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Parabola is automation software that lets you automate daily routine tasks without the need of developers or coders. It offers a graphical UI to make the workflow building process intuitive and seamless. Give everybody in your organization an opportunity to save time with no development efforts or coding skills required. Browse the website to download Parabola today!

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Top Parabola Alternatives
  • Fivetran
  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • Dexi
  • Blendo
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Xplenty
  • Logstash
  • Alooma
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Top Parabola Alternatives and Overview



By: Fivetran
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AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Data Pipeline is a cloud-based solution for the management of data flow from one system to another.

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Dexi is an artificial intelligence-powered data integration suite, and that helps to understand the cost of SKUs, connect to live dashboards and process data and prepare structured data for the web.

By: Dexi
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4, powered by MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, is the go-to software for import and export of data from Salesforce.

By: MuleSoft
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Blendo is a data integration software that delivers analytics-ready data to business intelligence software.

By: Apirise Inc.
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AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service offers smooth transfer of data from one server to another.

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Xplenty is a data integration and assimilation software which enables the user to combine, manage, and interpret data from a variety of sources on one single platform.

By: Xplenty
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By: Elastic
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Alooma is a data integration platform that allows you to modify and manipulate data & data sets as per requirement.

By: Alooma Inc.
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Parabola Review and Overview

Parabola is one of the most intuitive ETL marketing software available in the market. The UI on the first page is clear and easy to use. It permits users to relocate various databases, including sales force, to excel to CSV; anything can be imported. If your information or data is on the web, you can utilize it directly in Parabola. Parabola makes it simple to pull information from your APIs, tools, files, and databases.

When all the various information and data are available on-screen, they can be linked together to shape a database diagram. The administrator can gain valuable insights into a wide range of business components, including business excellence, sales & marketing performance, and much more. This straightforward and intuitive platform kills the need for engineers to assist you with actualizing it or make changes.

Live Datasource

One of the significant advantages of utilizing Parabola is that live sources can be associated with these automated processes. Triggering activities and actuating a schedule for each of these steps is hassle-free and adds advanced abilities to the manufacturer. Regardless of whether it is straightforward two-step automation or an unpredictable work process, the software is well prepared to deal with both of these prerequisites without any trouble or performance issues.

Relatively Cheap

Parabola is probably the least expensive alternative accessible in the market today. The product supplier offers a free plan also which incorporates a devoted link to a single data source of the customer's choice. The cost may vary depending upon the number of rows being analyzed, the size of the data, and the recurrence of information migration.

User-Friendly Templates

Parabola offers a wide range of third party apparatuses that you can use without any trouble by plug and play mode. Apart from permitting to make new automation rules, the software offers pre-made formats that are generally utilized for the most redundant tasks, including performance reviews, server monitoring, encryption status, and more. You can choose to see your information inside the Parabola dashboard, or you have the opportunity to extract your data and download it.

Company Information

Company Name: Parabola

Founded in: 2015