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Manager is a free small business accounting software that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It features cash management, bank reconciliation, billing and invoicing, credit notes, chart of accounts, customer statements, remittance advices, payroll management, drill down reports, and more. There are three software editions available: Desktop Edition, Cloud Edition, and Server Edition.

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Top Manager Alternatives
  • Bonsai
  • FreshBooks
  • QuickBooks
  • Account Edge
  • Xero
  • Wave
  • Crunch
  • Bullet
  • Stampli
  • Pulse
  • Reckon
  • Soldo
  • Expensify
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Top Manager Alternatives and Overview



Bonsai is an invoicing tool that does more than taking care of bills.

By: MTB Projects Corp.
Based on 10 Votes


FreshBooks is an intuitive accounting software that you can access from anywhere, with automatic upgrades.

By: 2ndSite Inc. From Canada
Based on 287 Votes


QuickBooks is an online accounting software that you can access and manage from anywhere.

By: Intuit Inc. From USA
Based on 1464 Votes
4 is a one-stop platform to manage freelance activity. The...

Based on 15 Votes

Account Edge

AccountEdge is a cloud-based accounting software for small business. It...

By: Acclivity Group LLC. From USA


Xero is an online accounting software with bank-level security and add-on marketplace.

By: Xero Limited. From New Zealand
Based on 168 Votes


It features real accounting, multiple users, third-party integrations, invoice reminders, payment processor, multiple currencies, automatic...

By: Wave Accounting Inc. From Canada
Based on 9 Votes


The company provides the best accredited accountants to work with the financial aspects of your...

By: E-Crunch Ltd. From UK


It provides easy user interface and it is developed to provide good user experience...

By: Gleman Software Development Ltd From Ireland
Based on 1 Vote


By: Stampli
Based on 56 Votes


It features multiple cash flow views, companies and projects, reports, file attachments, data export, Basecamp...

By:, Inc.
Based on 9 Votes


It features customer relationship management, sales management, billing and invoicing, point of sale, manufacturer management...

By: Reach Process Outsourcing Pvt Ltd. From India
Based on 44 Votes


It features bill and expense tracking, email documents, GST tracking, weekend support, unlimited data files...

By: Reckon Limited. From Australia
Based on 1 Vote


Soldo can help you to make this task simple...

By: Soldo
Based on 2 Votes


It helps them save their valuable time and effort that would’ve got wasted in just...

By: Expensify
Based on 65 Votes

Manager Review and Overview

The ‘Manager’ is an accounting software that helps you in managing your accounts, transactions, and bills efficiently. With invoicing, balance sheet, journal entries, sales orders, the software provides you many more features to manage and monitor accounts.

Accounting through Manager

To manage accounts, you need to create an account of your organization by providing various details. It has many features that help in acquiring efficient account management. These features include cash management, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, estimates and quotes, and many more. You can have all your transaction details in one place. A balance sheet helps you to monitor and compare the profit and expenditure of the funds of the organization.

Billing and invoicing

The software can also help you in managing the bills and invoices of the customers of your organization. You can create your invoice. You can choose which fields to be entered in the invoice. Also, you can add the logo of your organization for a personalized invoice. With the software, you can also set the billable time whenever a customer purchases your organization. You can add more custom fields to the bills.

Taxes and assets

The software also helps you in managing and paying your taxes with much lesser complications. As soon as you choose your location, Manager shows you to the taxes and their percentages based on the location. It also has an asset register which can manage fixed and intangible assets. You can calculate, purchase, or expense these assets in a more facile and effective way with the software.

Everything else

Manager can do much more than this. It comprises features like credit notes, delivery notes, sales orders, journal entries, other various accountings, etc. The cloud edition is more functional and has more and better features than the desktop edition. The forum helps you in acquiring answers to your questions and knowing the opinions of other users. If you are a single individual who is responsible for looking at accounts of your organization, the Manager can be a helping hand you might be seeking for.

Company Information

Company Name: NGSoftware Pty Ltd

Company Address: AWA Building Level 4, 47 York Street, Sydney, Australia

Founded in: 2012

Top Features

Core Features
  • General Ledger
  • Expense Claims
  • Estimates and Quotes
  • Credit Notes
  • Stock and Inventory
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Balance Sheet
  • Sales Tax
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Aged Receivables
  • Remittance Advices
  • Import Bank Statements
  • Accrual Basic Accounting
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Cash Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Notes
  • Time and Service Billing
  • Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Notes
  • Capital Accounts
  • Multi Currency
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Aged Payables
  • Comparative Reporting
  • Recurring Billing
  • Email Temnplates
  • Departmental Accounting
  • Bank Reconcilation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Sales Orders
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Billable Expenses
  • Trial Balance
  • Custom Feilds
  • Journal Entries
  • Customer Statements
  • Project Based Accounting
  • Cash Basis Accounting
  • Payroll Management
  • Drill Down Reports