nothing but a cluster of computers which are interlinked with each other, cloud hosting will provide you a small part of the cluster of computers which is an advancement to web hosting which delivers you a small space in a server for your operations.


Several hosting companies provide automated technical support in contrast to this liquid web issue a team of individuals for your company’s technical support. Liquid web is a pool of services. In addition to web hosting and cloud hosting the company also provides WordPress management – the company manages your WordPress and provides a dashboard to update and backup the website through servers.

Company Information

Company Name: Liquid Web Inc

Company Address: 4210 Creyts, Lansing, Michigan, USA

Founded in: 1997

Top Features

Server Features
  • Network Uptime
  • Handening Server
  • Monitoring Sonar
  • Heroic Supported
  • SSD RAID 1 Drives
  • Data Backups
  • Storage Area Network
  • Solid State Storaging
  • Guardian Backups
  • Liquid Web Lock Storaging
Database Hosting
  • MYSQl Database
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Percona Server
  • Cassandra & ScaleArc
Network Services
  • Load Balancers
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Protect DDoS Attack
  • WHM or cPanel
  • Fantastico & Softacolous
  • Blog & CMS Hosting
  • Drupal and WHMCS Hosting
  • Ruby on Rails Hosting
  • Internet Firewalls
  • PCI Compliance
  • SSL Certificates
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
Mail Hosting
  • Linux Mail Hosting
  • Windows Mail Hosting
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailsecure