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Proovl offers professional SMS & voice solutions for businesses and individual users for making and receiving calls and receiving and sending short messages in an easier, effective manner as people want such services to be. It allows users for sending as well receiving text messages from their computers’ web browsers or their smartphone without any hassles. With Proovl, users will be able to send bulk text messages within fractions.

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Top Proovl Alternatives
  • TrueDialog
  • TextMagic
  • BulkSMS
  • Message Media
  • SMS Global
  • Skebby
  • SMSCountry
  • Messente
  • RouteSMS
  • NowSMS
  • Releans
  • Clockwork SMS
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Top Proovl Alternatives and Overview



TrueDialog provides the texting platform for enterprise businesses, allowing you to send promotions, notifications, reminders, and other text messages to your customers.

By: TrueDialog Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


TextMagic is a professional SMS messaging service that assists businesses to send alerts, confirmations, marketing campaigns, reminders and notifications to their customers.

By: TextMagic Ltd. From UK
Based on 17 Votes


BulkSMS offers professional SMS services that allow users to send 2 way messages right from their computers that have internet connectivity.

By: Celerity Systems (Pty) Ltd. From South Africa

Message Media

The SMS software from Message Media provides a suite of products that can help customers to meet their different needs.

By: Message4u Pty Ltd From Australia

SMS Global

SMS global messaging platform lets businesses to send important messages to their customers or clients anywhere in the world. It allows users to send text messages from web to any mobile phone instantly.

By: SMS Global Pty Ltd From Australia


The cloud text messaging solutions from Skebby let businesses to reach their customers in real-time no matter who they are and where they are.

By: Mobile Solution S.r.l. From Italy


It helps businesses to send personalized messages to their customers...

By: ComVision Sp. z o.o. From Poland


The custom telephony solutions let users to send generic SMS messages to groups or personalized...

By: SMSCountry Networks Pvt. Ltd From India


It allows users to send SMS messages from computers to mobile phones across the globe...

By: Upside Wireless Inc. From Canada


With this service, they came simply compose the SMS and get the same delivered across...

By: Messente Communications OÜ From Estonia


RouteSms offers technology services for telecommunication industry through its voice & messaging solutions...

By: Routesms Solutions Limited From India


It helps businesses with all kinds of MMS and SMS services...

By: Now Wireless Limited From UK


It helps industries to implement these services at nominal costs...

By: CDYNE Corporation From USA


They have plans to cater all kinds of needs from small businesses to enterprises...

By: Releans LLC From Jordan

Clockwork SMS

It lets businesses to send short messages from their email...

By: SRCL Limited From UK

Proovl Review and Overview

Short message service, aka SMS, has taken over the world of communication and has been ruling it since a long time. All businesses and operations need practical connecting tools, and SMS has been leading the race among a plethora of existing options. It is so ingrained in our lives nowadays that we don’t even realize it. Thus, Proovl was launched for a polished and fluid SMS experience. It extends a lot of features vital to professional and speedy messaging.

No place you can’t reach

Proovl has established its foundations almost everywhere. Pick numbers out of twenty-four countries. Take part in an intricate network of mobile and landline numbers connected worldwide. Experience international communication without any disruptions or compromise.

Numbers for all situations

Be it temporary or on a lasting basis, avail numbers accordingly. Forward or redirect incoming calls with the help of virtual mobile numbers. If not virtual, opt for real mobile numbers for a head-on glimpse into the various aspects of SMS solutions.

Fantastic functionalities

Proovl’s adapting interface lets you send SMSs both on desktops and mobile phones. Web SMS ensures a well-timed and even distribution of messages, individual or bulk. It also maintains a personalized contact list and inbox and outbox functionalities. Similarly, SMS API performs the same in mobiles. Get access to pricing and reports concerning SMS costs. Delivery reports add to the experience of professional foolproof texting—cash in on all of these fantastic features for enhanced and pristine exchange of SMSs.

Company Information

Company Name: 2Way OU

Company Address: Viru Valjak 2, Tallinn, Estonia

Top Features

  • Web Based Interface
  • Virtual Inbox & Outbox
  • Contact Lists
  • Sending Bulk SMS
  • Personalize Messages
  • SMS Templates
  • Conversation Mode
  • Virtual Phone Numbers
  • Dedicated SMS API
  • Forwarding Inbound Messages
  • Controlling Balance
  • Delivery Reports
  • SMS Price Reports