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Nexcess.Net LLC is an IT service management company established in the year 2000. It a product of Liquid Web software company, founded in 1997, that is known for its state of the art hosting services and solutions for critical websites and applications in the cloud and web. Nexcess has empowered its customers with the ability to face technical complexity in web hosting, its management, and complete support.

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  • Bluehost
  • WebHostingHub
  • 1&1
  • HawkHost
  • UK2
  • Site5
  • Aruba Hosting
  • StableHost
  • Arvixe
  • Startlogic
  • DomainRacer
  • GearHost
  • EukHost
  • pair Networks
  • A Small Orange
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Top Nexcess Alternatives and Overview



BlueHost shared hosting service allows you to purchase an affordable yet efficient website hosting plan in your budget.

By: Bluehost Inc. From USA
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The main advantage of webhostinghub hosting is its efficient customer support service that is always there to help you with your issues over chat,email or phone.

By: Web Hosting Hub, Inc. From USA


1&1 Linux hosting is one of the most popular and the most reliable one.

By: 1&1 Internet Inc. From USA
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HawkHost shared hosting is famous for its affordable hosting plans and offers to keep customers entertained and interested in their services.

By: Hawk Host Inc. From Canada


UK2 hosting helps you host your website easily and the additional tools and apps are very handy.

By: UK-2 Ltd
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Site5 is a perfect hosting platform for beginners as well as for advanced web developers & designers.

By: From USA
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Aruba Hosting

By: Aruba Group
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It provides many VPS hosting providers and resellers, with free web hosting facilities...

By: StableHost
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Arvixe shared hosting allows you to host WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla or any other platform...

By: Arvixe, LLC From USA


It has almost all the necessary features that a web host provides at a much...

By: StartLogic
Based on 4 Votes


It gives services to businesses irrespective of their size, individual personal business, and professionals...

By: Domainracer
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It makes it easy for them to deploy the websites and also cloud-based applications at...

By: GearHost
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Commons applications such as, WordPress, Php, MySQL, .Net and cPanel are inbuilt with their hosting...

By: eUKhost Ltd. From UK

pair Networks

The services include domain name registration, server related services, Internet-related services, and many more...

By: pair Networks, Inc
Based on 5 Votes

A Small Orange

The main feature of this hosting website is addons, some of which are free and...

By: A Small Orange, LLC From USA
Based on 12 Votes

Nexcess Review and Overview

Nexcess provide their customers more than just services. They are the most innovative of the hosting services around and do not hold back from trying to solve new challenges faced. They not only alert you when under attack by hackers or intruders but also work actively in providing robust protection. The services provided are not just convenient but also best in providing excellent user experience.

Nexcess hosting with Cloud automatic scaling

Auto-scaling is the ability to adapt to the increase or reduction of resources based on the requirement and the weight of the traffic. Nexcess hosting in cloud and its support in auto-scaling allows scalability in hosting, thus eliminating the need to upgrade the available solution and the related expenses.

Nexcess automatically handles the extra traffic. Alternatively, this solution can be turned off in the Client Portal in case you wish to handle the requirements differently. The logic behind the auto-scaling is that it keeps a check on the website traffic and triggers the scaling function when the scales have dipped. The rest is handled by PHP processing. This, in turn, boosts the speed of the website, gives a clear view of the server performance and other metrics, and is reliable and assists during slow sales.

Craft CMS in Nexcess cloud

Craft CMS cloud solution provided by Nexcess provides easy site management tools that are reliable and provide swift results. The solutions provided are flexible to suit your needs in your CMS management with quick upgrades and auto-scaling capabilities. Nexcess uses top and modern technology to give its customers the best-suited solutions and is unprecedented to the date in its hardware and cloud stack performance.

Migration required when you start using Nexcess is free and Nexcess has an expert team of dedicated members to help with the migration. Not only does Nexcess help during pre-setup of Craft CMS, but also, a solid support is provided post set up. The NGINX acceleration stack ensures the super speed of Craft customer management system cloud performance. Along with reliable support, Nexcess also lets you have complete control over the Craft hosting with all the easy tools provided to monitor, which is available in the Nexcess client portal.

Company Information

Company Name: Nexcess

Founded in: 2000