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OpenLinkProfiler is a free to use backlink explorer tool that can find hundreds of backlinks for any website, while allowing users to download these links. The tool is also featured with several applications including, sophisticated link filtering, link alerts, link disinfection tool and daily link updates for in-depth link analysis. Other metrics offered by OpenLinkProfiler include links to homepage, links from root domains, nofollow links, link influence score, and much more. OpenLinkProfiler is a free application that lists the backlinks for a website. It analyzes the sites that point to the link to the website of the users. Furthermore, the Link Influence score measures the quality and quality of backlinks to detect the ranking in search engines. The tool performs analysis on various parameters such as demographic, industry, sub-domains, and anchor texts.

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Top OpenLinkProfiler Alternatives
  • Searchmetrics Backlink Checker
  • Majestic
  • Ahrefs
  • Open Site Explorer
  • Monitor Backlinks
  • Linkpad
  • SEO Spyglass
  • Rank Signals
  • WebMeUp
  • MoonSearch
  • Linkody Backlink Checker
  • Bing Link Explorer
  • CognitiveSEO Backlink Checker
  • SEOkicks Backlink Checker
  • SheerExplorer
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Top OpenLinkProfiler Alternatives and Overview


Searchmetrics Backlink Checker

Searchmetrics backlink checker tool is designed to give an in-depth analysis of the backlink profile of a website from a huge link database.

By: Searchmetrics, Inc. From USA


Majestic Site Explorer is used by SEO professionals, entrepreneurs, media analysts and developers to explore the links of a website from a large database of links.

By: Majestic-12 Limited From UK
Based on 18 Votes


Ahrefs Site Explorer is a link explorer tool used by online marketers and SEOs to extract detailed link profile of their websites or their competitors’ websites.

By: Ahrefs Pte Ltd From Singapore
Based on 21 Votes

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer from Moz is a popular link checker tool that can track backlinks for any website from a vast database of trillions of links.

By: SEOmoz, Inc. From USA

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a backlink monitoring and analysis tool used by online marketers to analyze the backlinks of their own website or that of competitors’ sites.

By: Totel, Inc. From Ireland
Based on 15 Votes


Linkpad is a link searching and analysis tool featured with a rich database of links from all internet websites.

By: Linkpad

SEO Spyglass

The tool allows SEO professionals to find all backlinks pointing to their site, find and...

By: SEOSpyGlass.Com From Belarus

Rank Signals

The tool is equipped with a number of features, allowing users to get a detailed...



The tool can help small and growing sites by giving them a detailed analysis of...

By: WebMeUp


The tool can give users a complete and exact list of backlinks of any website...

By: From USA

Linkody Backlink Checker

The tool can provide a complete link analysis of any website on the internet...

By: Linkody From Netherlands

Bing Link Explorer

The tool can be used by Webmasters and SEOs to find backlinks of their competitor...

By: Microsoft Corporation From USA

CognitiveSEO Backlink Checker

The tool can be used for complete link research of competitiors’ sites or clients’ sites...

By: Geskimo SRL From Romania

SEOkicks Backlink Checker

The tool makes backlink data available through its website, CSV export and API...

By: SEOkicks From Germany


The tool generates detailed backlink analysis reports based on several SEO metrics, such as number...

By: SheerSEO

OpenLinkProfiler Review and Overview

Backlinks are a vital factor that affects the rankings of a website severely. OpenLinkProfiler examines the backlinks based on different aspects. So, it is easy to analyze the contribution of each link.

Detect the ranking

OpenLinkProfiler analyzes the links pointing from other sites to the user webpage. It has an extensive database collected from different search engines to provide a reliable report. The OpenLinkProfiler Dashboard displays every detail in an easily interpretable manner. It offers various filters to narrow down the search results. So, people can derive insights instantly from the analysis.

In-depth analysis

OpenLinkProfiler lists the unique links from other websites that point to the sites of the user and home page separately. The higher the quality of the pointing webpage, the higher the influence of the linked website. Hence, the tool calculates the number of suspicious links and trusted links for a site. So, People can immediately remove the inappropriate links and improve their rankings in search engines.

Segmentation of data

OpenLinkProfiler categorizes the links based on demographics, area, subdomain, age, and link contexts. Therefore, the owner can find their audience and create plans according to it. The application detects the keywords that the search engine relates to the website. Besides, it calculates the link influence score to denote the backlinking from trusted webpages.

Company Information

Company Name: Axandra GmbH

Company Address: Nordring 21 D-56424, Staudt, Germany

Founded in: 1997

Top Features

  • Identifying Backlinks Opportunities
  • In-depth Backlink Analysis
  • Live Backlinks Analysis
  • Huge Backlink Database
  • Link Disinfection
  • Anchor Text Analysis
  • Pages Backlinks
  • Link Contexts
  • Country-based Backlinks
  • Subdomains Backlinks
  • LIS Distribution
  • Link Age
  • Link Alerts
  • Link Influence Score
  • Exporting Backlinks to CSV
Core Features
  • unlimited Domains