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Peerbits is a leading It solutions agency which delivers mobile app development, web development, IT consulting and software development services of any difficulty to clients across the globe. It has a robust of knowledgeable and experienced IT experts. It has created plenty of applications for its clients from different business verticals through its disciplined and systematic process. Also, it guarantees rapid execution, quality and competence of app development.

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Top Peerbits Alternatives and Overview



DMI is a leading end-to-end software development company which offers a broad range of solutions that include app development, Big Data insights, Cyber security solutions, Omni Channel commerce, Infrastructure services, web development, brand marketing, mobility strategy and UX design services to organizations.

By: Digital Management, Inc. From USA


ini is a shopping list maker application with synchronization and sharing features that are making family shopping easier.

By: Guava, LLC From Russian Federation


Established in 2010, Brevity Software Solutions is a mobile app development company in India specializing in Android, iOS and web application development.

By: Brevity Software Solutions From India

Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs, a software consulting agency empowers new businesses and established brands through astonishing mobile solutions.

By: Y Media Labs, Inc. From USA


Appster is an application development firms that develops web, wearable and mobile applications for public figures, enterprises and startups.

By: Appster From Australia


ArcTouch is one among the leading application development companies in the industry.

By: ArcTouch Inc. From USA


It offers full-scalable development solutions with offices in various locations...

By: Intellectsoft LTD From USA


The company focuses on developing graphic, video and audio functionalities for Android and iOS devices...

By: Yalantis From Ukraine


It provides mobile development and design services to startups and several global brands...

By: Savvy Apps, LLC From USA

Blue Rocket

It offers services such as mobile design and visions through its mobile apps development team...

By: Blue Rocket, Inc. From USA


It has great experience and expertise in designing websites and mobile applications with which it...

By: Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. From USA


It has a unique blend of multi-platform skills including Android, Windows, HTML 5 and iOS...

By: Waracle Ltd. From UK


It is an apps development firm that work for startups and software companies across the...

By: MobiDev Corporation From USA


With its energetic, fun, interactive and collaborative app designing process, it provides businesses with animations...

By: Sourcebits, Inc. From USA

Leeway Hertz

It constructs roadmaps for meeting the business objectives of its clients...

By: LeewayHertz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. From USA

Peerbits Review and Overview

Web and mobile applications are a great way to build a more extensive audience base for your business. But developing such applications required sheer knowledge of programming languages and debugging solutions. However, ignorance of this knowledge should not stop you from your dream mobile and web applications. With Peerbits, you can get a readymade application tailored just as per your requirement. It provides apps for every field, like finance, deliveries, marketing, and what not!

Applications at your doorstep!

Peerbiits serves its clients as partners and works at every detail to launch your dream project on the Apple store and the play store. The experienced app designers and developer teams are formed to research your project thoroughly and then start carving it for you. The app is designed, keeping in mind its commercial importance for your business.

Fast configuration

The app is made to run continuously on several test cases. Bugs are identified simultaneously, making the debugging process easier and faster, and giving the user a uniquely seamless experience. Peerbits' qualified team creates virtual traffic for it and examines the app in every condition. It then modifies and updates the needed.

Perfect IoT Usage!

With Peerbits, you can also manifest your dream of developing apps through the modern internet of things, i.e., IoT, for smart homes and offices, which is the need of the hour. Not only this, but the team also takes care of the app even after its launch. Employees are available 24*7 for guidance, maintenance, or for resolving any issue.

Company Information

Company Name: Peer Bits Solution

Company Address: S/14, Sakar - 7, Nehrubridge Corner, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Mobile & Web Development
  • Different Business Verticals
  • Creative Enterprise Solutions
  • Top-Notch App Solutions
  • Successful Tech-Enabled Startup
  • Mobile Lifecycle Management
  • Digital UX-Design Agency
  • Wearable App Idea
  • Real World Impact
  • Interactive User Experience
  • Deploying Entrepreneurial Strategies
  • Problem-Solving Capabilities
  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • Streamlining Business Process
  • Phase-Wise Scalability Process
  • Socio-Economic Classification
  • Mobile Security Management
  • Cloud-Based Deployments
  • Mobile Remote Monitoring
IT Services
  • Software Development Services
  • Rapid Execution Guarantees
  • Cost-Effective Web Solution
Core Features
  • Content Management System