By: MailUp S.p.A.

MailUp provides email and SMS delivery solution that allows you to create email and SMS marketing campaign in one platform. It features mobile-friendly newsletter, clean database, high volume email sending, accurate analytics, API, and email automation. It offers four pricing options based on the delivery speed: 10 Hours, 4 Hours, 2 Hours, and 1 Hour.

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Top MailUp Alternatives
  • GetResponse
  • Benchmark Email
  • AWeber
  • Vero
  • Remarkety
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Autopilot
  • Revue
  • SendPulse
  • GroupM
  • WordFly
  • Zoho Campaigns
  • Newsletter2Go
  • Sendy
  • Smoove
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Top MailUp Alternatives and Overview



GetResponse is a powerful email marketing software with email creator, autoresponders, landing page creator, and 99% email deliverability.

By: GetResponse Sp. z o.o. From Poland
Based on 21 Votes

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email allows you to send email campaigns with hundreds of templates to choose, as well as complete split-testing features.

By: Benchmark Internet Group From USA
Based on 15 Votes


AWeber provides easy email marketing tools that help to grow your business.

By: AWeber Communications From USA
Based on 59 Votes


Vero is a platform that facilitates interaction and engagement with customers.

By: Vero
Based on 23 Votes


Remarkety is an E-Commerce marketing automation service that aims to automate email and social media campaigns using customer's behavior and gathered data.

By: Remarkety
Based on 10 Votes

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an Aussie company which provides a simple email marketing software, allowing you to send promotional emails and measure your success.

By: Campaign Monitor Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 41 Votes


It allows you to organize your contacts in one place, connect with CRM and third-party...

By: AutopilotHQ Inc. From USA
Based on 13 Votes


It helps businesses save time, effort, and money that goes into creating HTML formatted newsletter...

By: Revue
Based on 7 Votes


You should definitely give it a shot...

By: SendPulse.
Based on 13 Votes


GroupM was designed in the year 2003 as part of one of the WPP Groups...

By: GroupM
Based on 2 Votes


Launched in 2008, this US company sends millions of automated emails for organizations and even...

By: WordFly
Based on 12 Votes

Zoho Campaigns

It features mailing list management, A/B testing, ready-made design, detailed reports, email marketing automation, autoresponders...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From USA
Based on 18 Votes


It allows you to create newsletters, send newsletters, manage recipients, evaluate newsletters, analyze open and...

By: Newsletter2Go GmbH From Germany
Based on 5 Votes


The emails sent can be tracked and analyzed...

By: Sendy
Based on 11 Votes


The site provides an all-in-one platform for email marketing and marketing automation while you can...

By: smoove
Based on 17 Votes

MailUp Review and Overview

Customer relations play a crucial role in determining the progress of any establishment. The happier the customer is, the more likely the business will be successful. To ensure that the organization has to provide the best services and products along with quality assistance. The assistance provided to the customers determines the rate of customer retention. MailUp helps the business to create and implement a perfect strategy for maintaining their customer base. It offers the necessary tools for reaching out to customers with ease. It eliminates the need for handling all the tasks manually by using technology.

All in one

MailUp offers a system that assists the clients in running all the operations from marketing to customer relations. It helps in devising a strategy for the business after understanding their demands. The experts at MailUp guide the establishments for implementing the plan and making it successful. MailUp has different tools that supplement the users in carrying out the tasks. The clients can select the appropriate means which suit their needs and give maximum benefits. MailUp also allows establishments to create an integrated strategy using different tools at the same time. It maximizes the reach of the brand.

Access the insights from one place

The users can oversee all the tasks from the console designed by MailUp. It helps in making changes in real-time by analyzing its impact. All the channels used for marketing are accessible through the dashboard. It keeps the client about the developments in the strategy. MailUp also provides detailed reports about the satisfaction rate of customers.

Personalize outputs

It is vital to provide a personalized experience to every client. MailUp allows the users to automate the responses and get in touch with the customers. MailUp saves all the information in the system for assisting the users.

Company Information

Company Name: MailUp S.p.A.

Company Address: Viale Francesco Restelli, 1 Milano, Milan, Italy

Founded in: 2002

Top Features

General Features
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Disaster Recovery Feature
Email Campaign
  • Dynamic Content Management
  • Multiple Dialogue Messenger
  • Send-To-Friend Feature
  • Domain Account Personalization
  • Email Previewer
  • Spam Filter Trigger Alert
  • Image Subject-line Checker
  • Statistical Data Synchronizer
  • SMTP+ Function Feature
  • Autoresponder
  • Dedicated Consultancy Experts
  • Email Scheduler
  • Time-Zone Conversion Feature
  • Email Return Path Certification
Email Editing
  • Mobile Platform Editor
  • Drag/Drop Editor
  • WYSIWYG Editor Feature
  • HTML Editor
  • DKIM signature Enabled
Integration Features
  • Social Media Integration
  • Integrate E-Commerce Platforms
  • Business System Integration
  • Developer Platform Integration
  • API Integration
Analytic Solution
  • Hot-Spot Analyser
  • CRM Analytic Tool
  • A/B Tester
  • Link Blacklist Checker
  • Web System Analytics
Email Reporting
  • Graphic Table Form Reporting
  • Intelligent Campaign Reports
  • Admin Enabled Reports
  • FTP Statistical Data
  • Quality Benchmark Indicator