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Netwrix is a cloud-based platform that can be used to detect serious threats to the data security and compliance of an organization and thus, make it free from any loopholes. Additionally, it provides several other solutions that involve the management of applications and the related data, before and after deployment. Companies like Verizon and organizations like the UN and NASA have trusted them for security.

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Top Netwrix Alternatives
  • Domaintools
  • Cisco Talos
  • Recorded Future
  • SecureWorks
  • Falcon X
  • IBM X-Force Exchange
  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • Apache Metron
  • FortiSandbox
  • Cisco Threat Grid
  • RiskIQ
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Top Netwrix Alternatives and Overview



Domaintools is an online platform that offers various security tools to businesses and helps them protect their online assets.

By: Domaintools
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Cisco Talos

By: Cisco
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Recorded Future

Recorded Future is a company that deals in the cybersecurity sector.

By: Recorded Future
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SecureWorks is a company that offers information security services. This...

By: SecureWorks
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Falcon X

Falcon X is a premium cyber-security firm that offers companies with unbeatable digital protection through an amalgamation of AI, cloud-systems, and human intervention.

By: CrowdStrike
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OPSWAT is a system security software. It maintains data integrity...

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IBM X-Force Exchange

Empower your cybersecurity team to speed up threat investigations and take real-time decisions as a...

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Amazon GuardDuty

It displays the status of various cloud accounts in a single dashboard...

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Apache Metron

It collects the analysis report at a single page so an analyst can verify the...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
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In integration with Fortinet's Security Fabric platform, it provides on-site intelligence about potential attacks through...

By: Fortinet
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Cisco Threat Grid

It is an advanced sandboxing tool which is robust and rich in context with the...

By: Cisco
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It can also monitor the mentions of the organization and provide suspected attacks happening in...

By: RiskIQ
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Netwrix Review and Overview

Businesses, regardless of them being large or small, need to ensure that their data is always protected from prying and malicious agents. With the help of Netwrix, they can ensure that their operations are completely secure and compliant in nature. Netwrix is an IT security firm offering its many solutions to find loopholes in business data security frameworks, and govern the flow of data so that it remains inaccessible by hackers and competitive organizations.

Digital auditing to beat security concerns

Netwrix’s first and foremost area of expertise is data security, and with its auditing services, it prioritizes security and compliance for its clients as well. Its auditing system ensures that businesses can spot all the potential threats to their data security and prevent any sort of digital attacks before it is too late. Also, regular auditing ensures that the companies use their collected data responsibly and never get into any conflict with the clearly set compliance laws of their area of operation. Additionally, auditing can help prevent potential disruptions to client workflows as well.

Automatic data security powered by the cloud

Sometimes, human agent-based digital security can seem to be lacking in security itself. For these situations, Netwrix provides its digital agent-based security, which is completely automated and secure. This digital agent always remains vigilant, keeping an overwatch on every packet of data flowing inside and outside the company. This also saves a lot of costs and gives a sense of peace as any attack will automatically be traced beforehand. It also offers damage control techniques in case a digital attack does get through, and can recover large volumes of data intact.  

Data auditing to get the most out of it

Netwrix also provides a method to analyze collected data and divide it into several categories based on their type and usage. This not only helps in evaluating the data but also allows the detection of sensitive client information available at a widely accessible location, preventing privacy issues and compliance disasters that can harm the company’s reputation and endanger the online security of its users.  

Company Information

Company Name: Netwrix

Founded in: 2006