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Remindax is a software used to alert users by providing them reminders or setting up auto-renewals to manage their subscriptions and deadlines effectively. The software can be integrated with existing regularly used applications such as text messaging, WhatsApp, or email. Users can opt for storing documents on the cloud, creating their own customized templates, or using popular applications such as MS Excel to import or export the files. Such features allow companies to significantly save time and increase productivity by using a secure platform.

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Top Remindax Alternatives
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  • Act
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  • Cratio CRM Software
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  • Pareto CRM
  • Callbox Pipeline
  • Omnibiz
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Top Remindax Alternatives and Overview



Salesforce provides CRM cloud and cloud computing software that helps your business to grow sales faster.

By:, inc From USA
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Act provides affordable and easy-to-use contact management and email marketing software for small business.

By: Swiftpage ACT! LLC From USA


Close is a Customer Relationship Management software for small and medium-sized businesses to improve their sales.

By: Close
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ProsperWorks provides simple CRM software for Google Apps, which helps your company to grow faster.

By: ProsperWorks, Inc From USA

Propeller CRM

By: Propeller CRM
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Enjay CRM

Enjay is an Indian IT business solutions company that provides a wide range of business software solutions that can boost the productivity and profit of any company.

By: Enjay IT Solutions

Teamgate CRM

Connect, organise, research, and analyse your complete process from inside a super smart, fully integrated...

By: Teamgate Ltd.


By: CloudCC Inc.

ebp CRM

By providing personalized solutions to a wide range of companies of different profiles, ebp aims...

By: ebp

Affinity Relationship Intelligence

By: Affinity, Inc.
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Cratio CRM Software

By: Cratio Software Private Limited
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Snapforce CRM

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Pareto CRM

Pareto CRM offers a complete toolset which covers every aspect related to managing your...

By: Pareto CRM From Canada

Callbox Pipeline

By: Callbox
Based on 2 Votes


Their broad range of solutions and dedicated customer service team ensures that the company delivers...

By: Omnibiz

Remindax Review and Overview

A typical person has multiple subscriptions on an average, including crucial documents or plans which need to either be timely renewed or paid as and when due. Trying to keep track of all the various deadlines can prove to be an intimidating task, especially for companies dealing with a multitude of such deadlines. Remindax can prove to be a worthy savior in such situations as it provides regular reminders before expiration, or even set up auto-renewal to avoid paying unnecessary fines. With a secure online cloud storage option to store documents and safely retrieve them when required, Remindax is a useful tool for many companies all over the world.

Regular reminders

Remindax provides specialized reminders well in advance before any expiration dates over different commonly used platforms such as email and text messages. Users can schedule future follow-up reminders or emails to be sent at specific times. Companies can also opt to send reminders to their clients via regular messages or through WhatsApp or Slack applications, which have proven to be subtler but more effective compared to other methods, such as direct calling.

Share the load

Remindax is capable of a lot more than just sending reminders. Remindax has a multi-user feature, which means that companies can divide the workload and assign it to separate individuals or groups having access to only the particular assigned task. Not only does this division of work increase efficiency and save precious time, but complete security of the data is also assured by clearly separating tasks to define limited access.

Automatic and reliable

For particularly busy individuals and organizations, merely receiving reminders may not be an effective solution. For such cases, Remindax provides an auto-renewal function, which lets users automatically renew any of their subscriptions or documents when due. Users can also keep the auto-renewal option activated as long as convenient by defining the renewal cycle period. For entirely secure online storage of files, Remindax has a cloud storage option, which is compatible with any file format to be stored. The safely stored data can further be easily transferred, such as by mailing them as attachments.

Company Information

Company Name: Remindax

Founded in: 2014