By: Intuit Mint Bills, Inc.

Mint offers all-in-one personal finance management solution that allows you to pay bills on time, budget your money, and get free credit score. The features included within the software are easy budget solution, money-saving tips, notifications and alerts, and tips on improving your credit score. Mint has an intuitive user interface, secured with 128-bit encryption and bank-level physical security. You can use this software from your web browsers and mobile devices. Mint is available for free.

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  • Quicken
  • iBank
  • Brigit
  • You Need A Budget
  • GnuCash
  • MoneyLine
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Top Mint Alternatives and Overview



Quicken is a money management software that allows you to organize your money in a simple way.

By: Intuit, Inc. From USA
Based on 17 Votes


iBank is a personal finance software created by IGG Software, which allows you to create budgets, control your spending, analyze your investments, increase your saving, and set goals for your future finances.

By: IGG Software, Inc. From USA


Brigit is designed as an effective counter of excessive or unplanned spending habits.

By: Brigit
Based on 1 Vote

You Need A Budget

YANB - You Need A Budget provides an easy budgeting tool that you can follow to control and manage your money more effectively.

By: Steine LLC From USA
Based on 12 Votes


GnuCash is an open-source money management software that you can install on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX platforms.

By: The GnuCash Project
Based on 35 Votes


MoneyLine is a free personal finance software provided by NCH Software, which can be used on Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

By: NCH Software Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 2 Votes


It features online banking, summary, graphs and reports, account registers, reminders, and investments...

By: The Infinite Kind
Based on 4 Votes


It features expense reminders, fun visualizations, budget creation, and bill reminders...

By: Toshl Inc. From USA


It offers various useful features, including online banking, budgets, reports, bills, dashboard, accounts, transaction entry...

By: SilverWiz Ltd.


It comes with various useful features, such as live bank feed, weekly budgeting, what-if scenarios...

By: PocketSmith Ltd. From New Zealand


It offers various useful features that help you to manage your money quickly and effectively...

By: MechCAD Software LLC From USA


You can see all your financial transactions within the account dashboard...

By: From USA


With this software, you can quickly and securely sign up into your account, have instant...

By: Money Dashboard Limited. From UK


It has all the tools you’d need to lead your life free from any financial...

By: LowerMyBills
Based on 2 Votes


Buxfer allows you to understand your own cash flow, reduce unnecessary spending, and set a...

By: Buxfer Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Mint Review and Overview is a free financial and budgeting platform, run over a web-based interface. Founded in 2006 as an Account Aggregation Tool, it’s in collab with Yodlee. It has moved to Intuit and now provides support for financial needs like tracing banks, investments, loans, credit cards, and transaction data.

All it needs is single signup, and all your financial needs, budget, and goal management are done via this tool. It claims to have more than 20 million users, with over 16k institutions in the US and Canada alone.

What can we do with

Once you have linked your account to Mint services, it will retrieve the entire transaction data from previous months and formulate the dashboard accordingly.

The collected data is then arranged to show overview, budget, bills, transactions, trends, etc. Each page displays relevant information on the financial account connected.

This free of cost service provides categorization primarily focused on Budgeting, Setting Financial Goals, Tracking Bills, Reports/Trends, and Investments.

It is integrated with other Intuit products like QuickBooks, ProConnect, and TurboTax. It also uses Equifax to monitor the credit score for free.

It has an automated system with monitoring and alarms to notify any halt in the transactions or for other financial queries. These alarms can be set for late bills, over budgeting, rate changes, and so.

Based on the collected data from millions of users, formulated tips are provided for savings and budgeting issues. has a freemium model and earns mostly via referrals programs from various financial services. It also distributes the collected data of credit scores, average spending, etc. to 3rd parties with anonymous identities.

It has TFA and a secure cloud-server to protect every private financial data. However, it has been in quite a row over years regarding their security issues.


Mint is a one-stop free product for managing budgets, credit scores, and goals. It still lacks the investing features, account reconciliation, and has minor issues with the account synchronization.

For the above basic needs, you can honestly rely on After all, it isn’t a big deal to test this free service yourself.

Company Information

Company Name: Intuit Mint Bills, Inc.

Company Address: 2632 Marine Way, Mountain View, California, USA

Founded in: 1983

Top Features

  • Easy Budgeting
  • Budget Creation
  • Free Credit Score
  • Quick Activation
  • Investment Tracking
  • Triple Layer Security
Alerts and Advices
  • Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Over-budget
  • Bill Reminders
  • ATM Fees
  • Unusual Spending
Simple Categorization
  • Easy to Personalize
  • Adding Own Tags
  • Organizing Transactions