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Nexudus is a coworking management software that allows users to control, manage, and share their housing platforms. It is highly versatile and can integrate multiple payments and network services through a single application. Members now can register, book, modify and pay on the same site. It comes with a fully functional website and additional WiFi and network support.

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  • Cobot
  • ServiceChannel
  • Optix
  • Property Meld
  • SMS Assist
  • Facilities Management Services
  • OfficeRnD
  • essensys
  • OfficeSpace Software
  • Facilities Scheduler
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Top Nexudus Spaces Alternatives and Overview



Cobot is a platform that allows users to manage coworking spaces regardless of the size of the area or group.

By: Upstream - Agile GmBH
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ServiceChannel can be best summarized as a facilities management platform...

By: ServiceChannel
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Optix is a management software that helps users achieve better collaboration with each other.

By: ShareDesk
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Property Meld

Most complaints that property managers receive from their tenants are due to incomplete or unsatisfactory maintenance and repair works.

By: Property Meld
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SMS Assist

SMS Assist is a multisite property management software specializing in end-to-end facilities maintenance solutions.

By: SMS Assist
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Facilities Management Services

Ramco’s Facilities Management ERP on cloud solution helps businesses across various industries to deal with all maintenance activities.

By: Ramco Systems
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It helps the users to improve their business with the integration of the latest technology...

By: OfficeRnD
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By: essensys
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OfficeSpace Software

OfficeSpace is a Real Estate solution, which allows users to visualize their future without shuffling...

By: OfficeSpace Software
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By: 3five8 Technologies
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Facilities Scheduler

By: RschoolToday
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Nexudus Spaces Review and Overview

Be it a start-up or an established MNC, the goal is to conserve money wherever possible. Considering the astronomical prices of office-spaces in most countries, coworking is the latest trend in real estate to get the most out of shared working places. By coworking, multiple companies can benefit by saving costs through shared office space, common security, utilities, and paraphernalia. But managing these office spaces could be a tedious task. Miscommunication with the members, lack of membership renewal, unauthorized access to people, and payment discrepancies are some of the many things that could go wrong on a day-to-day basis.

Overarching Software

Nexudus is an extensive management software with multiple features and thorough integration to maximize your profits.  Their REST API is highly efficient and versatile by supporting various areas of the application. Spaces across the world can be managed by a single admin by integrating and importing all the details in a single app through Nexudus.

So Many Features!

Gone are the days where you have to call the reception or send multiple unanswered emails to book a reservation. Nexudus allows members to book directly from the app, which shows the availability, price, and type of resources. Additionally, selling tickets for various events is also possible. Visitor management has never been simpler through Nexudus, which has sophisticated access control and keeps track of every visitor sign-in. It also allows members to pay through the portal and keeps all the information of a member in a single file for easy access and control. A unique, fully functional website upon registration is the cherry on the cake.

A Thorough Integration

Nexudus’s integration is so diverse in its way to smoothen the transition from your previous system to an advanced all-inclusive Nexudus’s system. Besides accepting multiple payment portals, it also supports various access control systems, printing management systems, and accounting systems. As part of its comprehensive management, Nexudus comes with a WiFi system and visitor management protocol. Their app is available both on iOS and android and is accessible in 65 countries.

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