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Mouseflow enables you to track your visitor’s movements within your website, record their activities, and replay those activities whenever you want. On top of that, this tool also provides Heatmaps for your website, showing the areas most visited by your visitors. With the combination of these features, Mouseflow can help to boost your site conversion and increase your website revenue. A free plan is available, with five different pricing plans being offered: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Enterprise.

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Top Mouseflow Alternatives and Overview



Clicky offers a complete web analytic features that help to improve your site performance and monitor your progress in real time.

By: Roxr Software, Ltd From USA
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics program provided by Google, which helps webmasters to analyze their website traffic.

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Gauges provides a simple web analytics solution that offers important traffic data from your website in the right way.

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Hotjar offers all in one solutions for collecting various information from website information and optimise accordingly.

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StatCounter is a simple web analytics tool to monitor visitor activities within your website.

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HiStats is a free web analytics tool that provides unlimited traffic monitoring, with various features that give you valuable insights about your site performance.

By: Wisecode SRL
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Crazy Egg

It can be used to speed up your landing page testing to ensure better conversion...

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This allows you to attract more visitors to your website and keep them on your...

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With simple and easy-to-understand analytics report, you can increase your site conversion with this tool...

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It gives you the ability to get the most comprehensive data about your website traffic...

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It does so by connecting businesses with the website owner and then by allowing them...

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Lucky Orange

You can monitor their clicks and mouse movements using the recording feature within the software...

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ClickTale comes with various features that help to improve your visitor satisfaction, which in turn...

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AT Internet

It provides key features such as standard analytics, user experience optimization, visitor behavior monitoring, and...

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Webtrends consists of four main components which you can use in different platforms: web analytics...

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Mouseflow Review and Overview

Mouseflow provides website heatmaps and analytics software that helps you to understand more about your website visitors. The software is created by Mouseflow, a company founded in 2010 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark. The company has offices in Denmark, Germany, USA, and The Netherlands.

Users often try to understand and decipher visitor behavior on their websites. It is important to know how the visitor is behaving, what they are choosing, etc to improve the quality of the website. Mouseflow is a software that helps in tracking the behaviour of visitors. Mouseflow is a privately held American company that has been around for a decade now. The main services offered by Mouseflow are Session Reply, Heatmaps, Funnels, Form Analytics and Feedback.

Products and Services offered

One of the main services offered by Mouseflow is Session Reply. Session Reply includes the tracking of clicking, scrolling and other mouse movements that is exhibited by the visitor once they use the website. Heatmaps are another important tool offered by Mouseflow. Mouseflow offers an entire suite of heatmaps that covers clicks, movement, scrolls, etc. Mouseflow also offers the platforms to create reports regarding visitor behaviour. Mouseflow also tracks user interaction with forms. Mouseflow also provides very good feedback on what the customers should do in order to enhance their websites.

Session Playback

The session playback feature is useful to record all the visitors’ activity on your site. You get a limited number of session playback based on the plan that you choose. The more expensive the plan that you choose, the more session playback that you can get. With this feature, you get page-to-page tracking, mobile and responsive support, and complete visitor details. The page-to-page tracking allows you to follow each visitor’s movement within your site and download the data for offline use. The mobile and responsive support allows you to record the session of your visitors when they are visiting your site on mobile or tablet devices as well. The complete visitor details give you the full information for each visitor, which helps you to understand them better.

Heatmap Suite

The software offers five types of heatmaps to track visitors’ behaviors on your website: click heatmap, movement heatmap, attention heatmap, scroll heatmap, and Geo heatmap. The click heatmap gives you visualization about the areas that are clicked and not clicked by your visitors. The movement heatmap allows you to follow your visitors’ movements within your website. The scroll heatmap allows you to track how your visitors scroll your page. The attention heatmap allows you to monitor the areas where your visitors are most engaged and least engaged. And lastly, the Geo heatmap allows you to monitor your visitors’ location on the world map.

Why Choose Mouseflow?

Mouseflow is one of a kind. There aren’t many reputed and trusted software out there that offers the same services as Mouseflow. The prices are also comparatively affordable. Mouseflow is one of the best choices when it comes to software regarding the tracking of visitor behaviour. Mouseflow offers the best services and is an all-in-one toolkit. It is easy to use and handle. It is cost-efficient and affordable. Mouseflow also has satisfying customer services. Mouseflow has a dedicated team that offers expert advice in times of confusion. Customers can also schedule one-on-one meetings with experts to get proper reviews on the performance of their websites.

Powerful Filters

Having a big chunk of valuable data might confuse you when it comes to using the data for the improvement and optimization of your website. Thus, the powerful filtering feature from Mouseflow allows you to extract the most important data so that you can take action to improve your website immediately. The live filtering feature allows you to get the glimpse of the most important data in real-time, without having to wait for the report. The historical analytics feature allows you to compare your visitors’ behaviors in the past and present, so that you know the improvements that you have made on your website performance. The saved and shared views feature allows you to filter your data, save it, and then share it with your team easily.


With Mouseflow, you get the actionable reports that help you to make the right decision to improve your website performance. It offers three reporting features: dashboard, funnels, and trend analysis. The dashboard allows you to get the complete overview about your website performance at a glance, with important aspects being displayed in one place. The funnels allow you to see your visitors’ actions within your website, so that you can find out how your visitors browse your site and how they convert into customers. The trend analysis helps you to uncover the latest trend from your visitors, whether you get more or less visits from a specific device, country, browser, and more.


Provides comprehensive recording of your website visitors, which allows you to capture mouse movement, clicks, and more. The powerful reports allow you to have a comprehensive view about each of your web pages.


Provides a limited number of recorded sessions and limited number of websites to track. The small plan doesn’t allow multiple users and API access.


Provides the best tools that help you to follow your visitors’ behaviors in your website, down to the smallest details. In addition to that, it also provides various heatmap features to help optimize your website and maximize your conversion rate.


One of the best ways you can do to improve your website performance and maximize your conversion rate is to understand what your visitors are doing in your website. Mouseflow provides five types of heatmaps that help to uncover all aspects of your visitors’ behaviors within your website, which gives you a complete view about their activity. With the session playback feature, you can follow each visitor’s activity down to the smallest details, as if you are browsing together with them. It offers a comprehensive reporting feature that helps you to make the right decisions for your website quickly. Overall, this software provides one of the most comprehensive heatmap tracking tools that can be proven useful to help improve your website conversion and profit. 


Company Information

Company Name: Mouseflow ApS

Company Address: Flæsketorvet 68, Copenhagen V, Denmark

Founded in: 2010

Top Features

Core Features
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Session Replay
  • Data Storage
  • Heatmap Suite
  • Funnel Analytics
  • HTTPS Support
  • Mobile Support
  • Downloading/Exporting
  • Third-party Integrations
  • API Access