Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials

By: Proofpoint, Inc.

Proofpoint Essentials is focused towards providing email security to small and medium enterprises, preventing loss of data and enforcing data security policy transparently to all users. Partial network failure does not hinder the continuity. It leverages the advanced technology for comprehensive URL and Attachment Defense service including predictive sandboxing, advanced malware detection and real-time dynamic analysis. Security features are bundled into four different packages, and can be availed by businesses as per their needs.

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  • Jumble
  • TigerText
  • Virtru
  • Nylas
  • Protected Trust
  • Mailstrom
  • Hornetsecurity
  • OX App Suite
  • Boxbe
  • Right Inbox
  • Sendinc
  • Cloud Email Security
  • ePrism
  • Mimecast Secure Email
  • Sophos Email Gateway
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Top Proofpoint Essentials Alternatives and Overview



Jumble is an end-to-end email encryption solution providing security to business emails during transactions as well as in inbox.

By: Jumble Limited From Ireland


TigerText Solutions are aimed at safeguarding enterprise communications, enabling business stakeholders to communicate, collaborate and share information securely.

By: TigerText, Inc. From USA


Virtru facilitates military grade end-to-end encryption for regulatory compliance, security, and/or corporate privacy.

By: Virtru Corporation From USA
Based on 6 Votes


Nylas is an Application Programming Interface. It helps to sync...

By: Nylas
Based on 8 Votes

Protected Trust

Protected Trust Email Encryption is focused towards healthcare industry, providing email security while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

By: Protected Trust, LLC From USA


By: 410 Labs
Based on 4 Votes


but not to be left out...

By: Hornetsecurity GmbH From Germany

OX App Suite

By: Open-Xchange
Based on 1 Vote


It has support for several mailing services, and its features are very easily deployable...

By: Boxbe
Based on 3 Votes

Right Inbox

It helps in the scheduling activity of emails...

By: Right Inbox
Based on 4 Votes


It provides complete end-to-end encryption while maintaining high uptime...

By: Send Technology Inc. From USA

Cloud Email Security

The service encompasses important features including software, computing ability, and support...

By: Cisco Systems, Inc. From USA


It accurately identifies threats and attacks and synchronizes defensive measures across all systems in real...

By: EdgeWave, Inc. From USA

Mimecast Secure Email

It assists secure messaging and encryption along with secure large file sharing...

By: Mimecast Limited From UK

Sophos Email Gateway

Sophos Email Appliance is dedicated to message security with advanced DLP and policy-based application; while...

By: Sophos Ltd. From UK

Proofpoint Essentials Review and Overview

With time passing by, innovation in tools designed for malicious intent takes place unceasingly in the dark. Attacks from such tools can take place quite unexpectedly and can cause severe damage. In extreme cases, it can cause hazardous irreparable damage and may even malign the name of your company.

To counter such unfortunate scenarios, there all several industry-leading cyber-security solutions out there. So, where’s the difference between them and Proofpoint Essentials? Well, with Proofpoint essentials, you get state-of-the-art overall security for your business all in a single package. Its design is extremely user-friendly, yet it possesses robust features to safeguard your business.

Protect what’s precious to you

Do you know where all cyber-attacks are targeted at? Well, it’s your valuable customers. Proofpoint Essentials gives the highest priority to your customers. Its exhaustive set of features has got you entirely covered. It protects you from threats that might come encoded in certain emails, malware, and bugs which might creep into your systems unnoticed.

By staging sensitive information in the cloud, your data gets protected with the latest security features. All of your data is archived which might prove as a backup in case of any mishap. It even protects you from attacks from the dark web in case you’ve ventured there mistakenly.

Features which lets you manoeuvre through even in dire circumstances

Threats are ever-evolving. In order to avoid them, cyber-security solutions must improve too. Office 365 has its involvement in one way or the other in your systems and is used widely today. Proofpoint Essentials protects all of Office 365’s products with next-level security.

It uses sandboxes to test suspicious URLs thus keeping surprise attacks at bay. We understand the importance of emails in your business. To ensure that you experience an uninterrupted email conversation, your emails undergo several layers of encryption and various security checks. With Proofpoint Essentials, you can create a strong infrastructure for messaging.

Company Information

Company Name: Proofpoint, Inc.

Company Address: 892 Ross Drive, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Founded in: 2002

Top Features

  • End-to-end Data Security
  • Sensitive Data Encryption
  • Email Encryption Automation
  • Secured Communication
  • Potential Loss Prevention
  • Confidential Data Protection
  • Identifying Outbound Email
  • Filtering Emails
  • Pre-defined Email Tags
  • Triggered Encryption
  • Compose & Read Emails
  • Responding Email
  • Web-based Interface
  • Customer Information Protection
  • Custom Policies
  • Policy-driven Encryption
  • Regulatory Violations
  • Monitoring Email Contents
  • User Invoked Encryption