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Office timer is an online office management software to track time. It allows office owners to keep a record of the attendance, absenteeism, and salary of their candidates. It helps companies across the world to manage their employee's leaves, office and project expenses. It is used across multiple industries like architecture, software, designing, advertising, etc.

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Top OfficeTimer Alternatives
  • Hubstaff
  • Time Doctor
  • RescueTime
  • Open Time Clock
  • WhiteRabbit
  • TimeWorksPlus
  • Journyx
  • TrackingTime
  • OfficeTime
  • My Hours
  • Tick Time Tracker
  • Cashboard
  • Chrometa
  • SoftActivity Keylogger
  • Billings Pro
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Top OfficeTimer Alternatives and Overview



Hubstaff provides a time tracking software that allows you to take screenshots and monitor your activity levels.

By: Netsoft Holdings, LLC. From USA
Based on 93 Votes

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an accurate time tracking software, which helps businesses and individuals to manage their time better.

By: From Australia
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RescueTime provides time management software that helps to keep the productivity in your workplace, as well as understand your daily habits.

By: RescueTime From USA
Based on 12 Votes

Open Time Clock

Open Time Clock is a clock timer that handles the time and attendance of the employees.

By: Opentimeclock
Based on 16 Votes


WhiteRabbit is a free web timesheet aiming to help individuals, freelancers or teams to manage and invoice their projects.

By: WhiteRabbit From Portugal
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Timeworksplus is an attendance tracking tool that helps businesses and organizations to monitor the attendance of employees and evaluate their payments based on that.

By: SwipeClock
Based on 12 Votes


It features time and expense tracking, resources and scheduling, billing and payroll, reporting, integration and...

By: Journyx Master Services From USA
Based on 33 Votes


It features online time tracker, built-in collaboration, task delegation, team productivity improvement, project management, timesheet...

By: TrackingTime, LLC From USA
Based on 11 Votes


This tool is beneficial for freelancers, industrialists, small, and as well as for large...

By: OfficeTime
Based on 16 Votes

My Hours

By: My Hours
Based on 53 Votes

Tick Time Tracker

It features simple and straightforward time tracking, time card, running timers, instant budget feedback, third-party...

By: Molehill From USA


It features unlimited clients and invoices, unlimited time tracking and projects, estimates and project quotes...

By: Subimage, LLC. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


It features automatic tracking, accurate timesheets, smartphone time capture, phone and meeting time, seamless integrations...

By: Chrometa, LLC From USA
Based on 11 Votes

SoftActivity Keylogger

A powerful keylogger for people who just want to keep...

By: Deep Software Inc.

Billings Pro

It features quick estimates, powerful time tracking, professional invoicing, simple account management, detailed reports, and...

By: Marketcircle Inc. From Canada

OfficeTimer Review and Overview

A lot of people today work as freelancers. They get paid according to the number of hours they have worked for a company. People also track their work hours to create invoices for clients. Some track time to see how long does it take to complete a task so that they can ensure that a project doesn’t cost more money than it brings is. Irrespective of why one needs to track time, using a time tracking software is the best option to do it. There is a lot of time tracking software available in the market these days one of which is OfficeTimer.


A time tracking app saves time and money. A lot of such applications are available in the market with features like productivity monitoring, GPS tracking, etc. But with OfficeTimer, you can track time and expense as billable or non-billable by configuring your spreadsheet as per need. The software allows you to plan and track your projects. Know the actual hours you have worked on a project and the cost of the project.  Be it employee wise, role wise or task wise, track the cost and revenue. You can attach all your expense bills for claim or reimbursements and can also raise instant invoices.

The OfficeTimer attendance software manages the workers' leaves. You can plan leaves and create multiple leave policies. It allows you to allocate different leave policies for a different employee. The mobile app of Office Timer allows the managers or the HR professional to approve or disapprove leave requests of their employees from anywhere. The software also allows the integration of leave reports and management of the income of each employee. OfficeTimer supports many languages. It is accessible in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Portugal, Dutch and Chinese.


It is available in two schemes -monthly and yearly plans. The company also provides a 30-day free trial. The software is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices.


Tracking the number of hours one has worked is better than just conjecturing the estimated time. A higher degree of accuracy benefits the business and creates trust for clients. It becomes easy to analyze time and as a result, can make smarter decisions. Some time trackers allow you to edit the time log for accuracy and efficiency.

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