By: Money Dashboard Limited.

MoneyDashboard allows you to manage your money so that you can make better decisions for it. With this software, you can quickly and securely sign up into your account, have instant access to all of your accounts, monitor your finances in an easy-to-understand visuals, see your expenses in details, and set your financial goals. It is protected with the best security encryption. MoneyDashboard is provided as a free service, which is available on the web, Android, and iOS platforms.

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Top MoneyDashboard Alternatives
  • Quicken
  • Mint
  • iBank
  • Moneydance
  • Toshl
  • MoneyWiz
  • PocketSmith
  • AceMoney
  • ClearCheckBook
  • LowerMyBills
  • Buxfer
  • BudgetSimple
  • BankTree
  • SplashMoney
  • MoneyStrands
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Top MoneyDashboard Alternatives and Overview



Quicken is a money management software that allows you to organize your money in a simple way.

By: Intuit, Inc. From USA
Based on 17 Votes


Mint offers all-in-one personal finance management solution that allows you to pay bills on time, budget your money, and get free credit score.

By: Intuit Mint Bills, Inc. From USA
Based on 20 Votes


iBank is a personal finance software created by IGG Software, which allows you to create budgets, control your spending, analyze your investments, increase your saving, and set goals for your future finances.

By: IGG Software, Inc. From USA


MoneyDance is a multi-platform personal finance software that helps to control your cash flow and do various financial tasks easily.

By: The Infinite Kind
Based on 4 Votes


Toshl allows you to understand about your finances, so that you can manage your money properly.

By: Toshl Inc. From USA


MoneyWiz helps you to simplify your money management tasks, which allows you to forecast your finances and get out of debt more quickly.

By: SilverWiz Ltd.


It comes with various useful features, such as live bank feed, weekly budgeting, what-if scenarios...

By: PocketSmith Ltd. From New Zealand


It offers various useful features that help you to manage your money quickly and effectively...

By: MechCAD Software LLC From USA


You can see all your financial transactions within the account dashboard...

By: From USA


It has all the tools you’d need to lead your life free from any financial...

By: LowerMyBills
Based on 2 Votes


Buxfer allows you to understand your own cash flow, reduce unnecessary spending, and set a...

By: Buxfer Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


This software helps you to optimize your budget and provides recommendations on how to cut...

By: BudgetSimple, Inc. From USA


There are three main categories within the software: Accounts, Investments, and Reports, which allow you...

By: BankTree Software Limited From England


It helps you to create your budget, analyze your spending, and do various money management...

By: SplashData Inc From USA


You can start your budget and control your spending easily with this software...

By: Strands, Inc. From USA

MoneyDashboard Review and Overview

Money Dashboard is a personal finance budgeting app developed by the UK in 2010. Having cordially received prestigious awards and accolades, Money Dashboard is one of the most trusted apps for easy and open money management for self.

How secure is Money Dashboard?

When information is related to personal finance, security and related data protection become extremely important. Money Dashboard is authorized as per the financial conduct authority and provides military-grade security. The security of data is tested by quality analysts with expertise in the field. The security provided is unquestionable as it has been doing so from the past 10 years with flexible open Bank APIs and through Yodlee too. With ISO certification, GDPR compliance and 256-bit encryption, all your financial information are safe with Money Dashboard. It furthermore is a read-only application, making it an access restricted application and hence secure.

Money Dashboard API

The open banking data enrichment API by Money Dashboard assures sophisticated options to be built for managing finance. Categorization is a must for any open banking app and this can be handled competently by your app developers with the help of the APIs.Doing this, in turn, helps you save a lot of time which was otherwise needed to just sort out the different expenses and saving into categories manually. Time thus, saved helps you make better decisions on financially. This also helps you to understand your clients better and to sort their credits and financial habits.

Our customer's raw finance data can now be used to categorize the transactions made. This improves the accuracy with which the app categorizes and also, in turn, helps Money Dashboard to help you build a perfect solution for the right need. It also uses AI, machine learning and complex algorithms to identify the tagged merchants and the income and expenditure recognition and uses raw transaction data to achieve this.

Company Information

Company Name: Money Dashboard Limited.

Company Address: 18 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, UK

Founded in: 2009

Top Features

Core Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Data Protection
  • Bank-level Security
  • Read Only Service
  • Online Financial Account
  • Money Dashboard
  • Real Time Reports
  • Accounts Reports
  • Transactions Reports
  • Balances Reports
  • Easy-to-understand Visuals
  • Incomes Tracking
  • Expenses Tracking
  • Organizing Finances
  • Setup Budget Limit
  • Setup Financial Goals
  • Mobile Application