By: SaleHoo Group Limited.

Salehoo offers a range of drop ship products suitable for both small and large online retailers. In addition to tools that can be used on a variety of websites, the company provides access to a library of drop shipping articles and guides.

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Top Salehoo Alternatives
  • Inventory Source
  • Keychain
  • Wholesale2B
  • Doba
  • Worldwide Brands

Top Salehoo Alternatives and Overview


Inventory Source

Inventory Source's drop shipping services offer a variety of features and tools that cater equally to first-time as well as seasoned online retailers..

By: Inventory Source


Keychain is the world's first comprehensive platform for CPG manufacturing, offering an extensive database and innovative features to streamline the manufacturing process for brands and manufacturers.

By: Atlas Technology Inc From USA


In addition to free-account access to its directory of suppliers and products, Wholesale2B provides resellers plan-based options to push listings to eBay, Amazon and several other popular shopping carts..

By: Onlinestorebiz LLC.


Doba’s drop shipping system provides retailers access to a range of products in several different categories, along with useful inventory management tools and effective integration with shopping cart software..

By: Doba Inc.

Worldwide Brands

Members are provided access to a large number of products in several different categories from verified wholesalers along with value-add membership options and robust customer support..

By: Worldwide Brands, Inc.

Salehoo Review and Overview

Good: Nearly 2 million products, inventory management tools, eBay listing service with auto updates, website integration with popular shopping carts, drop ship educational content.

Things to Improve: Plan-based access to product and supplier directory, limited customer support options.


Salehoo is a wholesale drop shipping provider that provides its members access to over 1.8 million brand name products. According to the company’s website, Salehoo currently has over 14,000 drop ship clients.

Product Access

Salehoo offers members a variety of products in several different categories. From art, books, cell phones and PDAs, to home and garden, travel, collectables and jewelry, there are categories that cater to the needs of any online reseller. Members are however required to create an account to view the list of products and suppliers. In addition to providing low wholesale prices, Salehoo does not require any minimum orders. A Product Watchlist feature allows you to keep tabs on the inventory levels as well as the prices of products on the company’s catalog.

eBay Listing

If you have an existing eBay seller account, Salehoo’s eBay listing service allows you to push products to your eBay store directly from your drop ship account. This means that you don’t have to manually copy/paste product descriptions and images on your eBay account. Similarly, after you make a sale, the customer’s address and order details are automatically routed to your drop ship account. Both these tools help you save time and effort that you can redirect towards marketing your online business. The eBay listing service also provides its members a low-stock notification which ensures that the products you’ve listed never go out of stock.

Website Integration

Ideal for website owners as well as large online retailers, the Website Integration plan automatically uploads the products you’ve selected onto your own website or webstore. The service is compatible with a number of third-party applications such as Shopify, Yahoo Small Business, osCommerce, Zen Cart and many more. Similar to the eBay listing service, the Web Integration plan automatically routes customer information and order details to your drop ship account after you make a sale, and also automatically updates product inventory and price information.

Inventory Management

Salehoo offers a range of tools to manage your inventory better. You can select the format of the data feed based on the shopping cart you’re using. You can configure the basic product filters, as well as organize your store based on individual products, categories or subcategories. Price settings can also be controlled so that you can choose to markup your product prices either by a fixed amount or a percentage.   

Premium Education

All members are provided access to a Premium Education package that includes newsletters with insider secrets, tips, and techniques; informational videos that offer effective marketing strategies; and comprehensive business guides. These guides not only provide valuable strategies to help boost your sales, but they also highlight common mistakes to avoid and how to protect your business from online fraud.


Salehoo provides support to its members through a ticket based system. Common questions and problems that users may have are clarified with the help of a neatly categorized FAQ section. Phone and live chat support options are not provided.


With a handy push-to-eBay tool and automatic product updates, Salehoo’s services are particularly well suited to those who have an eBay seller account. Notwithstanding, the inclusion of a robust website integration plan that pushes product information and updates to a website and shopping cart of your choice ensures that you receive a well-rounded drop shipping service. Though Salehoo’s customer support options are fairly limited, a comprehensive FAQ section and access to Premium Education ensure that you are able to provide seamless services to your customers.

Company Information

Company Name: SaleHoo Group Limited.

Top Features

  • Get Wholesale Products
  • Access Wide Variety
  • Get All Brands
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Get Professional Advice
  • Personalised Training
  • Direct Ship To Customer
  • Automatically Update Products
  • Automated Orders
  • API Integration
  • Markup Your Price