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PeopleSmart is an online people search and background check platform that offers various tools for people to search their old friends or make new ones. It helps you reconnect with your friends, find old classmates, retrieve phone numbers, find contact details of loved ones, search emails and physical address, and perform background check for employees. The information is fetched from all major public records, including court records, criminal records, and more.

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Top PeopleSmart Alternatives
  • Spokeo
  • PeopleFinders
  • PeopleLooker
  • eVerify
  • Checkr
  • Melissa Data
  • Radaris
  • CheckPeople
  • Infotracer
  • SearchBug
  • Whitepages Pro
  • CheckThem
  • BackgroundChecks
  • Who Easy
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Top PeopleSmart Alternatives and Overview



Spokeo is a personal search engine and background checking platform that can be used to search people by their names, email address, phone number, username, or physical address.

By: Spokeo, Inc. From USA


PeopleFinders is a background check application that is used to check if someone has a criminal record or to find out about someone’s past or more.

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Get online background report for people from; You can reverse search by Names, Phone Numbers, Address, Relatives, Friends, and much more.

By: PeopleLooker LLC,


eVerify online people database and search system allows users to lookup and access data of anyone using their name, phone number, email or location.

By: From USA


Checkr is a background checker tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to help companies hire the right people.

By: Checkr, Inc.
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Melissa Data

Melissa Data free lookups tool can help users find addresses, phone numbers, ZIP, maps, IP location, property info, and much more about a person.

By: Melissa DATA Corp From USA


It can search anyone by their name, phone or address, and gives complete records including...

By: Radaris America, Inc. From USA


The platform can be used to search for criminal records of a particular person before...

By: From USA


It provides the comprehensive background reports that consist of criminal records, arrests and warrants, court...



The platform allows users to make a search for any people or business by name...

By: SearchBug, Inc. From USA

Whitepages Pro

of new customers and partners...

By: WhitePages, Inc. From USA


The platform can be used for both personal and any business requirement...

By: From USA


Allows you to learn more about yourself and your employees in just one simple search...


Who Easy

It allows you to find who owns a certain phone number, as long as it...


The platform can be used to perform a thorough background check, address search, criminal search...

By: Intelius, Inc. From USA

PeopleSmart Review and Overview

PeopleSmart is an information provider site that can help you get access to the records of people from all across the world. It lets you search for any individual through the alphabets, like an old generation telephone directory, by phone numbers, emails or even addresses. You can also get access to the court & criminal records available publicly all at one place, along with providing detailed education about privacy on the web.

What features are useful to me?

You can also make new connections with people using their services. If you get a good number of calls daily, you can use the caller identification so that you can ignore the unwanted calls and get focused on the important ones. The email section can be used to connect with long lost friends and family as well as to filter out the spam emails that are annoying or may contain viruses.

By the address field, you can get access to all the information regarding the address you enter, this can help you know a nearby place better or become friends with the neighbouring people. This feature is the most useful if you intend to buy a property in a specific area so that you know the place better even before you move in there.

Which records are available?

All the court records, the county as well as publicly available criminal records are bundled up together so that user can get all the information at a single page. But the data record of the consumer or of private services is not available here. There are various filters through which one can sort the data so that no time is wasted in reading all the names one by one.

About the Privacy Edu

It’s a great initiative that helps everyone get the correct knowledge about everything that is a threat to one’s privacy on the internet. The information available is for every perspective, be it email, phone or device security, child or student’s privacy and consumer, location, company etc. You can get free answers to all the questions regarding solitude like what, how and the preventions that one should do.

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