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PriceWaiter is an exit intent platform that helps businesses target and convert their bouncing traffic into customers. Most of PriceWaiter widgets are designed to focus on comparison shoppers’ price demands and ideas. Websites can assign their prices while allowing visitors to choose their own offers or price of a certain item. It also allows businesses to engage live with their visitors while offering them deals they can’t say no to.

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Top PriceWaiter Alternatives
  • OptinMonster
  • Interact
  • Outgrow
  • Agile
  • Sleeknote
  • PopUp Domination
  • OptiMonk
  • Popup Maker
  • Bounce Exchange
  • ExitIntent
  • Icegram
  • Zoom Analytics
  • Commerce Science
  • Picreel
  • MaxTraffic
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Top PriceWaiter Alternatives and Overview



OptinMonster is an exit intent tool designed to convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers by showing them relevant subscriptions forms and pop ups.

By: Retyp, LLC
Based on 39 Votes


Interact Quiz Maker is a tool that allows creating quizzes which generate leads, audience segmentation and drive traffic on the website.

By: The Quiz Collective, Inc.
Based on 17 Votes


Outgrow allows users to create interactive marketing content that can be embedded into the website.

By: From USA
Based on 13 Votes


Agile CRM is an online exit intent platform that helps businesses convert their abandoning visitors into happy customers with offers, personalized messages, deals, better content options, and more.

By: Agile CRM Inc. From USA
Based on 20 Votes


Sleeknote helps websites create beautiful and personalized opt-in forms for their visitors to convert abandoning visitors into email subscribers.

By: Sleeknote ApS From Denmark
Based on 7 Votes

PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination is an exit intent application used to convert website visitors into email subscribers by showing them beautiful, user-friendly subscription light box popups.



It is a powerful onsite retargeting platform that serves abandoning visitors with relevant ads, offers...

By: WebShop Marketing Kft. From Hungary
Based on 13 Votes

Popup Maker

It renders multiple triggering options for the popups while exiting and scrolling the page...

By: Sygnoos
Based on 14 Votes

Bounce Exchange

It is a behavioral automation platform that notices and reacts to visitors’ activities and digital...

By: Bounce Exchange, Inc. From USA


It features a set of beautiful customizable templates designed to target specific visitor groups...

By: Inkpedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. From India


It shows relevant and informational messages, offers, forms, call to actions, videos, and other content...

By: Leap Ventures LLP

Zoom Analytics

It supports several messages boxes and widget, including suggestion box, subscription, sign up box, offers...

By: Zoom Analytics Ltd

Commerce Science

It uses exit intent strategy to prevent visitors from abandoning websites by showing them relevant...

By: Commerce Sciences, Ltd. From USA


It is designed to recover and keep abandoning visitors by showing them relevant information, offers...

By: Picreel Inc. From Spain
Based on 13 Votes


Its innovative exit intent technology allows you to convert your bouncing visitors and cart abandoners...

By: MaxTraffic Ltd From Latvia
Based on 17 Votes

PriceWaiter Review and Overview

Window shopping has become the customers' most loved way of shopping in today’s times. You can explore and shop for local and international brands being in the comfort of your home.

Just some clicks and the order is ready to be shipped to you in a few days. The only drawback people usually find in this online mechanism is not getting the opportunity to negotiate in the item’s price. But, with PriceWaiter, you even can bargain, and that too very smoothly with full security!

Real-time covenant

This platform permits you to negotiate directly with the retailers and buy the product at the agreed price. You can have a chat with the seller and offer your price; they will instantly compare the given offer with their vast collection of data and propose their price to you. And all this is done within a fraction of seconds to make it a final deal!

The final conviction is yours

It’s totally up to you to agree with the final price or not. If the seller is not ready to bargain aunty further, you can decide not to buy and look up to further items. There is no requirement of a credit card or any credential for negotiating with a certain retailer.

Milestone for small businesses

PriceWaiter also succors to small and medium retailers to help their business bloom. Sighting the rise of online shopping these sellers have to pay huge amounts to online sites for displaying their product. PriceWaiter permits every retailer on its platform to reach out to customers individually who are interested in their brands and make profitable deals with them.

Company Information

Company Name: PriceWaiter LLC

Company Address: 426 Market St., Chattanooga, TN, USA

Founded in: 2012

Top Features

  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Campaigns
  • Custom Offers
  • Price Match & Drop
  • Volume Discount
  • Visibility Control
  • Button Customization
  • Widget Window Customization
  • Email Customization
  • Full White-labeling
  • Margin-based Automation
  • Discount-based Automation
  • Checking Real-time Inventory
  • Offer Metering
  • Exit-intent Offers Creation
  • Creative A/B Testing
  • Optimized Campaign Design
  • Social Retargeting
  • Time Expiration
  • Drip Email Reminders
  • Private Messaging
  • Templated Messaging
  • Social Sharing
  • International Currency & Shipping
  • Dedicated Dashboard Reports
  • Third-party Conversation Tracking
Core Features
  • Google Analytics Integration