ScalaHosting Cloud VPS

ScalaHosting Cloud VPS

By: ScalaHosting LLC

ScalaHosting is a VPS provider enabling smartness and security in private networking. While there are many competitors of ScalaHosting, it has found its niche in providing unmatched optimization, speed, and encryption. Companies can expand to the global boundaries with the platform while maintaining the convenience of operating a local network.

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Top ScalaHosting Cloud VPS Alternatives and Overview


Liquid Web

Liquid Web specializes in SSD and cloud powered managed VPS hosting.

By: Liquid Web Inc. From USA


OVH is an affordable, high performance VPS hosting solution providing SSD based VPS hosting services to clients worldwide.

By: Hebergement Ovh Inc From France


BuyVM specialize in virtual private servers with SSD storage at affordable prices.

By: BuyVM From USA


AccuWebHosting provides fast, scalable and fully managed Windows and Linux VPS hosting services.

By: Vaghasia Group, Inc. From USA


It is imperative for current service and product-based organizations worth their salt to invest in a dependable hosting solution, as the WWW forms the very base of such companies.

By: INXY LTD From Cyprus
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VPSDime is a smart, fast, affordable and reliable VPS hosting solution for small, medium and large businesses.

By: From USA


Their VPS hosting service is backed by efficient customer support available 24/7 through chat and...

By: KnownHost LLC From USA
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Their fast and secure VPS hosting servers are ideal for small businesses, eCommerce websites, large...

By: The ServInt Corporation From USA


GreenCloudVPS Windows VPS are available in multiple options including, budget VPS, SEO optimized VPS, SSD...

By: GreenCloudVPS JSC


With low priced and high quality VPS servers, ChicagoVPS is the best alternative to costly...

By: Velocity Servers Inc. From USA


The company provide quick and reliable VPS servers with intuitive control panel...

By: Dilmax Corporation From USA


All their virtual servers feature enterprise grade SSDs and 24x7 true hand-holding technical support...

By: Rose Web Services LLC From USA
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VPSLink offers OpenVZ and Xen VPS servers with multiple Linux operating systems and other features...

By: VPSLink From USA


All INIZ VPS servers are based upon powerful enterprise level hardware and network to ensure...

By: Zeniva Limited From UK


EuroVPS is an ideal hosting option for businesses and people looking for a reliable and...

By: Euclid Services Ltd. From Cyprus

ScalaHosting Cloud VPS Review and Overview

A reliable Virtual Private Server can be a saving grace for all companies which aim to increase their global operations without spending too much on capital. It can also assist in onboarding legacy companies to a new digital world without the need for excessive technical know-how. ScalaHosting VPS is the world leader in providing such technology. With its advanced panel of engineers, reliable SPanel software, and affordable plans, it is there to impress.

ScalaHosting has been running strong since 2007. With a legacy of thirteen years in the making, it has gained a reputation for innovation in the fields of optimizations and ease of set-up. It also has a helpdesk of technicians working 24x7 throughout the year to make the maintenance of websites more accessible. It also provides a proprietary control panel and security software that works like wonder in website management.

SPanel: Better than cPanel at half the cost

The in-house control panel designed by ScalaHosting VPS is SPanel. It is designed with cPanel as the base, so it has all the versatility that it provides. However, it has also been outfitted with some extras to utilize the VPS plan fully. The SSL encryption for the site’s protection against DDoS is provided entirely free of charge, for starters. Then, there is the automated daily backup system that can be configured easily. The panel is also compatible with Nginx, Lightspeed, and cPanel itself.

SWordpress for all WordPress woes

The SWordpress Manager is a unique component of the SPanel platform, which allows the control of websites made in the ubiquitous WordPress framework. Users can manage installations and updates of WordPress and its dependencies, change or reset administrator passwords, and set encryption doors on various settings. There is also the option for real-time editing of websites.

Alpha protection with SShield

ScalaHosting has never skimped on security and never will, and SShield is a proof of that. A real-life example of eternal vigilance, the platform uses an incredible AI, which is always on the lookout for malware and malicious agents. Its AI nature means that the user can remain completely carefree, as the system will also neutralize the threat autonomously. Lastly, the system protects all the websites in the network, giving excellent value for money.

Company Information

Company Name: ScalaHosting LLC

Company Address: 1999 Bryan St Dallas, TX 75201

Founded in: 2008

Top Features

  • Fully Managed VPS
  • 100% SSD storage
  • Enterprise-grade datacenters
  • Website Migration
  • Advanced Security
  • UNMETERED Bandwidth
  • SShield Security
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Disaster Recovery Backups