Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project

By: The Rubicon Project, Inc.

Rubicon Project is a technology company automating the buying and selling of advertising. Rubicon Project’s Buyer Cloud is a platform for businesses to reach their desired audiences, brand engagement, customer acquisition, and results. Its products include Intent Marketing, Branding, Acquisition, and Site Retargeting. With the help of automation, businesses can create an infinite amount of query-capable audience data which can be used in real-time.

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Top Rubicon Project Alternatives and Overview



Magnetic is a technology company with a marketing platform for enterprises, agencies, and brands.

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Meteora is an online advertising technology that specializes in “customized audience targeting” harvesting site traffic into segmented audiences for highly specific ads across the web.

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Criteo is a global marketing technology company that enables e-commerce companies to leverage large volumes of data to effectively and efficiently engage and convert their customers.

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Adroll is the widely used retargeting platform. It makes retargeting...

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ReTargeter is a full-service display advertising company that specializes in audience targeting and retargeting.

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Admedia is an advertising platform which connects advertisers to consumers across many channels.

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Perfect Audience

Its features include conversion tracking, revenue tracking, powerful segmenting, detailed analytics, transparent billing, and much...

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It offers a comprehensive range of marketing solutions which help brands acquire new customers...

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The platform allows you to run effectively multi-programmatic advertising campaigns, across online display, mobile, and...

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Its product suite is built to help marketers achieve greater performance results, enhancing the efficiency...

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It helps online businesses better communicate with their prospect and clients in order to boost...

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ReTargeting Base

The platform has been designed from the ground up to simplify the real-time internet...

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G4 Native

It enables advertisers and agencies to create, run, measure, and optimize retargeting-driven display campaigns from...

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Rubicon Project Review and Overview

Advertisements are an important part of each and every business, which is necessary to share ideas and concepts with the real world. However, in today’s world, a large number of advertisements often of the same product category can be seen every now and then. In simple words, the present competition in advertisements is intense. Not every person or company can come up with creative advertisements. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow small businesses could find a way to make a deal with larger companies so that they could create professional-quality ads?

We have redefined the way of advertising

With the aim to aid small businesses to create professional-quality ads, we created a platform in which anyone could transact advertisements at a nominal rate. We have already helped a large number of businesses to grow at an exponential rate, and achieve unbelievable heights. Good quality ads can leave a lasting impression on the viewers. One needs to be highly creative in order to create engaging ads. Without the backup of creative people worldwide, we could have never achieved this level of success.

We try to implement a positive culture worldwide

Most of the advertisements are a bit straightforward and sometimes can be a bit annoying. They keep on popping up every now and then while surfing the internet or performing any other activity. Some say that to make advertisements, a lot of money is required. However, it is not the case. It is an art-form. It requires the imagistic touch of an artist’s brush to come into life. We try to render ads that are creative as well as informative. This helps us in implementing a positive culture and increases the worth of the advertisements.

Advertisements for all categories

Rubicon has got creators from all around the world who keep on contributing to our cause.  Our teams work coherently for the greater cause of imparting resources for the benefit of communities. It is the world’s best marketplace for ads transactions.

Company Information

Company Name: The Rubicon Project, Inc.

Company Address: 12181 Bluff Creek Drive, Playa Vista, CA, USA

Founded in: 2007

Top Features

  • Reserved Media Buys
  • Automate Negotiating
  • Connecting Premium Sellers
  • Full Clarity & Control
  • Buying Targeted Audiences
  • Real-time Insights
  • Query-capable Audience Data
  • Real-time Audience Insights
  • End-to-end Workflow Solutions
  • Agency Trading Desks
  • Agency Trading Adnetworks
  • Real-time Bidding
  • Finding Targeted Audience
  • Intent Marketing
  • Re-engage Existing Customers
  • Brand Lift Measurement
  • Site Retargeting
  • Message Sequencing & Optimization
  • Dynamic Creative