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QAD provides cloud enterprise resource planning software that helps to improve your business efficiency and reach your goals faster. It features no hardware installation, low risk business planning, a simple UI, predictable analysis for your business, easily accessible data, and more. It can be used for automotive, customer products, high tech, and industrial industries.

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Top QAD Alternatives
  • Tally.ERP 9
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Epicor
  • Intacct
  • Acumatica
  • FinancialForce
  • Kechie ERP
  • JTL-Wawi
  • ERPFlex
  • ERP
  • Aspel SAE
  • Columbus
  • Genius
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Top QAD Alternatives and Overview


Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that helps small-scale and medium-scale businesses to keep track of accounting related activities and make operations more efficient.

By: Tally Solutions
Based on 13 Votes

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP provides cloud enterprise resource planning software designed to manage complex businesses with comprehensive financial management capabilities.

By: NetSuite Inc From USA


Epicor provides SaaS enterprise resource planning software with industry-specific software solutions.

By: Epicor Software Corporation From USA


Intacct provides top-quality cloud ERP and financial management software that helps to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and grow your business.

By: Intacct Corporation From USA


Acumatica provides cloud ERP and cloud accounting software that helps medium-sized businesses to unlock their full potential.

By: Acumatica Inc From USA
Based on 41 Votes


Syspro provides enterprise resource planning software designed for manufacturing and distribution companies.

By: Syspro From South Africa
Based on 24 Votes


It features order fulfillment, Configure Price Quote, contract management, inventory management, supplier management, rebate revenue...

By:, inc From USA

Kechie ERP

Kechie ERP is a solution that allows smoother internal ops through automation of data pipelines...

By: My Office Apps Inc
Based on 1 Vote


From eliminating financial issues to taking care of the welfare of your employees, it manages...

By: JTL Software


How so, you ask? Contract management, stock controls, cash flow monitoring, invoice generation, data mining...

By: ERPFlex


Understanding the need of different industries, Eresource has created elite ERP frameworks after a thorough...

By: Eresource Infotech

Aspel SAE

It enables businesses of all kinds and sizes to maintain their professionalism and carry out...

By: Aspel


It features business process management, Microsoft Dynamics-based platform, advanced direct manufacturing, eCommerce solution, supply chain...

By: Columbus From Denmark


Based on 10 Votes


It features quoting and estimating, sales order, shipping and invoicing, sales configurator, purchasing and procurement...

By: Genius Solutions From Canada

QAD Review and Overview

Swift and efficient resource planning is a major requirement in any company, especially in companies associated with product manufacturing, and QAD knows that all too well. QAD is the provider of a cloud ERP solution that enables manufacturers to streamline all their enterprise resource planning needs. It offers a simple yet highly effective and personalized approach toward resource management.

QAD can manage various aspects of a manufacturing company, including its supply chains and customers. It also provides a powerful dedicated analytics solution that produces actionable insights on a variety of resource-related subject matters. Its solutions can be integrated with other third-party solutions to provide superior automation and additional capabilities.  

Management and planning of essential factors in manufacturing industries

The QAD ERP suite is able to handle supply chains and manufacturing resource planning in an unprecedented way. With its help, manufacturers can revolutionize the way their orders, finances and other aspects are managed. It aims to produce agility in routine tasks through automation and integrations. Detailed data about each good coming through the supply chain and going out of the factory is carefully and automatically recorded to meet supply requirements. The inventory is also managed automatically so that there is not a single obstruction in the manufacturing process. Data generated from the ERP can help the manufacturing company to plan several steps forward and ensure customer satisfaction.

An accurate, analytical solution for every manufacturing problem

In this disruptive environment, accurate and real-time insights are the need of the hour. The QAD analytical engine helps deliver such insights that drive the company toward the best manufacturing decisions. These insights can be acquired on any device without any problems and can be used to instantly produce effective solutions to obstructive problems. This information can also be shared with the ones who are concerned about the field. Also, the analytics platform can help deliver vital performance-based information that can be used to improve the company further and maximize the efficiency of its manufacturing processes.

Company Information

Company Name: QAD Inc

Company Address: 100 Innovation Place, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Founded in: 1979

Top Features

  • Mixed-mode Manufacturing
  • Simplified Inventory Process
  • Simulated Scheduling
  • Mass Customization Supported
  • Managing Quality Inspection
  • Tracking & Trace Products
  • Automated Data Collection
  • Automated Label Printing
  • Managing MRO Inventory
  • Increasing Forecast Accuracy
  • Flexible Cost Accounting
Demand & Supply Chain
  • Analyzing Supply Chain
  • Balancing Demand & Supply
  • Product Forecasts
  • Inventory Usage Optimization
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Managing Consignment Inventory
  • Triggered Payment
  • VMI Supported
  • Managing Exporting
  • Monitoring Supplier Performance
Customer Management
  • Custom Configuration
  • Product Questionnaire Customization
  • Entering Orders & Quotations
  • Order Status & Margin
  • Checking ATP & Credits
  • Multiple Price Lists
  • Managing Depot & Repair
  • Log Activities
  • Local Business Practices
  • IFRS Complaint Reporting
  • Multi-GAAP Creation
  • General Ledger Allocations
  • Multi-level & Recursive Allocations
  • Analyzing & Reporting Budget
  • Daybooks Utilization
  • Gain & Loss Calculation
  • Multiple Languages & Currency
  • Role-based Dashboard
  • Monitoring Business Performance
  • Pre-built Utilization
  • Drill-down Data
  • Importing Data
  • Data Reporting
  • Third-party Applications Integration
  • Business Process Creation
  • Connecting Cloud Apps
  • Scalable Payment Processing