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NodeBB is a modern community platform designed to suit the needs of individuals, small businesses and enterprises. Users can either go with the free, open-source platform or can choose from one of the paid plans for extended features. NodeBB is an ideal community solution for any type of website or business. It allows business owners to create an easy to use platform for their customers to communicate with the company and other users.

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Top NodeBB Alternatives
  • Plush
  • Discourse
  • Disciple
  • Memberium
  • inSided
  • Kunena
  • Nabble
  • Website Toolbox
  • Burning Board
  • IPS Community Suite
  • Honeycommb
  • esoTalk
  • Higher Logic Online Community
  • Codoforum
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Top NodeBB Alternatives and Overview



Plush is the most polished, user-friendly forum experience ever, featuring real-time discussions, beautiful design, an integrated blog, member directory, private messaging, paid subscriptions and a world-class mobile experience.

By: Plush Content Ltd From UK


Discourse is a free open source forum builder application that allows users to create community websites and host or embed them online.

By: Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.
Based on 18 Votes


Disciple is a community-building platform that allows users to build different cohorts of people focussed around specific topics.

By: Disciple
Based on 11 Votes


Memberium is a powerful plug-in feature that combines the goodness of WordPress with the robustness & technological progress of Infusionsoft.

Based on 6 Votes


By: inSided
Based on 7 Votes


Kunena is free, open-source community software for Joomla. It is...



It provides embeddable applications that can adapt to any webpage without any additional change...

By: Nabble
Based on 1 Vote

Website Toolbox

With experience spanning over twenty years, Website Toolbox offers users a highly interactive, user-friendly, and...

By: Website Toolbox
Based on 12 Votes

Burning Board

The administrative control panel is well-structured and powerful enough to allow owners to manage and...

By: WoltLab® GmbH From Germany


By: CMNTY Corporation
Based on 6 Votes

IPS Community Suite

IPS suit allows website owners to easily create discussion platforms for their websites, including question&...

By: Invision Power Services, Inc. From USA


It lets you use world-class facilities spanning a range of customizations and controls...

By: Honeycommb
Based on 12 Votes


It is a predecessor to Flarum forum software...

By: From Australia

Higher Logic Online Community

Through the platform, users can create and publicize powerful campaigns, enhance meaningful customer engagement, establish...

By: Higher Logic
Based on 13 Votes


It features a fresh, clean and less complicated UI with an equally powerful and advanced...

By: Codologic Inc. From India

NodeBB Review and Overview

NodeBB is a Node.js based forum management framework that is highly compatible and customizable. It is used to create multi-platform community interactions over a MongoDB or Redis database. It is widely used due to its easy setup, security, and dynamicity. It can be used both in an open-source and closed source format and is available under GNU General Public License v3.

Implementation of NodeBB

NodeBB may either be implemented on a server by the user or be hosted by the NodeBB servers itself for a certain monthly charge. Organizations can also use the Enterprise version of NodeBB for high-performance forums which are more secure and stable under high load.

For installation on a server, NodeBB requires 512 MB of RAM, the latest version of Node.js, Redis/MongoDB and Nginx if required. For making the forums encrypted and secure, Redis Security must be used. 

Mobile framework

NodeBB is considered as the new generation of forum software as it is gradually replacing other forum management software. The main reason for this is that NodeBB is made especially for the creation of mobile-optimized forums. Node.js lends its signature dynamicity into NodeBB, which means that attractive forum pages can be rendered on screens of virtually any shape and size and nearly any type of web browser, making it ideal for mobile devices. It also supports several languages for the forum, widening its audience and participants.

Scope of usage

NodeBB can be used for the creation of various types of forums, all with different designs and layouts. This is made possible using the implementation of the relevant NodeBB plugins. NodeBB users have noted its speed and utility. It also allows instant communication in the form of messages so that the users can be connected at all times. This increases participation and maximizes user satisfaction, making it ideal as the forum software of the future.

Company Information

Company Name: NodeBB, Inc

Company Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Founded in: 2013

Top Features

Core Features
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Localization Supported
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Real-time Streaming
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Plugin Manager
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Question and Answer
  • NS Awards
  • Social Interactions
  • User-Created Groups
  • Real-time Chatting
  • Adding Tags
  • Roles & Permissions Management
  • Access API
  • Spam Prevention
  • Advanced Search Sign-on
  • Real-time Analytics Dashboard
  • HTMl Customization
  • CSS & JavaScript Customization
  • Drag-and-drop Widgets
  • Controlling Access
  • Slack Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Pushbullet Integration
  • Ghost Integration
  • Google Adsense Integration
  • Wordpress Integration
  • Twilio Integration
  • Amazon S3 Integration