Publisher Finders

Publisher Finders

Affiliate programs are both the present and future of online advertising. PublisherFinders is a new-age company that acts as a source of upcoming web publishers, influencers, and content creators who are to get recruited by merchant companies based on the compatibility of the interests of their visitors through affiliate programs.

From: USA
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  • LeadDyno
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  • Tradedoubler
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  • Impact Radius
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Top Publisher Finders Alternatives and Overview


Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is affiliate management software that allows users to manage their complete affiliate programs and to track referrals and overall sales.

By: Quality Unit, s.r.o. From Slovakia
Based on 42 Votes


LeadDyno is an affiliate marketing plugin for E-Commerce websites supported by various CMSs including Shopify, Bigcommerce, PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, Chargify, Squarespace, etc.

By: LeadDyno From USA
Based on 12 Votes


Tapfiliate is cloud based affiliated management and tracking application that enables users to create, track and manage their own affiliate programs.

By: Tapfiliate B.V. From Netherlands
Based on 28 Votes


The affiliate marketing platform Tradedoubler helps businesses to promote their services through effective digital advertising campaigns.

By: Tradedoubler
Based on 2 Votes


Rakuten Affiliate or LinkShare is a global provider of result-oriented online marketing services, including Affiliate Marketing, customer acquisition, and paid search.

By: Rakuten, Inc.

Impact Radius

More than just an affiliate marketing network, Impact Radius is all the resources and matrices you need to improve your return on ads.

By: Impact Tech, Inc.


The platform mainly deals in the promotion and marketing of SaaS, software and digital products...

By: Inc


The network makes use of several digital marketing techniques including content publishing, comparison websites, blogging...

By: Webgains
Based on 1 Vote


It provides merchants a platform to sell and promote their products online on a very...

By: Click2Sell

Market Health

It is one of the most beneficial affiliate networks for affiliates who want to monetize...

By: Market Health


The network offers various customized solutions and content delivery options to fit the particular needs...



They offer an intensive network of high profile merchants and vetted affiliates who are serious...

By: Dynamic Web Source, Inc.
Based on 2 Votes

Affiliate Window

They have a big network of publishers from all over the world, who help generate...

By: AWIN Inc.


The in-house network offers various resources, such as affiliates, online forums, training material, industry updates...

By: MoreNiche Ltd

It is a network of thousands of online consumers and web users looking for good...

Publisher Finders Review and Overview

PublishersFinders was established about 20 years ago by a group of individuals who were experts in the field of e-commerce, digital, and affiliate marketing. The aim of building this website was to link quality web publishers and influencers with relevant affiliate programs and networks that aid both advertising companies and web publishers in finding an equilibrium of profitability that is established on the basis of legitimacy and quality.

A company for those who seek progress;

PublisherFinders is a paradise for multitudes of companies, affiliate networks and programs, and individuals. The website is a source for quality content creators, influencers, and web publishers who utilize their audience and visitors in the form of redirectors through advertisement links. Then there are companies who are either at a new beginning or looking to expand their reach; these companies are constantly looking for websites that are experiencing high traffic of visitors on a regular basis, so the brand helps these companies by making dependable web developers and publishers available in one place.

Some companies looking for referral partners to collaborate with to ease the search for affiliates find PubishersFinders very helpful. Several well-established companies are the primary advertisers when recruiting affiliates through their affiliate programs. These companies are looking for quality affiliates whose website or content is in sync with the company’s product of interest. Everyone but network marketing companies and companies not looking to expand their partner marketing can seek benefits from PublisherFinders.

The ease of using and signing up;

The official website of PublisherFinders is convenient for all visitors and customers; its user-friendly interface makes it possible for them to surf through to their point of interest without hassle quickly. There is no false advertising, and the prices are reasonable with the option to use a 14 days trial; if found resourceful, one can get a subscription. The perks of blogging and partnering are also available with this brand.

Listening to the customers;

Although the company receives mostly good reviews, if there is any constructive criticism directed towards PublisherFinders, they try to resolve the issue as soon as possible and as effectively as possible, thereby keeping the chain of action of a digital succession of advertising and marketing in motion.

Company Information

Company Address: 10528 NW 10th St.

Top Features

  • Publisher Database
  • Affiliate Manager Training
  • Publisher Updates
  • Search by relevance
  • Super-affiliate database
  • Make contact lists