Rival IQ

Rival IQ

By: Rival IQ Corporation.

Rival IQ is a digital marketing analytics software that helps digital marketers to analyze their competitors. It features multiple competitor tracking, social analytics and top content, manage multiple landscapes, SEO keywords ranking, white label PPT export, extended social content history, dedicated account management, and more. There are three pricing options available: Hero, Champion, and VIP.

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Top Rival IQ Alternatives and Overview



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Rival IQ Review and Overview

Data analysis has proven to be a very important part of the business decision-making process. However, for implementing data analytics in regular decisions, a lot of resources, both human and non-human, have to be invested in. Rival IQ is an on-demand service for businesses and organizations which helps them by analyzing user-generated online data digitally, eliminating the need for utilizing data scientists or precious systems resources.

It basically uses social media channels as a repository for large amounts of data. The ROI is thus much higher and the analysis is uninterrupted, fast and complete.

Data to outpace the competition

Though Rival IQ, businesses can understand what makes the customers tick. It achieves this by analyzing customer-generated social media posts. This gives companies an inner view of the most popular topics and trends circulating the internet.

Efficient campaigns creation through Rival IQ

By utilizing the analysis and detailed trend reports generated automatically by Rival IQ, companies can run social campaigns and promos over their social media channels. This social post can then be analyzed again by Rival IQ to gain even more insights.

Also, useful insights can be gained about the business’s competitors by the analysis of their campaigns, which can be used to gain an edge over them. The analytics platform even has an integrated alerting system to warn companies if their competitor's campaigns have greater efficiency than theirs.

Maintaining campaign effectiveness

Social networking sites are often utilized for a variety of marketing campaign types. Management of these campaigns often takes a lot of capital, thus it is of paramount importance that businesses know the efficiency of the campaign and detects any shortcomings in its proceedings. Rival IQ can help here, too by providing insights on the performance of the campaigns.

It collects data through the social channels of the company and the influencers. This data can even be compared with competitors to gauge out the relative success of the campaigns. This data is viewed on a customizable dashboard in a form that is easily comprehensible by the company's CRM. This data can even be integrated into their digital solutions to ensure that their future campaigns are flawless in nature.

Company Information

Company Name: Rival IQ Corporation.

Company Address: 911 Western Ave Suite 579, Seattle, WA, USA

Founded in: 2013

Top Features

  • Tracking 50 Companies
  • Data Histories
  • Social Data Freshness
  • Social Posts Backfill
  • Facebook Insights Reporting
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • LinkedIn Page Analytics
  • Custom-branded Exporting
  • Public API Access
  • Social Posts Analysis
  • Hashtag Analysis
  • Scheduling Data Exports
  • Tracking Twitter Mentions
  • Organic SEO Keywords
  • Comparative SEO Metrics
  • Social & SEO Positioning
  • Tracking & Comparing Webpage
  • Multiple Landscapes
  • Multiple Exporting Formats
  • Custom Date Ranges
  • Custom Chart Builder
  • Tag Filters
  • Analyzing Social Content
Core Features
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Email Alerts
  • Multiple User Accounts
Social Metrics
  • Identifying Key Influencers
  • Tracking Mentioners
  • Social Mentions & Sentiment
  • Tracking Social Bios
  • Tracking Profile LinksBio Change Alerting
Reports & Alerts
  • Post & Hashtag Analysis
  • Detailed Hashtags Insights
  • Tracking Campaigns
  • Filtering Hashtags
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Competitive Reports
  • SEO Positioning Reporting
  • SEO Organic Keywords
  • SEM Metrics
  • Cross-Channel Reporting
  • Channel-Specific Reports
  • Timely Engagement Alerts
  • Identifying Breakout Posts
  • Monitoring Profile Changes
  • Email Alerts
  • Viewing Feeds