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Nylas is an Application Programming Interface. It helps to sync and connect the contacts, emails, and calendar from an email service provider. It helps in keeping the focus of a person on the main objective and creative activities by reducing the burden of manual data entry.

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Top Nylas Alternatives
  • Jumble
  • TigerText
  • Virtru
  • Protected Trust
  • Mailstrom
  • Proofpoint Essentials
  • Hornetsecurity
  • OX App Suite
  • Boxbe
  • Right Inbox
  • Sendinc
  • Cloud Email Security
  • ePrism
  • Mimecast Secure Email
  • Sophos Email Gateway
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Top Nylas Alternatives and Overview



Jumble is an end-to-end email encryption solution providing security to business emails during transactions as well as in inbox.

By: Jumble Limited From Ireland


TigerText Solutions are aimed at safeguarding enterprise communications, enabling business stakeholders to communicate, collaborate and share information securely.

By: TigerText, Inc. From USA


Virtru facilitates military grade end-to-end encryption for regulatory compliance, security, and/or corporate privacy.

By: Virtru Corporation From USA
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Protected Trust

Protected Trust Email Encryption is focused towards healthcare industry, providing email security while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

By: Protected Trust, LLC From USA


By: 410 Labs
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Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials is focused towards providing email security to small and medium enterprises, preventing loss of data and enforcing data security policy transparently to all users.

By: Proofpoint, Inc. From USA


but not to be left out...

By: Hornetsecurity GmbH From Germany

OX App Suite

By: Open-Xchange
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It has support for several mailing services, and its features are very easily deployable...

By: Boxbe
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Right Inbox

It helps in the scheduling activity of emails...

By: Right Inbox
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It provides complete end-to-end encryption while maintaining high uptime...

By: Send Technology Inc. From USA

Cloud Email Security

The service encompasses important features including software, computing ability, and support...

By: Cisco Systems, Inc. From USA


It accurately identifies threats and attacks and synchronizes defensive measures across all systems in real...

By: EdgeWave, Inc. From USA

Mimecast Secure Email

It assists secure messaging and encryption along with secure large file sharing...

By: Mimecast Limited From UK

Sophos Email Gateway

Sophos Email Appliance is dedicated to message security with advanced DLP and policy-based application; while...

By: Sophos Ltd. From UK

Nylas Review and Overview

Manually entering the data and then adding the connections with other relative objects is a complicated and time-consuming process. You need software to take care of this problem. Nylas does provide you with such a platform where you can get rid of this burden. It manages the emails, your contact details, and also manages the synchronization needed between them.

The Email API by Nylas

This API is capable of delivering a reliable and secure connection to the inbox of the users. It syncs the current emails with past historic emails in real-time. It also provides you the capabilities like create, update, read, and delete. You get the facility of bi-directional email sync through this platform.  It takes a few lines of code and very little time in connecting to any inbox. It makes sure that the emails you send lands in the inbox and not the spam folder. It also gives the facility of tracking your emails with respect to the link clicks, open rates, and replies.

The Calendar API by Nylas

Nylas has the capability of connecting the application with any calendar you want. It does support the Exchange calendar, Google calendar, and many more. It combines current and past events in real-time. It gives a robust and reliable connection to the calendar of the users. The feature called the Nylas Schedular helps in creating UI of the front-end calendar quickly. This calendar can be integrated into your app with ease and speed. You only need to use Nylas’s few lines of code to build support for every type, right from recurring events to auto-generated events.

The Contacts API by Nylas

Nylas has the facility of connecting the application to the contacts service provider. It supports Google contacts, Office 365 contacts, and many more. It ensures that the user gets accurate data by updating the contacts in real-time. It provides a secure connection in integrating the contacts in your app. It updates the contacts automatically, and this process can take place from anywhere. In this, a single API is used that supports each and every contact provider.

Reasons for Nylas being popular

It has the capability of removing the complexities involved in managing the direct integrations. It handles your data with the utmost care and security, but the control is always available with you. It provides data encryption during the transit process. It handles the ongoing maintenance process.

Company Information

Company Name: Nylas

Founded in: 2013