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Polaris Integrated Library System (ILS) is a robust and scalable library software solution integrated with several useful tools to offer an intuitive experience to the staff and visitors. Based on a Microsoft SQL server database platform, Polaris transforms a physical library into a digital record of books and visitors. The software automates staff workflow providing them access to relevant information and students’ data to help patrons easily and confidently.

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Top Polaris Alternatives
  • Alexandria
  • Koha
  • Concourse
  • Book Collector
  • Bibliotheca
  • Library World
  • EOS.Web
  • LibLime Koha
  • Follett Destiny Library Manager
  • Eloquent Library
  • Apollo ILS
  • Mandarin M5
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Top Polaris Alternatives and Overview



LIBERO is a library management application suitable for any types of libraries including mobile library, cloud based, consortia, public libraries, special library, academic and school library.

By: Insight Informatics Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 3 Votes


VERSO ILC is library automation software designed to offer libraries an easy medium to manage their resources while serving patrons with easily accessible information.

By: Auto-Graphics, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


Alexandria library automation software solution is designed to fit the needs of libraries of any-size and desired configuration.

By: COMPanion Corporation From USA
Based on 22 Votes


Koha is a free, open source, fully featured and scalable library management application designed and developed by libraries, volunteers and experts to provide a complete library automation solution.

By: Koha Library Software
Based on 7 Votes


Concourse is Windows library automation software used by thousands of librarians worldwide to manage their system online.

By: Book Systems, Inc. From USA

Book Collector

Book Collector from Collectorz is book database software designed to catalog any book collection or libraries.

By: Collectorz.com BV From The Netherlands


Some of the services and features offered by Bibliotheca include self-service libraries, return & collection...

By: Bibliotheca LLC From USA

Library World

Library World allows anyone to create a library website to build and manage their collection...

By: LibraryWorld, Inc. From USA


The most noticeable features of EOS.Web include cost-effective library systems, simple user interface, support to...

By: EOS International From USA
Based on 10 Votes

LibLime Koha

It is a very powerful ILS system based on Zebra indexing engine for advanced search...

By: LibLime Koha From USA

Follett Destiny Library Manager

Follett’s library manager allows library staff to keep real-time track of inventory and to update...

By: Follett Corporation From USA

Eloquent Library

Eloquent Library characterizes the concept of virtual library efficiently by enabling unlimited integration with resources...

By: Eloquent Systems Inc From Canada

Apollo ILS

With all library data available online and automatic processes, it gets easy for library staff...

By: Biblionix From USA

Mandarin M5

Mandarin M5 coverts your library into a web-based software solution that can be easily managed...

By: Mandarin Library Automation, Inc. From USA

Polaris Review and Overview

Reading has always been linked with the growth, knowledge, and maturity of a human being. Moreover, the only source of entertainment and knowledge in older times was books, which lead people to visit libraries from time to time. Today, libraries have become digital with access to material from all over the world, and need a management system of their own. This is where ILS’ come in.  Polaris ILS is a solution for automating and managing libraries. ILS stands for the integrated library system and acts as an Enterprise Resource Planning software for libraries all over the world.

Making history richer

Libraries today are different from the ones people experienced a few decades back. Modern libraries also have a digital center where users can log in and get access to a huge number of books worldwide. This turns out to be beneficial as they can get more sources to cite in their research, and also lets them explore more about other cultures or how other universities across the world conduct their programs. With large libraries also comes a huge management responsibility. It’s quite hard for librarians to manage everything single-handedly by themselves, and Polaris aims to resolve this.

Polaris ILS helps libraries maintain their supply chain by keeping them informed of the orders that have been made, books that have been borrowed, books paid for, and a lot more stuff. The software has two different versions, one for the patrons or readers, and another for the library staff. The version with readers consists of a catalog of books and sections that can be read or accessed by them. It helps them find and get started with their material easy and fast, saving them a lot of time and effort. The version with library staff is different and requires technical knowledge.

Poles apart, yet close enough

As mentioned, Polaris ILS is different from a patron’s point of view and different for the library staff. The version with library staff contains all the data related to the library, including the status of books, and the status of patrons who are registered with the library. When buying Polaris, the staff of a library is trained with all the technical skills required to manage the place and keep track of patrons and books. Moreover, there are support plans that provide 24/7 help to libraries directly for 5-10+ hours based on the plans opted by particular library management.

Considering all the factors, it is fair to say that Polaris is one of the best ILS choices a library can have to manage everything efficiently.

Company Information

Company Name: Innovative Interfaces Inc.

Company Address: 5850 Shellmound Way, Emeryville, CA, USA

Founded in: 1978

Top Features

  • Empower Staff & Patrons
  • Connecting Library Developers
  • Mobile Access
  • Responsive Web Client
  • Circulation & Patron Services
  • Flexible Workflows
  • Patron Registration
  • Fines Payment & Picklists
  • Reading Histories
  • Personalized Search ResultsWeb-based Editor
  • Importing Library Events
  • Adding Library Resources
  • Social Media & Links
  • Promote Catalog Items
  • iOS & Android Application
  • Integrated Catalog
  • Bookshelves Personalization
  • Patron Information
  • Holds Information
  • Bibliographic Records Information
  • Serials Holding Information
  • Bibliographic & Item Creation
Core Features
  • Custom Reports
  • Scheduling Reports