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Board meetings should be informed, effective, and uncomplicated. The OnBoard board intelligence platform transforms complicated, outdated, and time-consuming board meeting processes so boards can focus on what matters most: Realizing their vision for the organization. Experience a board portal that makes decision-making easier by creating a system of record for directors, executives, and administrators with intuitive data and analytics on any device, in any place, at any time. OnBoard board management creates unified and secure communications so boards can thrive with meetings that are more collaborative more productive, and more effective. Take advantage of Onboard’s no-strings-attached free trial to test before you invest.

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Top OnBoard Alternatives
  • PINpoint
  • Zoho Docs
  • Asite
  • OnBase
  • iText
  • InfoSlips
  • NetDocuments
  • BSCW
  • eFileCabinet
  • SpringCM
  • OpenKM
  • LogicalDOC
  • M-Files
  • docSTAR
  • OpenDocMan
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Top OnBoard Alternatives and Overview



PinPoint provides the document management solutions that work for your business.

By: LSSP Corporation From USA
Based on 14 Votes

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs provides document management software for business, with simple and effortless platform.

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From USA
Based on 13 Votes


Asite provides contract and document management software that allows corporate collaboration.

By: Asite Solutions Ltd. From UK


OnBase provides enterprise content management software, which helps to minimize risk, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs.

By: Hyland Software, Inc From US
Based on 10 Votes


iText is a powerful PDF toolkit for generation, handling, and manipulation.

By: iText Group


By: Infoslips


It features folder structure management, full text search, search analysis, document versioning, document permissions, customizable...

By: NetVoyage Corporation From USA
Based on 14 Votes


It works as a project management software that gives team members access to a central...

By: OrbiTeam Software


It features document sharing, anywhere access from any device, organized document folders, auto file backup...

By: eFileCabinet, Inc From USA
Based on 61 Votes


The platform offers cloud document management, contract management software, marketing collateral, mobile content management, workflow...

By: SpringCM Inc From USA
Based on 11 Votes


It enables the users to upload and collect all the information in one place with...

By: OpenKM
Based on 17 Votes


The top-notch software is one of the best document management software offering ultimate solutions for...

By: LogicalDOC Srl From USA
Based on 10 Votes


It features one centralized storage, check out/in information, faster document search, dynamic views, Office integration...

By: M-Files Inc From USA
Based on 18 Votes


It features automatic workflow, version control, easy data retrieval, better and faster cloud access, high-grade...

By: Astria Solutions Group, LLC From USA


It features custom workflows, batch import, check-in and check-out, custom meta-data, audit reporting, quick-browse search...

By: Logical Arts LLC From USA

OnBoard Review and Overview

Choosing OnBoard is the decision an organization will never regret because it helps you make decisions that couldn’t have been made otherwise. It does this by providing them with the facility to conduct video conferences with board members, where everyone is present at their comfortable place and can stay connected without any difficulties. This not only saves them a lot of time and effort but even makes them efficient as they take the decision form a place where they can be just themselves without any pressure. Users might be thinking at this point that what’s the reliability of a conferencing software? Where is the proof? The votes? The files? OnBoard has all the answers for them.

Decisions that matter the most

When it comes to sharing files and assigning tasks, OnBoard facilitates the space owner to assign tasks to the other connected users and share files to them via an inbuilt file-sharing system. Moreover, file sharing is quite easy with OnBoard as users get the ability to send files through an interactive drag and drop system. It can also integrate with calendar applications to keep users reminded of the upcoming meeting. OnBoard also ensures that it’s not just about the conferences but secure communication, collaboration, and effective decision making, and thus, allows users to even chat among themselves in a certified highly-secure environment.

Pick the best

When it comes to making crucial decisions regarding the progress of the company, users need to make sure that the best decisions are taken, and when decisions are taken, there should be proof of votes and agreement too, right? This is where OnBoard helps you out immensely and lets the attendees in a conference validate their decisions with the help of electronic signatures and voting systems present in the software. Along with these, users also get to search and quote a message from conversations. If that wasn’t enough, they also get features like committee and document management to keep things organized and smooth.

So, why compromise on resources when you can have the best? Get OnBoard today and make the best decisions with the best software for the purpose. 

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