By: Easy Hi Ltd. allows users to create cutting edge standout videos, social media videos, explainers, product videos, and much more. The platform offers nearly 2500 video templates. It is not merely a video creation platform but also supports image resizing, video editing, video covers, and much more. With high-quality premium video and photo stock, you can create the latest videos with minimum experience.

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Top Alternatives
  • Renderforest
  • Animoto
  • VideoScribe
  • Flixpress
  • Doodly
  • Moovly
  • Lumen5
  • Vyond
  • YouNow
  • Kizoa
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Slingbox
  • JW Player
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Top Alternatives and Overview



Searching for the right software to create animation videos? Consider using a cloud-based software from Renderforest offering free tools for professional intros and outros, animations, slideshows.

By: Renderforest LLC
Based on 28 Votes


Design awesome slideshows from photos, music and videos from Animoto software.

By: Animoto Inc.
Based on 13 Votes


Sign up for free at VideoScribe to create awesome animation videos and business presentations.

By: Sparkol Inc From UK
Based on 16 Votes


Create video in minutes using software from FlixPress. Flixpress software...

By: Flixpress LLC
Based on 3 Votes


Create powerful videos and convert better using Doodly's powerful desktop based platform.

By: Bryxen, Inc. From USA
Based on 17 Votes


Moovly specializes in the creation of animated videos, presentations, and other multimedia content.

By: Moovly NV From Belgium
Based on 31 Votes


This video builder uses artificial intelligence to put together the different elements in a video...

By: Sniply Projects Inc. From Canada
Based on 12 Votes

It has plenty of stock images as well as allows you to customize video and...

By: Animatron From USA
Based on 28 Votes


They offer a template library, stock audio, props, and much more...

By: GoAnimate, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes


They can see and react to live chat or view different broadcasters and talk with...

By: YouNow
Based on 5 Votes


Create backups and store using Kizoa online cloud storage...

By: Kizoa

Adobe Media Encoder

By: Adobe
Based on 41 Votes


By: Slingbox
Based on 2 Votes


Wideo offers to create a wide range of presentations and animated videos within a short...

By: Wideo Inc.
Based on 32 Votes

JW Player

What makes it unique is that it tries to provide the most extensive list of...

By: JW Player
Based on 4 Votes Review and Overview

If a picture is worth a thousand words, any guess as to how much words a video portrays? In today’s world, people value their time the most. In order to gain the attention of people, something unique and innovative needs to be created. Well, a video made with the correct ingredients can sure stir up the attention of people passing by. This can be of great importance in the field of marketing and advertising. With Promo, anyone can add great music to videos, create eye-catching videos or simply customize the available video clips to enhance customer engagement.

Gain more leads

Add life to marketing campaigns with the best-in-class video maker solution out there. With Promo, one can see the real-time conversion of leads at an extremely fast rate. Promo enables campaigns to reach unparalleled heights by portraying the content in a way that is most appealing. Be it videos for a YouTube channel, explanatory videos for teaching purposes, social media videos or videos describing the several its and bits of a particular product, Promo has got a wide range of tools to assist a creative person. One can use Promo to share his vision with a large audience.

Unleash the inner creative spirit

We offer a gargantuan library of pristine quality audio clips and creative video templates that anyone can easily customize as per their wish. Time has repeatedly shown that engaging, creative videos create a high spike in the revenue of a company. One can now create videos in a format that suits the most to the audience. The extensive experience of our team helps in filtering videos so that only the best video clips finds its way into our collection. 

Customer support

After subscribing to our services, in case someone runs into trouble or are facing any issue, we promise to get to him as quickly as possible and solve his issues in the least time duration. We are known throughout the world for our customer support services. We even provide a step by step guide so that the video launches into action as fast as possible.

Company Information

Company Name: Easy Hi Ltd.

Top Features

  • Stock Music
  • Premade Video Templates
  • Stock Photo Library
  • Various Video Formats
  • Text Animations
  • Upload Custom Content
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Commercial Usage Permissions
  • Branding With Logo
  • MP4 Download
  • Stock Music
  • Premade Video Templates
  • Stock Photo Library
  • Various Video Formats
  • Text Animations
  • Upload Custom Content
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Commercial Usage Permissions
  • Branding With Logo
  • MP4 Download
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  • Video Editor