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Reflektive is a talent management software that helps you and your employees to connect and reach your collective goals. Employers can analyze performance data, interact with their employees, and send surveys when necessary. The employees can track their goals and provide feedback to the organization at decided intervals.

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Top Reflektive Alternatives
  • ETS
  • Lattice
  • Trakstar
  • Impraise
  • UpRaise
  • Performance Pro
  • Technomedia
  • Spidergap
  • Synergita
  • emPerform
  • Cognology
  • Echospan
  • GroSum
  • Small Improvements
  • Clear Review
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Top Reflektive Alternatives and Overview



ETS 360 degree feedback system has been designed for companies and HR managers to keep track of their employees’ performance, and to create training workshops and programs for performance development.

By: Expert Training Systems plc From UK
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Lattice is a talent and performance management platform aimed at making the corporate workplace enjoyable to work.

By: Lattice
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Trakstar is a simple employee evaluation and performance review application used by managers and companies.

By: Trakstar, Inc. From USA
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Impraise is a people enablement platform. It helps you build...

By: Impraise
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UpRaise is a new employee management product to help users build an efficient team and continuously set and meet their goals.

By: Amoeboids Technologies
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Performance Pro

Performance Pro is a performance management system for HR managers, allowing them to measure employee performance aligned with company goals.

By: From USA
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By: Cegid
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A company’s growth is usually associated with the development of its employees and that’s why...

By: Bridging Insight Ltd. From UK
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Some of the functions performed by Synergita include setting goals and periodic appraisals, regular feedback...

By: Asteor Software Private Limited From India
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The software comes bundled with many applications including online appraisals, 360 degree reviews, pay for...

By: Corporate Renaissance Group From Canada
Based on 37 Votes


Featured with several tools such as, onboarding, competency assessment, 360-degree feedback, learning management, performance management...

By: Cognology From Australia
Based on 15 Votes


Its key features include web-based system, no installation required, customizable review forms, unlimited reports, integrated...

By: EchoSpan, Inc. From USA


It supports the traditional end to end lifecycle of Performance Reviews...

By: GroSum From India
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Small Improvements

It is a complete performance reviews and feedbacks management app that enables companies to decide...

By: From Germany
Based on 27 Votes

Clear Review

It is a tool that allows the HR representatives to improve the interactions between the...

By: Clear Review
Based on 13 Votes

Reflektive Review and Overview

You can set goals and OKRs to prioritize your organization's first objectives.

Analyze performance data

Through Reflektive, your employees can set their goals, check progress, and filter them through a variety of parameters. This feature increases the accountability of your employees by showing the current status of their growths and providing separate progress parameters. It also facilitates scalable and productive one to one communication between employees and managers using conversation starter templates and assisted by other useful data. You can encourage continuous feedback in your organization through its tools that promote better feedback and reliability.

Increase engagement

You can float pre-built and custom surveys to increase employee engagement and improve their experience. The intuitive survey builder and expert templates can help in launching engagement, onboarding, and exit surveys. Employers can connect their workforce and capture their performance while issuing public praise whenever necessary. Employee engagement tools are available, which can access their engagement at your organization through Natural Language Processing to understand their comments on the surveys. Reflektive also suggests best practices to your employees in real-time. Their performance is assessable at regular cadence or intervals, and you can talk to them about their goals using the interface.

Get actionable insights

This software enables you to track progress on performance reviews, company goals, and more. It provides a pre-built dashboard and reports to help you understand your employee data in a faster way. The interface allows you to filter and analyze its data by a variety of parameters such as location, department, manager, gender, and other demographics to help you understand which areas are working and which require more attention. The pre-built dashboards that it comes with are modifiable according to your needs through an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Company Information

Company Name: Reflektive

Founded in: 2014